personal growth update (dec 2020)

podcast Jan 13, 2021

Each month, I’m going to be sharing a behind the scenes look at my own spiritual and personal growth journey from the last month.

My intention with these monthly personal growth updates is to give you a deeper look into my life and how I'm intentionally learning, growing and up leveling to constantly create bigger and better results in my life so that you can do the same!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ About Ritual Queen: my new free IGTV/YouTube series where I'll be sharing rituals (meditation, hypnosis, tapping, etc.) to reprogram your mind, feel your best and make your magnetic to your desires
✧ Why I decided to switch back to doing consult calls instead of applications for my private coaching (find the link below to book one today)
✧ Why manifesting what you want doesn't require going to crazy lengths
✧ How to trust yourself to make the right decisions 
✧ Why I'm choosing to LOVE Dallas (and let go of the pressure of "needing" to get somewhere with nature immediately)
✧ What you're current circumstances are preparing you for
✧ Why I hired a new coach and how I made the decision to invest in myself again
✧ PLUS I shared the books I read this month and pulled a tarot card for you!




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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Magnetically You podcast. My name is Madison Surdyke. And I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited if every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, do your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And then I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom, and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this.

Hey, and welcome back to the magnetically you, podcast. So today's episode is gonna be a little different than any episode I've ever done, which I'm super excited about. So what I'm going to be doing in this episode is giving you guys an update on my kind of life updates and my personal growth and kind of like the breakthroughs I'm having. And we'll see you know how it goes. But the idea is that I would do this each month and this is an idea that I got from Sam Laura Brown, she her podcasts called the perfectionism project, and every single month, she gives an update on kind of, you know, the struggles she worked through updates in her life where she's working on and I find them so, so, so helpful and, and interesting. And yeah, just really, really useful. So I thought I would try doing the same. And if you're on my email list, you know, I've been sending, like, basically a monthly personal growth update over email. And I decided that I like podcasting better than writing emails. So we're switching it over to the podcast. So this is the first one. So basically, what I'm gonna be doing is just sharing a behind the scenes look at my own spiritual and personal growth journey from last month, December 2020. Lincoln's what month is it? So I'm going to be just like breaking down what I've been working on what I've been struggling with my biggest breakthroughs, any new like mindset and energy hacks I've been like experimenting with and just like an overall recap of what's going on with me what's going on with magnetically you. And I want this to be a really fun way to give you like a deeper look into my life and share what I'm learning and remind you that feeling your best and creating a life that you love is all about practice, not perfection. And I'm always still growing. still learning. And honestly, that's what makes me like loves my life so much is that there's just so much so much growth, so much possibility and it gets me like so excited to remember how far I've come and to remember what's possible for me. And so I want this episode to serve for you as just a reminder that we're not all perfect. We're all growing. And also just showing you what's possible for you too. And hopefully maybe giving you some just insights and breakthroughs, hearing how I'm kind of like working through the things that I am working through. So let's go ahead and get started. I'm really excited. I feel like this is going to be fun. I feel like we're just going to get coffee together and having a good little chitchat.

So, December was definitely interesting. So we went to Trevor's house for Christmas, which was going to be my first Christmas ever, not with my family. And I was like, oh, like this is gonna be tough. Like I'm so used to being with like my family. I love my family so much. And obviously Trevor's families as now. My family too are soon to be and I love them. And I was really excited to spend time with them. But it was definitely hard from being away from my family for the first time for Christmas, so we decided to go both we were going to go to his house until the 27th and then go to Florida with my parents until January 4, so we were going to be like, good to go plus places, you know, all good stuff. And we went to Trevor's dad's house or traverse dad's Trevor's mom's and dad's house, and it's like, basically in the middle of nowhere in the cornfields of Illinois. It's quite, quite an interesting place. So it's so quiet and peaceful and relaxing. We like really enjoy going there. But anyways, so Trevor's dad ended up getting sick, right when, like right after we got there and he had COVID. So we had some like all quarantines together, which actually turned out to be like, kind of fun. I was just so restorative like, I literally just write books and slept a fuck ton. And played sequence. Like this board game we got we literally played for like hours a day. So yeah, it honestly turned out to be like really short of time. And that's fine. He's all recovered now. It's all good. But we didn't get to go to Florida, because, you know, I didn't want to put my family at risk. And my, you know, grandma and my sister's baby, and you know, all the things. So we ended up coming back to Dallas after we had quarantined after his dad being sick, and then it was like New Year's and we didn't have any plans because we were supposed to be in Florida with my family for New Years. And we were just like, well, let's just go to Austin. Like why not? So we went on a spontaneous trip to Austin, which was so fun and so beautiful. We got to go hiking with the food is literally unreal. And Austin like, I just can't even believe how good it was everywhere. So if you're going to Austin, let me know I will send you to someplace where you can get some like really, really freaking good food. just such a cool like hip fun, beautiful place in New Year's. We went to this like super, super cool. Well, first we went to a super cool cocktail bar, which is great. We had we'd already been there before. So it's a great time. And then Trevor was like on Yelp. We love Yelp for finding like bars and restaurants. So good. The The trick is to filter by most reviewed usually the best stuff comes up if you filter by most reviewed. So anyways, Trevor found this other box we wanted to like change it up and it was like the speakeasy and yeah, demo code. like are we even gonna get in and we got in and it was like they literally like treat you like royalty. They're like you walk in and they have this like drink waiting for you in this like secret room. And then they like escort you to your like private table. And it was like this, like velvet couch like nestled into the wall. And they had like the best like cucumber martinis. So it was just like, yeah, it's so fun and so good. And they all have Irish accents. I was like, I'm like, do they only hire people with Irish accents? Or do they train everyone to speak in an Irish accent? I'm not sure it was such an interesting place. And then we got takeout and went to sleep at 10 we didn't even stay up till midnight, which was like Mike, that's my kind of thing. So we had a really good time. So yeah, that was kind of like just our our life updates from December also, I found out that I am a projector not a generator. I don't know if you know anything about human design. I've kind of been listening to some podcasts on him for a while. I thought I was like a generator. And that resonated so much with it, because generators are basically supposed to just follow what lights them up. And I was like, Ooh, that sounds like me. Yes. Like I'm such a generator. And then I realized I put my birth time and wrong because it's on 24 hour time, but I put it in as if it was on 12 hour time. Anyways, I'm now I guess I've always been a projector. So I like had like a little identity crisis of like, Wait, who am I like, I don't want to be a projector I was a generator and I resonated with that. Now my projector like who even am I? So that was interesting. But now that I've been listening to some podcasts on being a projector, I'm like, okay, like, I can totally see that apparently, like projectors just have this like, very, like intense energy. And because your energy is so intense, like, you almost need to be waiting to be invited in. Rather than just like, like jumping in and giving someone unsolicited advice. It's better for projectors to wait to be invited in. So I'm like, okay, like, I can see that. So yeah, I would love to hear what your human design is, send me a message on Instagram magneticallyyou and make sure to put your birth time and 24 hour time or you'll have an identity crisis. Just kidding. Okay, a couple more updates. One really exciting one is I'm starting this new thing. I don't even know what to call a thing called a ritual queen. And it's going to be I'll be publishing them on HGTV and YouTube and then sometimes the podcast if it's audio only. But basically it's going to be just a series of rituals to really like detox your mind and energy and really get you into this place of feeling good. raise your vibration and put you in that super magnetic energy and the thing I love about rituals is like and what rituals to me is like meditation, hypnosis, tapping, even it could be movement for you like, Tarot, tarot cards, like whatever it is for you like Doing a dance party like, to me, it's just these rituals help us get out of our head and into our body. And we when we can get out of our head and into our body, we can connect with our like, inner source of like wisdom and intuition and truth. Rather than staying like stuck in our head and spiraling our head and thinking ourselves go crazy with all of our wild human thoughts. So that's coming soon, I already recorded the first meditation for It's so good. And I had some custom music made, or the meditation, which just sounds so wonderful and so beautiful. So I can't wait for you guys to do it. So stay tuned for that. It'll be coming out soon. And yeah, the goal with that is I'll probably do at least one a month, maybe more. We'll see how I'm feeling I like to. Yeah, just see where see where the wind blows me see how I'm feeling. But yeah, I'll probably at least once a month. And yeah, so I'm really, really excited for you guys to try some of this out. Because I'm going to be sharing just a lot of the like rituals and practices of like, had such a deep impact on my like mental sanity, my life, my ability to think more empowering thoughts, feel more empowered, take more empowering actions and create a more empowering reality, like so much of that comes back to these rituals, because they really helped me get into that place where I feel so empowered, I feel so connected with my own source of like, inner wisdom, and truth. Okay, last update, and then I'm going to get into last life update. And then I'm going to get into, yeah, kind of like the personal growth updates and breakthroughs I had in December. So I'm back to doing consult calls for a while I was just doing to in order to work with me one on one, you had to fill out an application and all of that. And I realized I'm like, Okay, I'm over this application, like, I don't want to, I want to, I want you guys to be able to like, reach me and talk to me and have a conversation with me. Like if you're interested. And we're giving me I don't want to be like, Oh, you have to go through this like application and like felt this paper and all this stuff. Maybe Maybe in the future like myself, all my stance will change on that, and the application will feel more aligned. But it just stopped. It was feeling aligned when I made the decision to do the application. And it was great. And I you know, had a nice run with the analysis is feeling so much more aligned to try to open myself up for consults, because I do want to make sure that you guys know that you can reach out to me and whenever you want and learn more about coaching and sign up if it's something that really speaks to you. And you don't have to go through an annoying process to get to me or get to join my coaching. Instead, you can just book a consult literally, I've lots of availability on lots of like options for you guys on the calendar. So you can literally pick a time that works best for you book a free consult with me. And then on that call, it's very like chill, we're literally just going to get to know each other and talk about where you're at in your life, where you want to be, and how I work with my clients to help them build a bridge to get them from where they are to where they want to be. And then you get to ask me any questions and decide if building that bridge is something that you would like me to help you with. So if you have been thinking about working with me, now's the fucking time. It's always the time right now is always the time now is all we have. But I would absolutely be so honored to be your coach and help you uplevel your mindset and your life and your energy, and just all the things like let's fucking do this. So if you want to apply you can, there'll be a link in the show notes to book consult. Also, if you go to my Instagram, it's the link on my Instagram super easy. And yeah, I will talk to you soon. Okay. So my kind of like a Tiffany's from the month things I was like working on growing through all that good stuff. So the first one is that i've i've been pondering this idea of like, what if who we are in this exact moment is enough in order to manifest and create anything and everything that we want. And I think it's such an empowering frame to live from because it's like, when we're thinking, Oh, I have to I can't manifest this until I get rid of this limiting belief or until I raise my vibration or until I'm higher vibe like those then become their own limiting beliefs in and of themselves. So it's like, what if we, like I'm all for becoming more enlightened and growing, learning evolving? Like I love that it gives me so much thrill but what if we didn't need to be more enlightened than we are now what if who we are now and how we are Now is enough in order to create the life that we want, in order to be who we want to be to feel how we want to feel, to experience the things that we want to experience. And it's just a check kind of like chain. Yeah, it really shifts everything because it's like, you know, who you are now is enough, and you get to grow and evolve, not for the sake of becoming enough, but just for the sake of like, you already are enough. And just for the sake of growing and evolving and seeing what's possible for you. And, like, yeah, it's like, what if, like, the thoughts that I've been having is like, well, what if we didn't have to go to crazy lengths or like willpower our way into, you know, like the right thoughts and feelings and the right this and the right thought, like, what if we didn't have to get it? Like, right quote, right? And what if manifesting is just our birthright? What if it's just who we are, and honestly, I believe that it's just who we are, we all are powerful manifester. So we don't have to go to these like ridiculous, like lengths to create what we want. And so what I've been really focusing on letting guide me is okay. Does the way I'm approaching this, whatever it is I'm doing could be in my business life, whatever. Does it feel like effort and struggle? Or does it feel good? And by good? I don't mean good versus bad? I mean, does it feel good? Isn't? Does it feel aligned? Does it feel expansive? Does it lift me up to delight me up? So that's really the question I've been, you know, really focusing on? Letting guide me like, we don't need to do more. Okay, love it this question guy do does it feel like effort and struggle? Or does it feel good, let that guide you, and see what happens. That's really what I've been focusing on the last month, and it's just, it's so freeing to just follow what feels good. And to know that, you know, who I am is enough to like fill in the blank. That's an affirmation I've been really gadgets like thinking about and pondering and focusing on this last month. And I would encourage you to think about, like, what it is that you want, and you can maybe insert that there. So like who I am is enough to start a business if that's something you want to do who I am is enough to get promoted who I am is enough to attract an amazing partner, who I am is enough to attract clients into my business who I am is enough to create $10,000 months in my business, like whatever it is for you. Just let yourself play around with that idea that what if what if who you are now exactly as you are now is all ready enough to create what it is that you want. And this kind of also ties into the next, like lesson of the month, you could say is there is no such thing as right or wrong. And there's no need to analyze, if you're doing things right or wrong. And whatever action you need to take what will be done by you at the right time. That was something I read from a Richard Scott's book, I don't remember which one cuz I've read so many of them. But he said whatever action I need to take will be done by me at the right time. Like, wow, that like rocked my world. When I read the books. I'm like, Wow, that is so freeing, it doesn't. Honestly, the action really doesn't matter. It's our identity and our thinking and our feeling and our beliefs that are how we're being in the action, not what we're doing. That creates our results, if that makes sense. And there's multiple auctions, there's multiple house to get you to where you want to go. So you don't need to be worried about is this right or wrong. There's a there's infinite possibilities of quote, the right actions, all of your What if all of your actions were the right actions? What if you only took the right actions? What if all of your actions and thoughts were leading you to exactly where you want to go? What if it was all working? Right? So there is no right or wrong action. You just do get to pick, you get to decide what action you want to take to move you towards your goals. And then you sell yourself on why that choice gets to work. So one example of this was I was making the decision of do I want to change my coaching package from three months to six months? Like I don't know, I was like, should I do three months? I did six months, blah, blah, blah. I was like flip flopping back and forth in my mind. And my coach I'm working with right now who is amazing. I'm so happy I hired her and I'm actually going to talk more about that. So I'll hold off on that for now.

But anyways, I was like, Okay, I get to decide I get to just decide that whatever I pick, it gets to it gets to be the right answer, right. So I decided okay, I would like to do six months and then I get to sell myself on why six months is enough. is the choice for me to help me honor my decision. And then after you make a decision, and it turns out, oh, maybe you wish you made a different one, well, you get to have your back, you get to choose to have your back, right. And when you made that decision, it was the best you could do with what you had. So you honor that. And then you have your back later if you need to make any changes or anything. And so I decided on a six month package, because I really want to work with women who are really, really committed. And in six months, like, in three months, yes, like the clients I worked with, for three months, at the end of it, they were like, Okay, I'm a new person, my life is so much different. But like in six months, like you really look back on the version of you six months before, and you're like, holy shit, I am a completely new person, I have shifted my life and so many positive ways. Like there's so much magic and power that can happen in that six month container in that commitment to yourself in my commitment to you, as my client and as your coach. So this is just how I sold myself on the six month package, right? Like I could have easily just said, Well, you know, three months is better because of x, y and z, it doesn't matter, right? The thing, the action, the decision to how never matters, it's you get to decide what you want to work for you. And then you get to sell yourself and coach yourself or work with your coach on getting on board with that decision. And honoring that decision and just going with it. And what I would recommend to you with like making decisions is like, it's also not permanent, like just give yourself at least like a month or more with a decision and then you can reevaluate later. But no decision is a decision, it's a decision to remain where you are right and making a decision give is what allows you to get more information to inform your next decision. So that decision becomes even stronger. Okay. A couple more things. So one thing that I was really starting to obsess over in December was like moving somewhere that had more nature. So there's not much nature in Dallas, and like I needed to go to the west, like I need mountains and all this, like need need need. That's, you know, need is the word need. When that comes up, take a look at just take a look at what's going on in your mind and what you're believing. And is it true. And so I was, you know, putting a lot of pressure on Trevor, to be like, we need to have, like, go live in nature. And he's like, Oh my god, like you're pressuring me so hard, like giving back off. I'm like, okay, I can create a happiness anywhere. Where I live does not determine my level of happiness. And I am choosing I made like an intentional choice to look for all the ways I can love the fuck out of Dallas. While I'm here. And that doesn't mean I don't go to go live somewhere, that we don't get to go live somewhere. In nature, it just means that I'm choosing to love what is so that I can make room for and, and create space for what's to come. If I'm obsessing if I spent all my time obsessing over why I need to tell them I need Buddha nature and blah, blah, blah, well, then the next place I move, I'm just going to take that same brain with me. And I'd rather take a brain who is constantly looking for things they can love about their current circumstance with me wherever I go. So that's what I'm choosing to do. I'm been choosing to focus on all the ways I can just love, love, love where I'm where I'm at. And, you know, I think this can apply to all areas of your life like how can you How can you love and make the best of your current circumstance? Like, what what is what is good about it, there is good things about it. Even if it feels really tough, even if you're going through some really hard stuff right now. Like, what is good about it, what might it be preparing you for? Maybe it's making you stronger? Maybe it's giving you an opportunity to learn something new, maybe there's something waiting for you in this in this circumstance that's going to create so much magic for you. Okay, so two more things.

One is I listened to Makoto see she's the Royal shaman on Instagram on Katherine's and kina the manifestation made podcast and those episodes were so great by the way, I just recorded an episode with her a couple days ago. It'll be coming out soon I'm super pumped about it. It's It's so so good. We go deep, deep, deep into just surrender and being present to what is kind of what I was just talking about. So this is all some house come together perfectly. And magically as things tend to do when you just let them so Anyways, I heard her on Catherine's podcast. And she said something that just really, really resonated with me and created such a shift for me last month, she said, What if the universe is bringing you the exact circumstances you need in order to expand to the next level? And I was like, holy shit, yes. It's like, where you are now, is exactly where you're meant to be. It's literally molding you shaping you growing you into the person, you need to be into the container you need to be in order to create and receive the experiences that you're looking for. It's like, Oh, my gosh, of course. And, you know, how I kind of thought about this in my own life was that like, I never really had serious boyfriends growing up, like all of my other friends, I was just like, I don't, I guess I don't really click with people like, I don't know, like, I felt like I'd never like, meet my person, like someone who I just like, really, really clicked with who really like got me and clicked with me. And what I didn't know was that the universe was literally just preparing me for Trevor so that when he came along, I was ready for him. So that was ready for a relationship that was built on love and trust and growth, I was ready for someone who loved me unconditionally and was available to receive that and not like a run from it or like hide under a rock. And I'm so grateful now that I didn't meet him sooner. Because I probably would have sabotaged our relationship had we met earlier, I wouldn't have been ready for I wouldn't have been open to it. I probably would have like, I was just saying, like, random hit under a rock or something like who knows. And, you know, when we're when we don't get what we want within the timeline, we think we are supposed to, we are like, Oh, this must not be meant for me. It's not going to work. It's not working. Something must be wrong with me. And what if the universe is bringing you the exact circumstances you need in order to expand to that next level? What if your current challenges and obstacles are the perfect experiences that you need to become a ticket to containers you can actually receive and hold that experience. And it's, you know, a great example of this is most luggage lottery winners end up like bankrupt and they lose all the money that they want from the lottery because they haven't developed the capacity to be the container for that level of experience. Whoever you are now, get excited because it is it is setting you up for everything you want. And even better, and even better, so I just loved that so much. And she had some amazing like truth bombs in the episode we recorded together that's coming to you guys soon. So yes, super pumped for you to listen to that. She is like a wonderful soul. And she's a shaman, which is so cool. I never like really knew what a shaman. Was there talk to a shaman before her so yeah, really, really great episode coming your way. Okay, so the last thing last kind of like update was that I hired a new coach, which I was mentioning earlier, which I'm so so so thrilled about. So if you I don't know if you any of you listen to the Life Coach School podcast with Brooke Castillo, she is someone who's kind of in like Brooke circle, there was a string of people like, found their podcasts and it's not and I was led to literally perfectly like I don't know if perfectly is the right word I'm looking for but divinely led to my coach now. And I heard her speak for like two minutes on one podcasts. And I was like, done, I'm ready to hire her. Like, there was just some sort of connection where I was like, I think I'm supposed to work but with this person. So I booked a consult call with her and had such a great conversation, like the consult in and of itself was very transformational for me just to get bring awareness to you know, yeah, what was going on in my brain into, like, just talk it out and to like, have someone like show me kind of like my blind spots. Like that's such a powerful thing that coaches do, which, that also was part of what informed me wanting to open backup consults for you guys, because I just had such a beautiful experience on this consult with my new coach. So anyways, after the consult, I was like, Okay, done, like, I'm ready to hire her. Like, I it's been a couple months since I was working with a one on one coaching. I mean, I just love coaching like I might be biased, but I literally think coaching is the greatest miracle on the planet. Like literally it's so it's so amazing. It feels so good to, like, have someone you can go to with, with anything who will like basically like, show you your shit and be like, okay, like let's, how can we? How can we show up and think and feel and more empowering way, like, who do you need to be in order to create the life that you want? That's really, a lot of what we have been working on so far is my what she calls self concept. I would maybe call it identity, but it's really kind of like the same thing. It's like, who you believe you are your thoughts about, about your self. And we've been looking at my thoughts about my business, my thoughts about myself as a CEO, my thoughts about my clients and just really looking out Like, who do I believe I am? And how is that showing up? In the results that I'm creating in my life, right, because who we are, informs how we're thinking, how we're feeling how we're acting, and then of course, the results that we're creating in our life. And something else we've really been working on is what she calls a belief plan. So just freely creating a plan around an intentionality around like, Okay, what are the beliefs, I am kicking to the curves? And what are the new beliefs that I am installing into my subconscious mind. And something that I've been really intentionally focusing on is like, increasing my belief in myself and increasing my belief in possibility and just playing around with different beliefs. Like every morning, I've been like, okay, what's one belief I want to focus on today? Okay, how much on a scale of one to 10? Do I believe that? And what do I need to think? What do I need to do to get myself closer to a 10? How can I increase my belief today? And, you know, something I've really been focusing on is just possibility, like, anything can happen today, it's possible that I make $10,000 a day. It's possible. It's possible. It's possible. It's possible it is it really is possible. And I would encourage you to think about like, yeah, the beliefs that you want to adopt. And for me, it's been so helpful to add, it's possible to the beginning, because when I say, I'm going to make $10,000 a day, I'm like, Huh, and my brains, like, are you really though, Madison, so it can really help to add, it's possible to the beginning, because then like, Oh, I can believe that, like it definitely as possible it is anything could happen. So I've just been really fun playing around with my beliefs. And I'm actually talking to her today in 30 minutes, which I'm super excited about. And yeah, it was definitely an investment in myself, and I've invested so so so so much money, like at least I don't know, probably like 30, or 40,000, probably like $40,000, into coaching courses. All that like kind of stuff to grow, grow myself and my mind, and, and my skills and, and to learn new things, but really, mostly to grow myself from the inside. And every investment I've ever made in myself is such a huge catalyst for growth, because it's like, just making that investment, increased my belief in myself, right, like, I'm ready to take myself and my life and my business to the next level. And I know a coach is going to support me in doing that. And I also knew that as soon as I make the investment, that's literally me telling my brain, I believe I can do this, of course, I can do this, this investment is literally nothing compared to all the money about to be making in my business. You know, I mean, like, of course, I'm going to make this investment. Of course, it's worth it to work with someone who can help me change my brain, believe more and myself, put myself out there more show up in more empowering ways, right? So yeah, it's just been such a great experience. And it was such a good reminder for me of like, it's only been a couple weeks, and I've already seen so much like positive, like shift and magnetism in my life and in my business, because by investing in yourself, you're, you increase your belief in yourself, because it's like, well, of course, I believe in myself, because I'm willing to make this bet on myself. I'm willing to make this investment myself and you're literally declaring to the universe because you're like, like, you put money on the table and you're like, here I fucking AM. Let's go, I'm ready to do this. I'm declaring to myself in the universe that I'm ready. I'm putting money on the line and I'm ready to fucking go. That's what that's how I feel about investing in myself. It makes me feel amazing. I love it. And I think it's just there's so much power in it. And you guys know, like, I've said it so many times, like coaching is just such such a wonderful, wonderful thing. Okay, a couple more things. So I'm going to share the books I read this month and kind of like what I thought about them and and then we're gonna do a tarot card reading. And then this episode will be over. So just kind of giving you guys a heads up on what's to come and in future episodes. Future personal growth updates. I'm gonna plan on doing these each month and yeah, so it'll be like life updates, personal growth updates, books I read and then we'll do a tarot reading and if there's anything else you guys want to, like, hear or know about or, or talk about, like, let me know this, this podcast is an ever evolving thing for for you guys. So let me know what resonates and what doesn't. So anyways, the books I read, I read the magic feeling and instantly directed manifestations by Richard dotties. My favorite author, I love, love, love, love, love, love. Every single book, he writes, they're so good. And I just feel so good reading them. So highly recommend those he writes all about manifestation from a perspective that most people are not talking about. And it's To me, it's such an empowering, powerful lens. And I've just seen, yes, so much in the books really, really helped me to surrender and create more belief in myself. And remember that it's not like the actions don't always, like which action you take doesn't always matter. It's what's going on underneath that's really impacting the way things are going in your life. So those are two really good ones I would recommend. And then I also read Richards book by Amanda Francis. She is like the money manifestation queen. I just love, love, love everything she has to say. And that book was so good. I'm already ready to read it again. And then I read a fiction book. I was like, okay, I've read so much personal development this year, I think I maybe only read one other fiction book this year. And I used to really love fiction. And I still do. And so I was like, Okay, let's like, take a breather from the personal development. And let's read fiction. So I read, Nicholas Sparks the return, it was good, but I didn't love it. I don't know if I like I'm just so too in love with personal development to love fiction as much anymore. Or if I just didn't love the book, I'm not sure which one because I used to love all of his books. But anyways, it was good. It was it was a nice change of pace. And if you're looking for something really, really light fiction, like I would, I think I would recommend it. I don't know now that I say that I'm like, it was it was good. It wasn't great. I'll put it there. And when I read books, I want them to be afraid. I want to read the book and be shuk at the end of this. Okay, so the last thing we're gonna do today is I'm going to do a little like tarot reading for you. So I'm gonna pull a card. And just as I'm picking a card, I'm gonna let my intuition guide me to whatever it is you need to hear today a message that's going to be for your highest good and the highest good of everyone listening. So let's see. Ooh, interesting. This will be very interesting. So the card is the nine of swords. And the name of the card is cruelty. So let me find it in my book and I'll read you guys what it says. Okay, also, today I'm reading from my Tarot book. It's called Tarot mirror of the soul by I don't even know how to say this name. Oh, GERD Ziegler. And it's the book is good Ziegler the taro is Alistair Crowley. If that makes any sense. I got it. It's like a combined little package. I got an Amazon. It was recommended by Natalia Benson. And it's really, really good, but it's okay. Whoo. Okay, this card is gonna be really good. So, the cruelty this card represents is cruelty towards yourself and or others. It's like self accusation, self punishment, and like martyrdom, so basically, being hard on yourself, talking, talking shit to yourself. And so, let me just read what this card says to you. So this card usually means cruelty directed towards the self, it indicates a tendency to put yourself down with V humans. The destructive approaches from your parents or teachers in the past persists To this day, and diminished in harshness in the form of cruel self blame, and accusation. This often occurs as an internal conflict between two conflicting issues or voices. You do not dare to make a clear choice. And I don't even know what this word is denigrate yourself for your indecision, or you have made a decision but are now wracked by a bad conscious. You feel like a victim of the circumstances and might even derive a certain amount of satisfaction from it, who totally been there before. Basically every loveless lovelessness we subject ourselves or others to is cruel and painful. In some rare cases, this card may indicate the physical or psychological cruelty of a heartless person in your life. Should that be the case it is now time to give up your martyr role and draw a clear line out of Love yourself, this card points to your tendency to cruelly put yourself down. It is necessary to become aware of this behavioral pattern and its roots so you can get rid of it. And the affirmation that comes with this card is I am loved simply because I am the way I am. Ooh, so good. It kind of like goes back to the first lesson was like who I am is enough to fill in the blank. Like I loved simply because I am in the way I am so good. And I feel like this is just such a powerful card. There's so much like power in this and and really looking at like, okay, maybe, maybe let let your challenge today be like your intention today be to speak kinder to yourself, treat yourself more kindly. I had a friend who she was beating herself up for not getting up first thing in the morning. She likes to lay in bed for like 30 minutes. And she said it sounded like a drill sergeant in her head like cut off, you need to get out of bed right now. Like, what are you doing, you're lazy, you need to get out of this bed. And then obviously that, like drill sergeants did not inspire her to actually get up. So then she would want to just like lay on her bed more. And then she would get up and she would feel worse by herself because she just laid about 45 minutes when she wanted to start her day. And so she practiced just giving herself permission to do what her body needed, and spoke kindness to herself. Like, okay, it's time to get up now. Like, let's go get some coffee, like, you know what I mean? just totally like shifting the way you speak to yourself can shift everything. And she said it was like, honestly, like, so powerful to make that shift. And she got up just fine and didn't have any of like the mental drama. So yeah, today and this week, just see if you can become aware of how how you're speaking to yourself. And would you speak to a friend, or even imagining yourself as the younger version of you that sweet, innocent child? like would you speak to a sweet, innocent child in that way? Or would you speak to your best friend and that way? Would you speak to the people you love in our way? And if not, then why are you speaking to yourself in that way? And what might use instead say to yourself if you were speaking to someone you love or a friend or something like that, so I feel like that was a beautiful note to end on. I love I love Taro and I love Oracle ducks. They're so good. There's always a message we can pull from them. And it's really cool. Basically, the point of Taro Is that it? It like opens up something in your mind and your subconscious mind to explore how the message can relate to you in your life. And there's so much power and hearing something and being like, oh, how can I apply this and implement this lesson into my own life? So that's all for today's episode. I would love to hear what you guys think about this kind of episodes, you want to hear from me monthly with these updates. Is there anything else you want me to include anything where you're like, I could take or leave that? Let me know, send me a message on Instagram at magneticallyyou. And of course again, if you are interested in working with me, you can book a free consult, there's going to be a link in the show notes. I would absolutely love to speak with you and help you make 2021 the best fucking year of your life like it's so possible for you. And working with a coach is honestly like I was gonna say the most powerful way but maybe I won't say it that strongly. But maybe it is like one of the most powerful ways to do that. And I would love to be that person for you. So book a consult if it speaks to you and I will speak to you guys on the next episode.

I'm so grateful for you listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party, which takes place every day on Instagram, magneticallyyou so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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