struggling is NOT required for success

podcast Jan 26, 2021

I've got a JUICY topic for you this week. Contrary to popular opinion, struggling is NOT a requirement for success. And no, struggling doesn't make you more deserving of success. You are fully and wholly deserving of experiencing success WITHOUT the struggle. In fact, struggles and problems aren't even real -they are just figments of your thoughts and imagination. In this episode, I'm breaking down how to free yourself from your struggles and problems (to the point where it's like they don't even exist anymore) and how to create success in the fun, easy way instead.


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ why struggling isn’t required for success (how to make it fun and easy instead)
✧  why you don’t have to struggle to deserve success
✧  5 ways to eliminate anything you're struggling with FAST
✧  powerful guided meditation is to surrender and release what you’re struggling with so your desires flow to you easily 



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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically youth podcast. My name is Madison sardegna. And I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited if every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, do your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom, and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this. Hello, and welcome. I'm so pumped for this live today. So I'm going to be talking all about how struggling is not required for success. I feel like we are so ingrained with this mentality mentality that it has to be hard. It has to be hard. You have to struggle, struggle struggle, in order to get what you want in order to succeed and it's just not true. So let's all just take Well, let me actually just wait a minute to give everyone else a second to join. And while we do that, I'm going to grab some water. Okay, guys, we are going to get started really soon. I'm giving everyone just a sec to join. Welcome, welcome. Happy Friday, I kind of forgot as Friday. I'm like, whoo, this is a good. Good morning. Happy to have you guys here. Hello, welcome. Hey, Deseret. Hi, Richie. Welcome you guys. Okay, so today, we're talking all about how struggling is not required to succeed. So as I was saying before some of you guys joined. This is really a message that we've been trained from our whole life is basically for most of us to believe that it has to be hard, we have to struggle. And essentially that we're not deserving unless we struggled to get there. And it's just not true. And it's just not serving us. So before we dive into all of the juicy stuff, I want to take a second to just get present. Like, let's all take a breath. It's probably been a week for all of us. It's Friday. I'm sure you guys have all been busy and had a lot of work to do. So let's just get present. So I want you guys to just close your eyes, check in, get present, and just let go of what's happened this week. Let go of what's happened today. Let go of what might happen today. And just take a deep breath in. And then as you exhale, all of that go. One more time, Big breath in. And then exhale, let all of that go. So setting the intention, that for the next 30 minutes, you're going to drop all of that you're going to drop everything that already happened today. No matter how stressful or crazy this morning was, you're going to drop everything that needs to happen later today. Drop everything that's already happened this week. And like let's get right here right now grounded and present this moment and set the intention that these next 30 minutes are for you. I time for you to really get present and feel really, really good. So the first thing I wanted to start with talking about is that struggling isn't even real problems are not real. They are essentially like figments of our imagination. So it's not our circumstances that create our struggling and our sense of problems. It's our thoughts and feelings about the circumstances and struggling when you really think about it. It's like right here when you close your eyes and get really present in this moment struggling and problems don't exist like within you deep in like the soul the truest realest part of you like problems and struggling just don't exist. They only exist in the past or in the future. And so a huge part of letting go of the struggle mentality is getting present because so much of the time we're always worried about all the stuff that has already happened. And then everything that's going to happen, it's like but right here, right now, there are no problems and there are no struggles when you really get present with this moment. So hopefully this is making sense to you guys. And again, it's not the circumstances about It's not the circumstances that causes us to feel like we're struggling or that there's problems. It's our thoughts and feelings about the circumstances. And our thoughts and feelings about the circumstances can be changed. So what most people do is they try to change the circumstances. And then it either doesn't work, and they're left, like more frustrated, or it does work, their circumstances change, but they still feel like shit, because they're stuck with their same brain, their same thoughts and their same feelings. And so that's why with all of my clients, like we go to the core, and really rewiring the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are driving the struggle and the problems. Okay, so that's kind of my theory on struggling and problems like, they only exist because we believe they exist. Okay, so they're not real. So let's just play around with that idea. For today, for the next 30 minutes, I invite you to Yeah, just like, like imagine not struggling and problems like john exists in 30 minutes after this, if you want to go back to believing and and focusing on all your struggles and problems, then great, but stay with me for this, like 30 minutes. Okay. So I want to talk about the main reasons why we struggle, why we have problems, why we're always feeling like everything is so freakin hard. And, you know, one, it goes back to that society narrative that we have to struggle in order to be deserving we are, we see all these messages, even in movies and everything where it's like, you know, someone struggled and struggled and struggled, and then they succeeded. And then they deserved it. And then their life was perfect. And it's like, this image is painted for us that in order to get to the life we want, or to to achieve the goals that we want, in order to be successful, we have to have struggled the whole way there, or else, we don't deserve it. And it's that belief that you have to struggle in order to be deserving of it that causes you to struggle, because our brains always want to prove us, right. So if you believe that struggling, is required, in order for you to deserve success, then you're going to unconsciously create and look for and seek out problems and struggles because your brain does not ever want to make you wrong. So that's why we need to get down to the root of this and look at the thoughts and the feelings that are driving this belief that this problem or this struggle exists, whether it's like I need to lose weight, to live in a different city, or I need to get clients or I need to make more money or I need to get promoted, like whatever it is, this like still applies. So another big reason why we struggle is because of like, I don't even know if this is the right word for it. But I'm calling it society, consumerism. So basically, like, companies want to convince us that we have these big struggles and problems, so they can swoop in and save the day with their magic pills, and products and things like that. So it's like, the world wants you to believe you're ugly. So you buy all the makeup, the world wants you to believe you're fat. And that's a problem. So you buy all their diet books. And it's not the world, it's these companies write who have a profit at stake. And so that's a big part of why we struggle is because we're inundated with these messages from companies who, whose profit depends on us believing that we have a problem and us believing that we're struggling, if they can get us to believe we have a struggle and a problem, then they can get us to buy all their stuff. And they make money with it for them. Right, but not so great for the people on the buying end. And so they make us essentially feel it's like fear mongering, right? They make us feel guilty and afraid for not using their methods and not using their products. And you're so afraid you're like, Oh my god, like I'm so ugly, I have to go by that like makeup thing, or Oh my god, I'm so bad. I have to go by that Diet book, or, oh my god, like, I'm never gonna make money, I have to follow this person's method because they said, this is the only way that works. Like, I've got to go by this and they make you feel guilty and afraid. And then you go buy their stuff. So that's another one of the big reasons why we struggle. And then a lot of times too, we think we have to, we think if it's easy, if it's fine, if everything is going smoothly, then the other shoes gonna drop and we think something. If it can't be that good, it's too good to be true. Something bad is coming. And so we don't want to deal with that like that, like getting our hopes up and then being shot back down. So we just perpetuate our struggle and perpetuate our problems because then we never have to deal with the potential for that like level of hope and then the disappointment that comes with it. Hi, and welcome. For those of you who are joining, I'm so glad to have you here. So right now I'm talking about how like why we struggle and why we have problems. And then I'm going to dive into how to really like, eradicate this. And like a second, like whatever it is you're struggling with right now we're going to talk about, like, eliminating, it's so fast, you're gonna feel so good after this little video today. So I'm really excited for you guys. But I think it's helpful to understand like, where these struggles, where this idea that we're struggling and problems come from. One of the big ways that we have why we struggle is because we're avoiding a negative emotion. So we try to force and push ourselves into positive feelings. And we're fighting, it's like our emotions are coming this way I'm are going this way are like fighting our emotions and creating this struggle, because it's like these opposing forces, there's so much resistance, there's so much push, there's so much force, we're trying to control our emotions, and it just doesn't feel good. And what instead we want to do is try to flow with our emotions. Instead of it's like, oh, we have this negative emotion come in, and we try to fight it. And it's like, bam, it just, like doesn't work. It's like, what if we have this negative emotion come in, and we're like, welcome, welcome. You can come in, and then we welcome it in, and then it just as easily flows out. Like what if that were possible. And the last reason I think that we all struggle is that we're trying to find something outside of us, to change our thoughts and our feelings, but we can feel those thoughts and feelings now. So all the thoughts and feelings we think are going to be available to us. When we get there. When we lose weight. When we get the clients, when we start the business, when we get the promotion, whatever it is, when we get there, then we'll feel better, then we'll feel more confident, whatever it is for you. And we all know like that's not true, we have to, and we get to, it's not that we have to it's we get to and we can choose to feel those feelings now all the thoughts and feelings you think you're going to have when you get quoted there are available now. So instead of obsessing over trying to get there, which like we've talked about before, it doesn't change anything, because it either doesn't work or it does work and you're still loved with your same old brain that's telling you all these like crazy stories about how you're struggling, you bring the struggle with you, because the struggle is thoughts, and beliefs, the struggle is not your circumstances. So you can change your circumstances, all you want. But again, you're bringing the struggle with you because the struggle is in your brain and your thoughts in your energy. And so that's why it's so important to really focus on your thoughts and your energy. How can you make change there? How can you do the inner work instead of how can I change everything about my outer world. And naturally, when you change your inner world, your outer world begins to reflect that. And this really comes back to a concept in quantum physics called the observer effect. And this is like scientifically proven that when humans observe something like just by looking at it, it can change the physical makeup of the matter. And so by observing our current reality, and being so so focused on the way things are now and upset about them, and worrying about them and telling ourselves I'm struggling, I'm struggling, I'm struggling, we just perpetuate the problem, because we're, we continue to observe and observe and observe the problem. Hopefully that makes sense. So I'm going to dive into now five ways to let go of this, let go of the struggle, luck of the problem. So if if you want to think of like, today, whatever it is the biggest thing you're struggling with, maybe focus on one thing as we talk through these things, and then you can kind of apply them to other areas, but I'm going to talk about a more broad, but if you want to make it specific to whatever you're struggling with in your life, then obviously go for it. Okay, so the first way is to stay with me, because this is not gonna make a ton of sense, but I promise you, it works. So the first way to really let go of your struggles and problems and an incident like that, is to go to the place within you were the problems and the struggles don't exist, right? They only exist in our thoughts and in our feelings. So can you like Close your eyes, and go to that place within you? Where there's no thoughts, no expectations, no needs and no identities? Like, can you separate yourself from all the fake stories and fake identities of like, you know, it's like, it could be like, I'm Madison, and I have an I have debt, and I only have X dollars in the bank account and I and I'm x level at work, but I should be promoted to this level. And so we have all recreate all these identities, and we link all of these, quote, struggles and problems to who we are as a person. And it's not who we are who we are, is peor. It doesn't have all of those stories and things attached to it. So that's the first thing is to go into that place within you where those struggles just don't exist. It's basically like creating a void. So what most people do is they say, Oh, I have this negative beliefs are I have this struggle that I need to make more money or like, whatever it is, and they so then they affirm to themselves all the time, I make a lot of money, I make a lot of money, I make a lot of money. And it's like the whole time, you're saying that your brain is thinking, no, you don't know you don't know you don't, right. And so a lot of times, trying to go directly from negative feeling negative thought to positive feeling positive thought, it creates so much resistance, because by affirming so strongly affirming the positive, we're essentially continuing to just recognize the lack to recognize the negative and if things if the problem didn't exist, if you weren't in the struggle, if you did feel good, there would be no need for all these positive. to flip it into positive, flip it into a positive it's like so that's why the first big way to really let go of your struggles is to go into this void. Again, that place within you, where you would dissociate yourself from all these fake stories, all these fake thoughts, all these fake feelings that are made up because of your because of our interpretations, like nothing has meaning except for the meaning that we give it. So if we're giving it all these disempowering meanings, what if we could just for a moment, close your eyes and detach from all those meanings and just go inward and just feel that place within? Okay, I'm back, sorry, my Instagrams that I've reached my limit for social media today, we're gonna surpass it today. But anyways, going to that place within, and just letting go, let go of all that shit. And that's how, you know, struggles and problems aren't real, because in an instant, you can close your eyes, and you can get to that place where none of it exists. And that is so powerful. And that's where the real change can happen. And because when you, like, let go of all of these attachments and stories, and, you know, beliefs about like, how you're struggling and all of these problems you have, when you go into that void where they don't exist, you're essentially creating a vacuum for good to Russian. So the universe will fill in the space and fill in the details. So so much of the time we try to control things, when things aren't going our way, we try to flip it into a positive control it all make everything we want come to us push and grab and go get it right. But what if all we had to do was dissociate from all these disempowering stories go to the place where then where they don't exist, which is creating a void. And in that void, the universe will handle everything else, it will bring all of the good to you. Because you're in a space to receive. When we have all those negative stories and beliefs about I have this problem and I'm struggling, it's like, there's like a wall up. But it's like when we go into that void, and we like throw all of that away. It's like there is a there's so much space for the good to come in and to flow to you without having to go push and grab and get it. It's like no, like we almost say put our hands up, and it comes in. So hopefully, I'm making sense. I know this is a little out there. But this mindset around. Yeah, struggling and problems as served me so much. And I truly believe like there is no such thing as a struggle or problem. And yes, of course, like I still sometimes feel like I'm struggling, I still sometimes feel like I have problems like we're all humans. But it's about taking this time to take a step back. When you notice yourself spiraling into all those stories of like, say you have a business and you're like, Oh my god, I don't have any clients. No one's applying to work with me and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, you catch yourself and you're like, Okay, these stories are fake. They're disempowering. This is just my brain trying to keep me in my comfort zone. Let's close her eyes dissociate, throw all of that away, even just for a minute. And going into that place, even just for a minute is so powerful, and the more you are able to come back to that place within you, where none of those big stories exist, the more you will let the good flow to you naturally. And so the second way to let go of whatever it is you're struggling with whatever it is, you feel like your problems are in this moment, is to really get present because like I was saying at the beginning, problems, and struggles only exist in the past and in the future. In the present. They do not exist. Like if you are truly right here right now, in this moment now. And now. And now like every sequential moment, if you're there, then you can't be in a struggle or a problem because those only exists in the future in the past. And so something that can really help you get present is to one ask yourself, when you notice yourself going down the rabbit hole of thinking these unhelpful thoughts. You can ask yourself like, what is it that I want in this situation? So you're like all of you thinking all these things like I've in the past, I've worked with a lot of clients who wanted to heal their relationship. with food and so much of the time, they thought their body was issue. And they're like, I need to lose weight, I need to lose weight, I lose weight. And it's like, when you take a step back, it's like, Okay, what is it that I want in this situation, or what I want in this situation is to feel free and to feel good. And when you shift your attention to what you want, rather than what you don't want, it is like this immediate like lightning effect. lightening, not lightning. Hi, welcome for those of you joining. Okay, so another way to shift your attention and get back into the present, get out of all these fake disempowering stories is to ask yourself, what is the best feeling thought I can find right now. And this is from Gabby Bernstein, choose again, method, which I love, and I would highly recommend you look up but for me, this is my favorite part of it. So asking yourself, what is the best feeling thought I can find in this moment. And it just it interrupts all the all the bullshit, musically, and allows you to be like, hold it up, like what is it that I actually want to focus my attention on. And then the last thing is something that I learned from Jim for and he's a subconscious, mind expert. And he, this is kind of his like, method to eliminate fear, or a negative emotion. So if you're experiencing fear, or anxiety, or whatever it is, you kind of just tell yourself like, this is fear, I am not my fear. This is just my subconscious mind trying to protect protect me, I am now choosing to shift my attention to blank and you insert something in the present that you can shift your attention to. So when you notice yourself going down that spiral, this is another way to bring it back to the present. So I'm now choosing to shift my attention to this, the amazing people on this live right now, right, like just saying that I'm like, Hello, I just feel like I really like got into this moment, right, so let's bring it back to the present. Another way to let go of the struggle, and the problem that you feel like you're facing or perceive that you're facing, is to do a gratitude or abundance rampage. So this is something that Abraham Hicks teaches in their books. And basically, you just start going on a rampage of whatever feels good to you to say out loud, or say in your head. So you could start saying, like, you know, like, I, I think I'm gonna feel better today, I definitely want to feel better today, I'm ready to feel better today, today's gonna be a good day. And you know what, it's actually going to be a good day, because I'm doing this Instagram Live. And I'm going to go on a walk today, and it's really sunny outside. And I actually feel really good about my life, and everything's actually okay. And I'm really grateful that I just got engaged, and you kind of just like, go on this like spiral of any good thoughts that you can think of, you just bring them to the surface, you feel them, you say, um, and you, you keep kind of like, it's almost like you spiral up, they have this, what they call the emotional guidance scale. And basically, it's like these lower vibration emotions, and then these higher vibration emotions. It's like fear and anxiety down here. And then like gratitude, love appreciation up here. And so what you're doing with this rampage is you're taking yourself up this spiral, so you look for the best feeling thought you can find. So maybe you go from anxiety to anger, and then you go from anger to neutral. And then you know, you just bring yourself up and you keep kind of going on this rampage. try for yourself, I promise it works. And it can just take a matter of a couple of minutes to completely shift your attention shifts the way you're thinking and feeling. So I have two more ways left for you guys, I just did like four to four ways left for you guys on how to let go of the struggle mentality. Because again, the struggle is not required to succeed, we just believe it is and by believing it is we perpetuate that reality, we perpetuate our problems. We choose problems, we create problems we get in our own way. And we create all these fake stories and it's just not true. So one thing that you can do is segment intentions. And so this is another thing from Abraham Hicks teachings. And basically, what you do is every new segment of your day, you set an intention. So so you wake up, you're going for that segment of your day, you're going to set an intention, you go into the next segment eating breakfast, you set an intention for that you go into the next segment, for me doing this Instagram Live, you set an intention for that and you kind of just like reset with this intention all throughout the day. And you go into each new kind of like phase of the day with a focused intention, which again, like brings you back to being present, which I think is what all these come back to is like being present going back into that place within you where the problems and the struggles just don't even exist, they're not real. Um, so a really good one. I wrote this down that I found from Abraham Hicks. So it's today, no matter what I'm doing, no matter who I'm doing it with no matter where I am at. It is my intention to see that which I am wanting to see. And I think that one is so powerful. So if that one like feels good to you, then like set that intention for this segment right now during this video and set a new segment after this video ends after you leave this set a new intention for that segment. Okay, the last thing before we go into the meditation today, which I'm so excited about, it's going to feel so bad, we're going to end this on like such a. Yeah, just like late, feel good vibe, but it's okay. So the last trick to really kind of like letting go of these struggles really, really fast, because again, they don't exist, is to alter your language alter the way you're speaking about problems. So drop the word problem, drop the word struggling, I am struggling with this. I have this problem like, blah, blah, blah, and even just stop talking about the problem. In general, it's not serving you again, it's the observer effect. The more you observe, and focus on the struggles and problems, the more you perpetuate them, the more you see them, the more you amplify them, the more you feel, the more you think about them. Okay, so just drop it, like go get it obviously easier said than done. But like, what if you could drop it? What if you could drop your struggles and problems in an instant? What if you could let go of that? What if you could be like, you know what, like, is surrender, like, they're, they're not even real. Okay? So we're gonna go into the meditation. So I want you guys to find a comfortable spot, you can sit down, lay down, whatever feels good for you. And if you want to, you can set a segment intention for this meditation. So for me, I'm going to set the intention as I'm leading this meditation to help you guys like let go of whatever it is that is causing you to feel like you're struggling today and to really step into the best feeling place and have the most magical day. So that's my intention. Choose Your Own intention for this segment. And we're gonna go into this meditation now. Welcome. Hello, you guys, we're starting the meditation. So you're joined at the perfect time. So everyone, go ahead and just close your eyes. Sit down, lay down, get comfortable. Maybe roll your shoulders, and just take a deep breath in. And exhale, let it out. Just keep taking deep breaths, inhaling through your nose, and exhaling out to your mouth. Big inhale. And exhale, let it go. Just continuing to breathe. And as you do, I want you to think about the biggest struggle or problem that you're going through right now the first one that comes to mind, the one that you feel the most frustration or struggle around, I want you to bring that to the surface and just let the associated thoughts and feelings without struggle with that problem, come to the surface. Just keep breathing, inhaling through your nose, exhaling out your mouth, and just let those thoughts and feelings come up that are associated with whatever you're struggling with most today. And just notice and observe them. They're not good or bad. So just give yourself full permission to allow these thoughts and feelings to come up. And just notice, just notice what comes up. Just let it let it all end. Give yourself permission to allow all the thoughts and feelings that come up around this struggle or problem that you feel like you're having continuing to breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. And now just as easily as you allow these thoughts and feelings in. Now begin to just let them go. You will let them in. And now we're going to just as easily let them out. So I want you to dissociate your pure self, your pure being from these issues and realize that they are not you. They don't define you and you are separate from them. And just let yourself go now. It's safe to let go of these stories. It's safe to let it go. It's safe to let all those thoughts and feelings that aren't serving you. It's safe to let them go now. And let yourself go deeper into that void into that empty space within where all that exists is pure peace of mind pure calm, pure potential. As you're there, I want you to get present with your body. We're gonna do a little body scan to really get present in the moment ground into your body and get into your body because when You're so into your body and feeling into this pure, your pure self. There is no room for the disempowering thoughts and feelings. So just starting at the top of your head, just checking in, noticing letting whatever thoughts come up. And then just as easily letting them go. Starting at the top of your head, just bringing awareness to your body. Coming down now, over your face, coming down now behind the back of your head, and beside your ears. Checking in now with your your neck and your chest, coming down over your shoulders and just maybe feeling your shoulders begin to drop again to relax a little bit. As you check in with your body noticing whatever you're feeling and allowing us to come up and just as easily allowing it to go from your attention and awareness. Coming down now, all the way down your back, around your stomach, down your hips down your bot, down the backs of your legs, the front of your legs, your calves, and your shins, moving your awareness Down, Down down, just feeling into your body. Moving that awareness now over your ankles, down over your feet. And each and every toe. And just wrapping yourself in this awareness and tapping into your infinite source of peace and inner wisdom now. And just knowing and trusting that everything is working out in your favor. Everything is okay. So I want you to stay here in this awareness. Stay here in this in your body. And in this awareness being so in your body, there is no room for any unreal, unreal, forceful thoughts. And this is your natural state. This is the true essence of the unlimited being that you are of your unlimited potential. And this is a place that you can come back to in any moment. So we want you to go deeper, sink deeper into that awareness into that place of peace and calm and Surrender now and let yourself let go of anything else that's not serving you today. Anything else that's not right here right now and in your body, let it let it go from your awareness and just let yourself be. Let it feel good. Let it amplify. Let that good feeling turn up and up and up and feel it turning up now feel the feelings of deep surrender and trust. And now feel yourself feeling lighter and more calm. Feel your energy rising up maybe even feeling like goosebumps as you're releasing this energy and moving this energy through you and feeling the unlimited magical potential within you. And lastly, feeling the perfection of this moment and where you are right now. And I want you to just take one more big breath in, inhale. And then exhale, let it go. So I hope that meditation felt amazing for you. For those of you who are just joining at the end, this will be on my igtv so you can go back and watch the record the whole recording and do the meditation. I felt good just leading it so I can't imagine you guys probably are feeling so good right now. But thank you so much for being here. I'm so grateful to have you this was this was such a fun topic for me to share on and if you want to go deeper if you're like okay, this is awesome. Like I love this idea of really going and doing the inner work of changing my thoughts and changing my energy in order to shift my external reality if you want to go deeper into that work with me, I would love for you to apply for my one on one coaching program I do have some spots open. Right now it's application only first come first serve the spots are filling up fast. So if you're if that's something that speaks to you go to magnetically slash coaching and you can learn all about that. But essentially what we'll do together is get you kind of like we did today is like just get you to let go of all of the disempowering stories, all the BS, all of the fears and worries and doubts that are standing in your way and get you into this place of unlimited potential and possibility and confidence so that you become literally magnet to everything in your life that you want. And you no longer have to push and struggle and grab and reach for it. You cannot surrender let it come to you in a way that feels easy and fun. So if that's for you to again go to Magnolia comm slash coaching and apply. But thank you so much for being here. I hope you have a magical weekend and I We'll see you guys soon. I'm so grateful for your listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party, which takes place every day on Instagram, magnetically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magnetically to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching and courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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