Astrology 101 - with Vanessa Montgomery (Glamour Magazine's horoscope writer)

podcast Dec 15, 2020

This week, I’m excited to introduce you to Vanessa Montgomery, the astrologer who writes the horoscopes for Glamour Magazine! I found her first book, Star Power, about a year ago and since I read it, I’ve been hooked on astrology. It has helped me understand myself on a much deeper level and it’s surprisingly a very intuitive system. If you’re new to astrology and want to dive into the basics or have been studying but would love a solid refresher from an expert, this episode is for you!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ Why astrology is an ongoing “study”
✧ How astrology and psychology are connected
✧ The best place to start if you’re new to astrology
✧ What the planets, signs, houses and aspects represent
✧ What each of the planets mean (your natal chart is so much more than just your sun sign - the sign you typically think of as who you are)
✧ Vanessa’s predictions on what 2021 will bring from an astrological standpoint


Guest Bio:

Vanessa Montgomery—a.k.a. Astro All-Starz—is a professional counseling astrologer and author of Star Power: A Simple Guide to Astrology for the Modern Mystic and Cosmic Power: Ignite Your Your Light, a Simple Guide to Sun Signs for the Modern Mystic (available for preorder). Aimed at enlightenment and seeing past labels to the oneness that unites us all, Montgomery’s work also helps navigate the practical essentials with grounded cosmic intel. Her motto: Free your mind, own your power, create your world.



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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically you podcast. My name is Madison Surdyke. And I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life that means you jump out of bed excited I have every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, feel your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom, and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this.

Hi, guys, and welcome back to the magnetical your podcast. I am so excited for this week's guest. We have Vanessa Montgomery here. She is an astrology expert. So I found her kind of about a year ago, I was on a walk in my neighborhood and walking by this Bookshare and I saw this beautiful pink book called A star power and it was about astrology. I'd never learned anything about astrology. And something about it was speaking to me. So I'm like, I think I'm supposed to take this book. So I followed my intuition, took the book home. And it I ended up leaving it on my shelf for several months because I'm like, oh, astrology is such a big topic. I don't know where to begin. I'm not ready for this. And then I was listening to Natalia Benson's podcast, who we've also had on recently, and she mentioned that one of her favorite astrology books was his book called star power. And I was like, I think I have that book. And I went and found it on my bookshelf and read it. It was amazing. And this is Vanessa now she's here on the podcast. I'm so excited to have her here. She's a professional counseling astrologer. And she's the author of star power, obviously a simple guide to astrology for the modern mystic and she also recently released a book called cosmic power, all about igniting your light and it's just a simple guide to sun signs for the modern mystic and it's actually available for pre order now, is that right? That's right. Yes, it's debuting it's published a it's being published. really soon fifth of November in Australia, and then everywhere else follows on after that. Okay, amazing. So much in so yeah, her work is really here to enlighten us and help us see past the labels and bring us to the Oneness that unites us all. So with that being said, welcome, Vanessa. I'm so excited to have you here.

Hi, Madison, thank you so much for inviting me and hosting me as well. And thanks, everyone for tuning in. Yeah, I like love your accent. It's so funny. It's like 6pm here and it's early morning your time I like poured myself a glass of wine and I never have drinkin. I've never drinking wine on a podcast before so this can get interesting. I won't get too crazy. I've noticed because you know if I have American clients booking in for ratings, sometimes they're sitting there with a glass of vino because evening, I've just been for a swim at the beach and I'm all like bushy tailed. Definitely bookending the day. Love it. Love it. Okay, so can you tell us a little bit more about your journey and your story and yeah, what led you to astrology and where you are today into your books and all the good stuff you want to share?

Sure. Okay. Well a bit about me, obviously Australian sagittarian love travel. I'm not much of that at the moment. But yeah, well, I was never interested in horoscopes or astrology until I found a book that was combining Eastern and Western signs. And it just gave so much detail from just those two little bits of import. I looked up everyone straightaway and it was just so accurate. So I just that's put it on my radar. And then someone I worked with, she was studying at probably one of the best schools if not the best school in Australia, for astrology and I was just fascinated by her language that she was using and the insights that she was just straight up getting on people. And yeah, I was hooked from that. And so she got to the point where I didn't know what she was talking about, it was just such a foreign language. And so at that point, I started studying as well, about before that I was reading books, and you know, all the good books, but because I hadn't learnt lay down that foundation, because astrology is a system, I still, you know, I see other people that haven't studied, you know, and lay down that foundation and it's the same, like you don't really know where to put things, you can't refer back to your files in your mind, because you haven't laid them down properly as a system. So you can't use it as a system. It's just kind of random. So, yeah, so I studied and I just was so fascinated, and I still am like, I'm yeah, I've got a lot of planets in Sagittarius some multi passionate, to, to say the least. And I notice in Sagittarius Yes, so here we are, like, it's just learning, it's a system, it's, you can understand the world so much as to you know, it's a little bit of a philosophy to it. And it's certainly a framework for understanding things and diving into your intuition as well. And yeah, it's just you never will stop learning. So that's one of the big draws for me. Is it yeah, it takes off quite a few boxes. So I just, you know, I've been looking at charts and people and things like since I discovered that first book, so I just continued on and that was in I think that was 1995 so it's been a really long time and I'm still as obsessed as as I ever have been. Tom and that's so cool, simple as well. Like, you can really go out there and get quite esoteric with astrology. But I keep it quite grounded I've got Taurus rising so it has to be simple hence the name in my books the simple guides so yeah, so here I am many years later and still going and I you know Surf's up there's a wave of seem to have caught it with this huge interest in astrology which is so exciting and you know just feel really prepared for it so excited about being able to share the astrology as well and have other people that are excited and like all the millennials in on the wave as well so yes, I'm so on the way yeah on the way I love it. I love that you said it's like a study and you never stop learning because I can kind of like feel that from it like I've in the last I started probably studying like eight months ago and I've just kind of like honestly been riding a wave like sometimes my interest is so peaked and I will like deep dive go into it for a month and then I will kind of leave it alone and then I will look back and I'm just like totally on the roller coaster So okay, so your massage son Taurus rising what's your moon sign?

Aries so it's interesting that yeah, it was through Natalia she's my I love looking for Astro twins and what I call reverse Astro twins so if your sun and moon are the same or Sun Moon and Ascendant I call you an ashtray twin and then if it's the opposites, reverse Astro twin because there's something that you're going to vibe with with that person. Angelo your planets might actually be in orbit each other, which means it's a really familiar energy to your so and you'll have a natural understanding of each other's way. It's very easy. So Natalia has got that airy sedge vibe as well. So yeah, we seem to resonate and I was No wonder she like found my book and resonated with it. Yeah, so I'm an Aquarius, sun, Scorpio moon and cancer rising. Wow. Yes. Well Aquarius loves like yay non ending learning as well and the Scorpio certainly metaphysical side and the insights you can get out of it. And of course, modern astrology is psychological astrology, which is hugely appealing to Scorpios I think Scorpios Aries and most Scorpio and Aries are probably the most interested and there's a lot of aquarians actually in astrology they say it's an Aquarian or uranium ruled science or art. Yes, heaps, heaps of sagittarians and aquarians. Generally, that go to all the conferences, I guess it's social, like social science. It'll go to conferences where it's the Scorpios are just gonna lay low. Learn quietly in stealth mode. Yeah, like creep in the background. I love it. Yes, oh my gosh. I love it. When you like start to You started to kind of get a feel for each of the signs feels like they have a personality when you say it gets really fun. Um, so I love what you said about it's kind of modern astrology is I think he said psychological Can you like talk more about what that means? Because I think you know, it's not like astrology really is like a system and a science like you said it's not this like, you know just fluffy thing where we read our you know horoscopes about our sun sign but it's there's truly like an element of it where we can use it to empower us to become better versions of ourselves and understand ourselves on a deeper level. Yeah, well, I just it's a framework for understanding life, I, it was like, traditional astrology was really used to understand what's happening in the world outside of US and around us, you know, it was the rulers that would have their astrologers so that they could work out when to go to war, and you know, when to you know, be extra careful with themselves as well, because they might be having a danger period, or, you know, things like that, or when to when to set the foundations for a city, you know. So modern astrology has really come through psychologists that's turned it around and put that humanistic, internal internal world into it. So it's more about our internal world, rather than it just wasn't really used like that so much before. So because it's gone through psychologists hands, it's it's totally psychological plus the astrology. So it's just like a map to your psyche. Like, it's not because of the astrology, it's just that as, As above, so below, like, I don't think the planets make you do something. It's just, it just shows it's like, if you're born in a certain culture, you just have this stamp. And it's not because of the culture, you just, it just you just know that something about that person because of the culture. So it's this psychological map. And what you do with it is really up to you. You know, it's not completely fated, but I think it's a balance there is a little bit like you just have what you have to work with. And that's it. So if I look at your chart, and you've got like, it's all fire and no, say Earth, you just that's that's it. That's what you've got to work with, you know, you come it's like coming from a certain. Yeah, backgrounds, like that's what you have to work within. That's the reality, but what you make of it, you've still got a lot of space to move there. Yeah, so I think that part is the most interesting part, like I'll look up the thing, that's the way that I sort of have looked into that thinking how much has faded? How much is the chart is I've looked up, you know, gurus, Indian gurus, and people like that, to say, What is their chart, and you know, they're meant to be more spiritually sort of ahead of the game. Are they still kind of working with their chart? And I would say, Yes, so that's been that's really been the decider for me, they're still working with their chart. They're definitely still got the pitfalls going on some of them but they've also just constellated and made the most of it somehow, as well. But like, the main one I think of is our show, the he was like the head of the orange people back in the 70s and 80s. And he was a Sagittarius, but he had heaps of planets in Capricorn, a stellium, we'll call it and he was faint. Well, as he was just saying, he attracted so much money, just the wealthiest, like status, digits was natural. And Capricorn, of course, is associated with status and wealth and big business. And he was a big, big business, big, big, spiritual business, but obviously still a really spiritual person and passionate about the path. But he was attracting these people that were kind of, in some ways, maybe the lower end of it some the higher but it just resonated with that Capricorn side of him, I thought, and he was famous for owning something like 100 Rolls Royces. Again, the status symbol and just the wealth and he'd like drive them around the ashram and just do a lap every day. So some people look at him and think are he wasn't spiritual, it's all about the money. But I mean, we each have our own kind of expression. And that's why I love astrology. Because if you're someone that doesn't understand that or maybe rejects that about themselves, you can look at how someone else's expressing and understand that rather than just be like, Oh, you're just materialistic, which means you're not spiritual. Like you can start to unravel the threads and look in and get space between them and yeah, dive deeper down into that that person and it gives you an The other thing about astrology is it gives you a place of detachment. So you can step aside and look at something rather than just get defensive and close down.

Yeah, it's like, it's like it gives us permission to, like, be the fullest expression of our selves, because it's like, Oh, that makes sense, you know? And like, it's like, how can we, like heal, it's like, shows us where we can heal to create, like, the biggest, like growth in our life. So I love that I think it's so cool. You go look back at people's charts and check them out. Maybe I'm gonna, maybe I'm gonna need to start doing that. So can we can you kind of give us a? Um, I don't know, where do you want to go with this? Like, where do you think is the best place to start for someone new to astrology? Like, what do you think would be most helpful to? Um, yeah, talk them through? Definitely my books. Okay. Go get her books now.

Now stuff, how about cosmic power? Well, I wrote star power first, because it is the one I want to astrology, it takes you through that foundation in a really systematic way. So that's why I did that. Rather than start with something more simple and obvious, like a sun sign book, which is what cosmic power is, but so much more. So star power is a one on one, I'm calling them the power couple. Because they go together. So star power gives you that one on one. And any, any place that you learn, you're going to have to go through systematically, the planets, the signs, the houses, and the aspects that you need that to get anywhere with astrology, if you want to get beyond just reading your horoscope, or having other people interpret it because if like, and this is also why I wrote the books, because I want people to understand it for themselves and have that system, otherwise, you're relying on someone else's interpretation. And that might not be quite right for you. And if you don't understand where they're getting that from, you just got in it swallowing it all without any sort of critical thought yourself. Yeah, so my other thing, if you use my books or not, is to do a course like learn properly, if you just do this random reading, it's not going to go in very well. I always compare it to originally, actually, I studied fashion and textile design. And I could walk into a shop and tell if someone had studied or not, because if they hadn't, it was random. It was all over the place, things weren't really connecting, they didn't know how to put a collection together. And it's the same with astrology, I can tell quite like some people are great loners by themselves, but I think most people probably need that system. And yeah, it's just it's it's not organized, it's it's all over the place. People don't know where to wait things in terms of importance, and they'll kind of get lost on some sort of tangents and kind of be missing the main headline. And I think the aspects particularly elude people. And the other thing I've really noticed is, and I really push, like, learn the key words, for everything to come back to that's my Taurus rising, I think, like, come back to that basic thing, or you'll get lost in space, it is just so much information, there's so many random things, come back to the key words, and you'll never really go wrong. You know, and when you stick to that sort of simple way, it gives so much space for your intuition to come and feel it out as well. But I'll hear people talk about a sign or planet or house or combination, and they using key words that are from something else. So they're the confusions there, there's no clarity, and that's when a system starts to fall apart. And it's not really that useful anymore. And yes, yeah. And then if you're hearing that you're sort of it's confusing things. There's confusion in there, because you don't know how to distinguish again, without that critical thought, or what's what so then that's passing on this muddied kind of information. Yeah, totally. So in our chart, we have obviously like planet science, houses, and aspects, can you give a quick description of what each of those things mean? So for someone who's going to look at their chart for the first time, they can kind of like begin deciphering what's going on and understand what each of the symbols kind of mean, obviously, don't go through all of them, but just like zoomed out a higher level view.

So to start off, like I said, You've got the planets, the signs, the houses, the aspects. So that's what You need to know for every other part of astrology, whether it's reading a natal chart, or transits, everything's based on that natal chart and those particular things. So, planets are, what they like the actors, what houses where the area of life that planet is positioned. Signs are hell, like, what's their clothing? What's their vibe? How are they? How are they going to do it? And aspects are like how they like, interact with each other. If it's a challenge, or a gift, easy, or Yeah, like what energies are merging what functions so from planet four planets, we have a bit of a hierarchy. So there's the personal planets into personal and then as you go out into the solar system, the transpersonal planets, so the closer the planet is to the sun, basically, the more personal it is, the further out it is, it moves very slowly. So that picks up a whole generation that's in one sign. So Pluto is an generational planet because it's in one sign for years. Neptune's in for like 14 years. So you know, you all kind of vibe together. And it's a bit of a like, you know, when you talk about the generation gap, you can look at at as those signs like with with like, you know, Millennials or whatever that kind of generational grouping, we astrologers will call that the Pluto sign generally, that's like just different Pluto signs. So we start with the sun, literally the center of our solar system, and the moon, of course, and then that we call them the luminaries, not really planets, and then we go out also the sun is like your ego, yours. Your so a key word is self. When you say self, you're talking about the sun, like it's your identity, self identity, what you've built around yourself, like I am like, What is your name? What's been given to you a lot, you know, I'm Australian, or I'm North American, I am on a no Christian or Jewish or you know, your religion, all the things that you think you are, but are so much more it's like your I seen as like an interface, like you need to have an interface, some some sort of handle. So it's your personality, but that is also changeable gently. Or you have an identity crisis and a breakdown. Yeah. So that's mentally, like, that's where you shine. So we'll go with the sun through just as an example. So the sun is like, what it's like, where you shine, the sign is like, how do you shine? You know, if you're an Aquarius, it's an air sign. It's something to do with communication, education. It's a it's a transpersonal, you know, air sign, which means interested in not just what anyone had for breakfast, probably not very much at all in that, but like, the largest society, you know, they say aquarians love humanity, but don't like people. That's there's an early assign is just like, this is what I had for breakfast and I awesome.

Personal and they're excellent at making that personal connections and making people feel one on one very say Can Can Syrians very safe and yeah, they go for that connection, rather than throw out something that's more say provocative like a Scorpio might like to do get things moving. Yeah. So this sun in that's like the sun in a sign. And so where is that sun shining? So that's the houses, where is that sun shining? Is it in the seventh house of relationships. So that person learns about themselves, expresses their identity, has their identity reflected through their partnerships, in partnerships, because it's the seventh house is it in the 11th house, which is group oriented, this is going to be an extremely social person that must get out and meet a lot of people. They shine in groups, you know, or clubs, they may be interested in something humanitarian or some sort of activist sort of situation, it's less like, look at my artwork more like, what can we achieve together. And they shine in that way. So the house system, like each thing is just as important as the other than nothing really has hierarchy. But you can tell a lot just by what sign the planet is in or what house it's in, which is why I think astrology is so popular because there's quite a low sort of entry level where you can start getting in and learning something and having that dialogue with people, you know, and continue own, then you've got aspects. So is there another planet that's making a mathematical degree to that sun, probably like most planets are connected to another planet somewhere. So if that sun is, say, at around a similar places, say Mars, so Mars is your action sign and your energy, it's very assertive, it's really Yang. And so if the sun is merged with Mars, it is always a Mars, the sun, so your little bit of an Aries in a way, even though you're not an Aries, because Mars rules Aries. So you're an assertive person, your personality, and Mars action, assertiveness together. So you assert your personality, well, you can stand up for yourself really well, no one's gonna push you around, unless maybe they're in Pisces, but I feel that Mars is going to help you to be assertive and put your needs ahead and and not put other people to first at your detriment. That's not going to happen with that mozzie person. And yeah, you'll be a bit of a leader, you'll want to sort of be first. Whereas if that was a Venus conjunct your Mars, Venus is relating and beauty and you know, just really valuing relationships. So that person is going to probably have a really good appreciation of art, actually, and certainly relationships and love and express themselves in a Venusian way to express their personality in a like, relational, there'll be some sort of harmonious way, unless, of course, they're in Aries. So that's gonna, you know, there's all these little bits and pieces that change the vibe. So it's Yeah, it's about the combinations. So with the planets, you know, you have the sun, which is the personality, the ego, the identity, you have the moon, which is sort of a hidden part of yourself, and other people might not know that about you when they first meet you. So it's really great knowing someone's moon sign, because that's really what you're dealing with most of the time, like, in a two year old, that's always too. So I want someone needs emotionally to feel safe and nurtured. And you can provide that and speak to that that person is comfortable with you just it makes all the difference. So we do focus on sun signs, which is extremely important, but the moon is equally important. If you get that balance nice and equal, like when you look up at the sky, the sun and the moon, from our position on Earth are the same size. And I think that's quite telling even though, you know, obviously the solar system is bigger, but visually, you know, the apparent size is exactly the same, which I didn't find out till like quite late in my study. And that made a lot of sense to me. So then we have mercury. And Mercury is all about how we learn how we think like whereas mercury in your in your chart, what house what area of life? And what sign is it in? What aspects is it making?

Then we have Venus, which of course is Yeah, what's appealing to you aesthetically? What How do you relate? Is there em? Are you like, naturally gifted with some awesome trines? Or do you have challenges that you need to work through and really sort of master in life if there's squares to it? Um, then we have Mars so these are the about Yunus because I'm so curious about mine, I feel like it's quite an interesting combination. So my Venus is in Aries in the 10th house. Do you have any thoughts on that? And this is totally me asking my personal question for my own airings. That to me all about me. I just think it's such like an Yeah, an interesting combo. And I'm like, I don't know what to make of this well, and it's what aspects is it making as well, you know, if you want the full picture, but if you just wanted to go with one thing, you know, what is Venus in Aries? So Venus is it rules Taurus and Libra. So in Aries, Aries is opposite Libra. So it's, it's functioning a little not in its own sort of Home, home ground, because in its home ground and its own sign. Because Libra and Taurus are about like relating in a really harmonious way, you know, keeping relationships really chill, whereas an Aries Aries is just like dive throttle. Does everyone like you? I want you now i was i love Venus in Aries. And I think it's really fun to talk about it because I was called Venus in Aries. Like the cave woman. If they like someone, they'll just pop you over the head and they'll like Dragon I'll try it on this let you know, you know, you've just got to, you know, not come back and say Yeah, sure. It is in Aries, you always know where or anything in Aries, you know where you stand because they're, they relate in a way that's direct. They don't beat around the bush. So it's just really direct. So for harmonious relationships, sometimes that might upset that the applecart I suppose, but I personally like it, because I've moon in Aries. So that's where synastry works. I like I feel comfortable, my moon, if someone's really just straight up with me. I'm not good at like, second guessing, and I really can't be bothered. So, but but other people, maybe it's too direct. So you know, and then other signs, you know, maybe not direct enough, but for someone else that would like that. So something for everyone there. So Venus in Aries, very direct, very passionate, you know what they're into early into it. And, yeah, like things that are Aries like what you like things that it may be a little bit of a sports aesthetic, or athletic aesthetic, or people. Yeah, again, direct and like, have a strong personality and really like go go go like strong women, you know, that kind of thing. And actually Aries because your Venus is going to be loving their son expressing in an Aries way or an Aries someone with an Aries Ascendant because your Venus is going to be like, Oh, I love the way they look. Oh, go for it. I love that.

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So in the 10th house that Venus so 10th houses career in public image so and sort of what people see so you're going to want to meet Venus through your Korea. So often someone with Venus in Korea, they might have literally the Newseum Korea, in Aries, maybe not so much the traditional style like if you're Venus in Libra, you would possibly look very like guys with Venus in Libra at the top of their chart. look quite metrosexual if anyone even uses that word anymore, I think that's that's over but you know what I mean? Like we had a swimmer and Olympic swimmer called Thor P and Thor paedo that we're calling him and he had Venus at the top of his chart and he was such a metrosexual he like was beautifully groomed and he just had nice things all the time. You can just really see that Venus up at the top of his chart because that's what people see when they don't know you from afar. So if he wants to relate as well and he you are like, relating with people publicly. And yeah, like I'm not sure what other things you do but Venus is also although I like to generally not gender science, like in some ways I use them in terms of it could be women or men that are very like the Newseum, people that have a New Zealand through your Korea. You would like to meet So yeah, that's Venus in the 10th Okay. Love it. Directed, snappy, but yeah, what aspects is it making that's another really cool Well, thank you for breaking that down. I think that's a really yeah, hopefully helpful example for everyone listening obviously helpful for me, but hopefully for everyone listening to just to kind of like, see how like, when you understand the planets on a high level, when you understand the signs and the houses all on a high level, you can start understanding how they play with each other soon as all of you continue, I think you're on Mars.

Yes. So Mars is? What's your energy level? Like? What kind of how are you assertive? Are you good at asserting yourself and going for things that you want? Do you act for or against yourself? Like, what's his Mars making aspect to your son? Is it an easy one or a challenge? Is it Ah, aspecting your moon, you act easily on your emotions, or against actually your needs. Like, there's all those things. So it shows how you can recharge your batteries, where that Mars is where you need to be really assertive, what area of life, it's great in the 10th house, it's a little bit are competitive in the seventh house of relationships. It's great in the first house of expressing yourself. I don't like to be too, like, Oh, that's good, that's bad. But there's like more easy, and then there's kind of more challenging, but even within those challenges, there's obviously benefits. So it's really understanding those differences, and making sure that you place yourself in a position that supports you, not against you like a bull. You know, doing bull things is great a bull in a china shop not so great. So it's like, I see yourself in a position of power rather than people.

I love that analogy. That's hilarious. So then we get to the interpersonal planets. So these guys are starting to move around the you know, doing a longer orbit. So Mars is two years, whereas so it moves through each sign two months each time currently retrograde so we've got a six months in Aries for all those Aries out there, get to have a few guys that whatever, whatever we're knocking down at the moment. And so Jupiter takes 12 years to go around the chart. So that's a year in each sign. So your whole year at schools pretty much the same Jupiter sign, you know, not January to December but you know, there's going to be a block of a year where you all have this, you know, abundance factor in the same sign. And it's like shows where you have faith what you put your belief in where you have luck, I look at Jupiter Yes, in the signs, but even more in the house personally because I just that's just your lucky place where you can fall back on and amplify things like feeling of itself, it's good to know those easy places where you can just lean into for a bit of a break. So then we get to IRAs, your warehouses, your Jupiter and just curious. I have a lot in the seventh and eighth houses. So mines in the seventh which, okay, one on one. So lots of relationships, like with joopa terian kind of people, like so I like that kind of Jupiter person. And that's what I bring lots of in Sagittarius in its own sign. So my faith in others basically, and relationships with people and I just kind of go in with trust and belief in here we go, which sometimes works and sometimes definitely is, but I'll get off and get back in again. Yes, so it's knowing where it is. So when you have the returns of a planet as well, you know, it's amplified. So always know when that Jupiter comes back, like reach out, you know, you're going to have even more luck with it. So I love to put obviously, satin was the last known planet for so long, because it's all you can see with the naked eye. So in traditional astrology, they only go up to satin. And so the ideas around certain limits, finite to the end. And there was a little bit of fear around it. So that's what certain shows are somewhere you may be a little bit fearful, something that you kind of feel limited with, but you persist and master it over time. So it can be connected with your career choice, regardless of what house It is the house kind of shows that. And I find that very interesting. It can be extremely useful. It depends how positioned in the chart it is but because it's to do with actualizing things like Jupiter blows things up and can be a bit full of hot air, which we all love that but then Saturn comes along and burst the bubble. But the thing is Saturn is it's realistic. It's real. It will actually the worst You put in, you always reap it back. So it's called the Reaper as well because it's at the end of the cycle so you reaping now, so will always pay you if you've if you've bothered to put some effort in. But it is seen as a bit of a taskmaster like to say, it's like, I don't know, the music teacher that crashes your hands on the piano a little bit, but you know, you learn the lesson, basically. Yeah, it's not full of hot, it's like, it's just reality. So again, it depends on how that status position in your chart and your relationship with that, like a lot of people, it seems currently there's a bit of fear, which is, it's interesting, that's a key word for Saturn around the Saturn return at 2829.

And we're really excited for it. Because I'm 27. And I don't know, I'm, like really excited that I feel like it's gonna, like unlock some magical stuff, which I think is ultimately what happens. Yes, they do. Like, the thing is it you do get results with the satin I, I don't know what the fear is, because I've really enjoyed mine, it's like I see it as like every planet, you know, back in ancient times, they would see them as, like an archetype and say it like, give it a personality, like a god or goddess. But really, they're just talking about our own inner archetypes as a way of externalizing and understanding it so they'd have a temple. So for satin, what do you have to go to that temple? And give like, how do you honor that energy or that, you know, the clocks come back to set in return. So we're going to do certain things now, which is take on more responsibility, get a bit serious limit all the things you're doing and look at what do I really want to do, especially professionally, that's not a bad thing. But if you're someone that doesn't want to do that, and knuckle down, you really don't have a very good relationship with that. So it's gonna be a longer journey, whereas someone that's just got that in them anyways, going to embrace it. So satins come to town, how are you going to honor that you limit messing about and you focus, otherwise, it's your social life will be limited for you or those things that were, you know, all the fluff will be limited and you will think it's someone else or the universe doing it to you. But it's just like a, you know, self doing it for a reason. So, thank it and be like, Okay, what are you trying to tell me? What are you trying to show me? What do I need to focus on? What responsibility? Am I ready to take on rather than have it put on you embrace it? What am I ready to take on now and get serious about so a lot of people will go back to school and study what they really wanted to do not what their parents wanted them to do? They adult so it's adulting it's there, your final like, okay, your childhood is now definitely over. You need to step up. They'll stepping up in career, they'll take a mortgage on, they'll get more clear on what that curry might be. And actually the curry study, sometimes it really starts there. So yeah.

Yeah, it's so interesting. And it's funny, because I'm 27 this year. So I think mine is coming soon. I don't know exactly what it is. But I've noticed this has been such a year for me of like, clearing and letting go. And like so many things almost like falling out of my life to the point where it's like, ah, like, what's happening, everything is like, it's almost like creating this like, void. But I think that's like the space that needed to be created in order for the next level of like growth to happen. So it's kind of really, it's really cool. You kind of explained it in that way that like sometimes just things start, like falling away. Like what's happening, and it's like creating the space for where you're kind of like, Whoa, I think it's true. And because planets come into orbit when they're approaching so that Saturn is really close to your natal set now, so you feel it. It's not just that 28 you, you can feel it coming. And I think if you talk to anyone about the changes they make then they were preparing like I remember mine and I had a real void. Yeah, at 27 it was such a void like I just knew like, it was a bit actually lonely in some ways, because Saturn can be lonely and because it cuts everything away, but that was giving me this space to really soul search. I was really open to signs and really let them in. I was just like, wanting to get to that next level. Like I was traveling and I was getting meeting these amazing people with opportunities and I couldn't take them because I hadn't done the work hadn't done the setup. And I'm like right I need to get serious and go and hone my artistic skills so that I can take these opportunities. And that was satin like you need to go and study you need to do the work. work you need to hone your skills and stop mastering the kind of rough diamond like the natural talent or you just can't get by natural talent anymore, or you can't get to where you want to go and all the Sagittarius in me just wants to just go by six I love study. And that was a satin. Like I didn't know many people where I went to Sydney, I just knew people actually doing what I was doing. So it was extremely focused and I just loved it. I just gave everything to it and that so I didn't have a difficult Saturn return because I really gave sat and everything and more. And yeah, I got a lot out of it and then didn't end up doing it did astrology any love it love it. Love it. Love it.

Yeah. So then we get on to the more modern planets that traditional astrologers won't always use. And I'm so at this point, I'll say traditional astrology has come back with a vengeance since a very popular and I think very popular, particularly amongst people with a lot of Capricorn because I love tradition. It's a key word. And I think it gives the illusion of certainty, which, in the times that are seem so uncertain, is very attractive. But it's illusion. I prefer the psychological style, but it's really useful to know traditional as well, because this is where it's come from. And I think you can really enrich your understanding. And I think we some modern astrologers they're like, oh, everything's good. But I like in some ways that traditions like Well, no, not everything is easy or good. And that's life. So it's nice to some blend them a little bit. So, yeah, we get to Uranus. Or some people use kyron, I use kyron, which goes between Saturn and Uranus and Chiron is, it's called, like, the wounded healer. And it's like your healing journey. So it's quite if it's play strong in your chart, it's a place where you probably extra sensitive, experienced a bit of rejection or abandonment. And now there's that, that fear and it keeps kind of repeating, but you're really sensitive to others. Because you relate to that, and you tend to be become the healer, in your own way. Then we get to Uranus, I was looking at the time, hurry up, Uranus is we're getting to real generational planets now. So Uranus is like, it creates like in the inner child, it shows where you need space, and it creates, like Southern change, maybe shock sometimes kind of very progressive, and maybe a little bit ahead of your time or really attracted to those things. Then we've got Neptune, which is like this is like the mystical planet. And, you know, a lot of millennials have Neptune in Capricorn. So there's, that's like the soul printers. So there's the spirituality and business mixed in, which explains so much of how we're seeing that now. Which is, yeah, I think it's really interesting. And then we've got, Neptune tends to dissolve whatever it touches. And whichever area of the chart there's like, no boundaries. can be a bit of addiction. But also it's your door to Yeah, where are you looking for Neptune and that spiritual doorway? It's very sensitive, psychic and artistic as as a doorway to a higher, you know, vibration. And then we have Pluto, which is Yeah, well, it is a kind of fear again, fear of death. It's like when you really look to get deep and tunnel through a bit of the taboo and which is why there's fear associated with it. It's a that's an interesting one. Again, generational Yeah, so yeah, so that's the planets. I probably don't have time to go through. I mean, it's quite a lot. Like there's a lot of little bits that need to learn. You can come back.

No, no, it's like we I'm like, I could look to this all day. Love astrology. Yeah. But I get you. It's like, we can't do all the things and one day and like, you know, this is obviously more than enough for people to work with and then they can get your books. Um, yeah. And so yeah, I would just have one last question for you. I know we're, um, I know if you need to go. That's totally fine. So my last question is like, what are you Is there anything you're anticipating for the energy of 2021 based on the astrology is there like anything you're thinking about or always think we should be thinking about? I would love love to hear your thoughts. thoughts on that? Yeah, always well there's a real change of the guard at the end of this year this is had a lot of really challenging astrological aspects obviously. And that is continuing now but yeah, towards the end of the year we've got some planets moving into air signs Aquarius. So Aquarius, you are going to have your time your time is coming. One is including Jupiter, the lucky planet. So you aquarians are going to have I think quite an expansive awesome year. You also get Saturn in Aquarius as well at the same time. So it's not your normal Jupiter transit. And it's not your normal just Saturn transit. So yeah, it's getting serious for aquarians but also amplifying so yeah, work that beers and whatever your thing is like the sun like put your expand your sun expand whatever well it depends what house the sun as in as well. But go for expansion there. Let's just kind of go for it in that house. Basically, super social sign, you could really expand your network, you know, and the group it's grateful someone doing podcasting like this. Or there's another question I know that I can just see his time is really coming. And yeah, it's a good day is basically just to go for it. That's always good advice, but particularly when Jupiter is a good year to go for. But um, yeah, it's like the Aquarius vibe. It just makes things more I guess intellectual, more social awareness and social activism, all the stuff that started taking place this year, I think more people were going to be more easily on board with it have that detachment that's been so missing, with a lot of say Black Lives Matter. A lot of the feminist stuff like there's just been so many things have come back up to be addressed. But no one has that detachment, whereas that Aquarius I think it's really going to help like, I cannot wait for that air to come in and that space, so people can just talk about these things and start to get a bit more progress on them. So yeah, just that social awareness. And I think study and learning and reading like it's all going to be back in flavor even more, which I like the Aquarius vibe. So I'm really excited about that. And I think it's interesting, you know, when you have how we're saying about the Astro twinning You know, you're an Aquarius with saj north node, I'm a Sagittarius with Aquarius north node. So you we've got a little and I feel like Aquarius and Sach kind of have like, a little bit of similar energies. Yeah, I can't be tied down need freedom. That's like what I pick up from them.

Yeah, exactly. I find Aquarius is probably my best match personally because there's there's just yeah, there's that the freedom you so interested in everything socially, but don't want to talk about what someone had for breakfast? Boring. not boring, but it kind of is like I get over that sort of conversation really quickly. I just I'm like, let's get to the deep stuff. Let's go. Again, not not purse. Not so personal. Like I want to know about the thing that affects all the people and what you think about that. And what can we do about that? Yeah, so there's that but not very good at making personal probably connections and making people feel super warm. Like everything has its strengths and weaknesses. So yes, yeah, amazing. Well, thank you so much. I love this so much. So I know we only have a little bit of time left. So I want to give you a chance to tell us where we can find you. And if there's anything else you wanted to share that's on your heart today please feel free to do so.

Yes, my book so the power couple star power a simple guide to astrology for the modern mystic and cosmic power which is out in November Australia. On the fifth I think the UK in the on around the 13th and the US actually not till early February, but I'm pretty sure that well someone from here or the UK will post it out Book Depository is always a really great supplier because they send it for free anyway so there's those cosmic powers sun signs, but it goes through the sun and each sorry, the planet in each sign as well. So it complements star power really well is because I didn't give the cookbook in that I just gave a couple of examples and wanted the reader to work it out themselves. I know I need to get the next one because I'm like yes my example. Yes. Every example that you want in there just to get you rolling. So but it's so important to combine the key words like I was saying it's like a cosmic cosmic code of four pieces, the sign sorry, the planet sign house aspect, and you just write down in columns. Each thing I should probably should have given a page that showed that like a workbook page, but yeah, so grab the definitely the power couple as a couple, they're really affordable because it's through a publisher, they can make mass so it can make it accessible, which is what I really wanted. So, yeah, and beyond that study properly, like find a great course like astrology University if you're really serious about it. Now that it's a vocation and an identity.

Yes. Okay. And you're on Instagram, remind me of your Instagram. My website's Astro all starts with a And I do do readings so you can get on one on one with me to learn more about your chat and what's coming up as well. Instagram is Astro. underscore all stars with its sta RC, and I'm most active on that. So don't worry about Twitter. I don't understand. like Instagram on the way. Yeah, okay, well, thank you so much. This is amazing. And yeah, for those of you listening, if you resonated with this episode, definitely go get her books. I've read starpower and I'm going to literally go on preorder the next book now. So go get her books. And yes, if this episode resonated screenshotted tag us on Instagram. We would love to hear from you. But thank you for listening. Thanks for being here. Thank you, Madison. I'm glad we finally did this now and thank you everyone also for listening.

I'm so grateful for you listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party, which takes place every day on Instagram, magneticallyyou so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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