how I manifested quitting my corporate job!!!

podcast Feb 16, 2021

This episode has been 5 years in the making!! I started my business 3 years ago but I knew from day 1 in the corporate world that it wasn't for me. In this episode, I break down all the details of my journey and how I manifested getting to the point where I was financially, emotionally, and energetically ready to leave my job. If you've ever wanted to leave your 9 to 5, this episode is for you!!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ What my journey from being an anxious, unfulfilled, miserable actuary to being a successful entrepreneur looked like 
✧ What I used to focus on in my business vs what I focus on now that ACTUALLY creates income and impact   
✧ How I balanced working full time and having a business  
✧ What to do if you hate your job   
✧ Why it's essential that you find gratitude for where you're at and how to do that   
✧ How I tapped into my intuition to know when to quit   
✧ The inner work that made the biggest difference   
✧ How to know when you're ready to leave your job   



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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically youth podcast. My name is Madison sardegna. And I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited if every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, do your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom, and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this. Hello, and welcome back to the magnetically you Podcast. I am so excited. I feel like I say that every time. But this time, I'm especially excited because I am going to be telling the whole entire story all the juicy and juicy details of how I manifested quitting my corporate job. I am like, so excited. It hasn't like fully sunk in yet. So stay tuned for more Tomorrow is my last day. So I'm on it. It's like it feels like Christmas Eve like Tomorrow's the last day. So I was Christmas. And then I will be a full time entrepreneur, which not even full time because I don't plan on working 40 hours. So I don't know what you call that. But I'm going to be an entrepreneur with no other jobs. And it's going to be great. So yeah, I wanted to just I mean, I dreamed about recording this podcast episode for a long time because I knew I wanted this and yeah, I was going to create it I knew me talking about it was going to help other people. And that's really why I'm recording this is so that if you're in a job that you feel like is just sucking your soul out of you or is just like blah and unfulfilling. And you want to get out of it, you want to go all in on your own business, you want to pivot careers, like whatever it is, if you're wanting like out, basically. I'm yeah, hopefully this like sharing my journey helps you like have more clarity on yours. And to show you that like you can do this to like you don't have to do the corporate thing forever. If that's not what you want to do, you essentially can do and create whatever it is that you want. Like, we have no limits, there are no limits to what we are capable of. And I feel like I'm just fucking getting started. I feel like I've already, like created and manifested and accomplished like so much and I'm so grateful for that. But I also know like, I just have this belief that like, the best is yet to come it only gets to get better and better and better. And I want that. I want that for you too. And if leaving your job is something that you want to I hope this episode helps you not I hope actually I know this episode will help you so I'm going to rewind back to like college, take you guys through my different jobs what they were like when I started my business, how it's evolved, what it's looked like, some kind of like mistakes not mistakes is I don't know if there's ever really mistakes I always believe we're doing what we're meant to be doing but things that I learned from how about that lessons and how I balanced having a business and my job for three years. What to do if you fucking hate your job, want to get the hell out? And then kind of like how I made the decision to leave and what that looks like and how you can start figuring out like, when to leave your job and and how to start setting yourself up for that if that is something that you want to do or maybe maybe you're ready maybe maybe this is your fucking time maybe this is the final push you needed. So anyways, okay, so in college, I was I started out like previous I changed my major like seven times in like the first year because I had no idea what the hell I wanted to do, which is felt like it felt like I have to decide on this major that's then going to decide the rest of my life forever. And it just felt so constraining and constrictive and I was thinking about what will get me a good corporate job, rather than what do I actually care about learning? You know, I never asked myself that question. I just did what I thought I was supposed to do to get the good the quote, good job. So I ended up majoring in accounting and mining and actuarial science. I'd like a guidance counselor be like, Oh, do you know actuaries make a lot of money? Like, you're really good at math? Like you could do that? And I was like, Alright, fuck it. I don't know what else to do. And if they make hundreds of 1000s of dollars, like, okay, sign me up. And so I did that and did an actuarial internship in Atlanta, where I didn't know like anyone, I went to college at the University of Florida. The summer after my junior year, I did an actuarial internship in Atlanta, where I actually met Trevor and then I went back to school for a year, got an actuarial job in Atlanta and moved to Atlanta. And did the actuary thing for three years if you don't know what an actuary is, consider yourself lucky. I'm just getting some people might like it, it was just not for me, it was like, imagine like an Excel sheet of millions, not exaggerating millions of rows of data, and trying to like make sense of them and make put all of that data together to come up with like one final like, prediction of what like a Medicaid rate should be like, it's absolutely insane. Everything was not my cup of tea. And I worked like, sometimes like 12 hours a day, there were a lot of like nights I would like get home after 10pm it was like I had to take all these exams, because to become a certified actually have to take all these exams. And I would study for like, eight months. And it was just like a really like, messy time in my life. Because it was when I was also struggling with like disordered eating. And I was like thinking and worrying about food all the time, I had chronic back pain. And I was like sleeping two hours a night because I was so freaking anxious. I had like eczema all over my head, I had just like, literally a mess. And so, so much anxiety at that time, which, you know, I don't think that the job is to blame isn't the job is never to blame, really. But it definitely wasn't like helping to be in a job that just was so misaligned with my soul, and really not not good for my physical health, mental health, emotional health, all of the things and you know, there's I just had some, like, experiences with people like taking credit for my work and different things like that. I'm just like, what the hell and I'm just like, so like, nice and genuine. Like, I want to like praise everyone, like there's enough praise and promotions to go around for everyone. And, and, you know, obviously, people in the corporate world don't always see things that way. So that was as an actor. And it's funny, because I recently found a journal from my very first month of work. And it said something like, I hope I have the courage to one day like start my own thing, because I don't think I could sit in this cube forever. And I I knew from day one, like, this corporate thing is not for me, like I just like I just know, like, in my intuition, like, I'm literally not meant to be an employee, I am meant to be running the ship. And not that I like can't take direction or that I have to be like the boss, but more so just like I wanted complete and total freedom. I wanted to do something that was really fulfilling really meaningful, that really helps people and do whatever the fuck I wanted whenever the fuck I wanted to do. Because a hashtag, I'm an Aquarius. So that was the actuary job. And it was just not great. I worked in the office for like, the first year, and they let people like work from home on occasion. So I like started working from home on occasion. And then I would work from home a little bit more, and then a little bit more. And then I've just kind of like, over like a year just like stopped coming to the office, which was like, interesting, because no one else had really done that. But I kind of like, you know, go to the beat of my own drum and I was like, Who cares what they think I'm gonna do what I need to do. So it was really finding out I kind of like made a rule for myself on the team as a project manager like that didn't exist before. And I was like, No, this is what I want to do. I'm just creating this role and I added so much value, getting people like organized and leading people that they just kind of like I evolved into that role. And then I evolved into working from home. And I kind of just like, I was definitely like playing by the core rules, but I was also being a little bit of a rebel and doing what I wanted. So that was when I was an actuary. And then in January 2018, I started, I started my food blog, and I had wanted to start like a blog and do kind of like health and wellness, food, blogging, food photography, recipe development for a while. And like, a year before that I bought a website domain, it was actually called Always Sunny in my belly, which I thought was really cute. But it was also too close to this, there was this rash on Atlanta called sun in my belly, which was so good. So it made me want to call my business always sending my belly, but I'm glad I didn't, because like, it was just, yeah, it was basically the same name as the restaurant just a little bit different. But anyways, you know, got to live and learn. So I bought this domain, I had no idea where to start, I was like, so overwhelmed with like, having no idea what to do or where to begin, or where to even start. I bought a camera and started taking pictures, they were literally you couldn't even see the food, it was so dark. And I'm like, this sucks. Like, I'm terrible at photography, this is never gonna work. Like, I don't know, if I can really do this, I have no idea where to start. And I like let that hold me back. So I didn't do anything with that website for like a year. And then leads like 2017, probably I met. Trevor had this friend at work whose wife was a full time food blogger making like over six figures. And Trevor was like, I can see if she's willing to, like, connect with you and meet with you. And I was like, Yes, please. So we went for coffee. And she told me what she did and how much money she was making. And I was like, Oh my gosh, it was like, the first example that really, really close to me that allowed me to see like, wait, like, I could do this. This is possible for me to like, if she could do it, like, I could do it. And she just gave me that. That like push and held that space for me to be like I see you I believe in you. You can do this. And so I did it. I literally started my food food blog right after that. And I was still in the actuary job. And I think like sometime around this time, I started like pivoting into a different role because I was just so over the actuary job working 12 hours a day and like how could I possibly ever do anything with my business with all with all this like, anxiety and working a million hours and just like barely being able to have my like shit together mentally because there was just no room for processing anything in my life. So I told them at work that I wanted to start looking internally for other roles. So I like network to my face off. I think I connect I like literally went on like LinkedIn and all the different like internal like portals and found everyone who is doing marketing or project management and just anything that was not actuarial science that I was like kind of interested in I probably talked to like 80 people, I'm not kidding you. I'm quite a determined person. And back then I definitely used a lot more force and hustle and push to get what I wanted. Because I thought that was the only way now I feel like it's not but that was me at the time. So I networked with like 80 people, it took like, my gosh, I think it took like, honestly eight months of like trying to leave the actuary job of like all that like networking and figuring it out and starting and my team didn't want to let me go and we had to negotiate like, okay, I'll stay extra instead of just a normal two week notice and blah, blah, blah, blah. Anyways, I ended up getting a marketing project management job, which is what I've been doing the last two years. And that was just more like a normal like nine to five It was more like normal hours. It was marketing. So something I'm interested in I loved I always loved like project management, like organizing and like being a leader. So it's definitely like a better fit. It wasn't like, you know, my soul was thriving, but it was it was like good enough. And it wasn't like making me like actually like crazy. I felt like I'm not that you know, having anxiety and all that stuff means you're crazy. I just felt crazy, if that makes sense. So anywho I feel like I'm giving all the details. But I think I think it's helpful to just i've i've listened to other people's podcasts about them leaving their jobs when I was on this journey and it was really really helpful to hear like everything about their experience, I wanted all the details. So that's why I'm sharing all the details. Anyways, um, so anyway, so I started the food blog in January of 2018. And I was just like, so, so full of doubt, so lost and confused, but also so naive and excited and feeling like oh my gosh, like, I could totally do this. But I was just like, you know, like, I'm not qualified, like, Who am I to say this? Like, my pictures? Or my food photography? pictures are terrible, like, am I ever gonna get better? I need to perfect my website. And I don't, and I don't even know where to start. And what will people think and what, what if I fail, and I don't have enough followers, and bla bla bla, like, no brands are gonna work with me because I'm not big enough yet. I'm not a real brand like bla bla, bla, bla, all of that, which is so normal. So many of my clients. Now who I work with, to help them start and grow their businesses, all have those fears. So if you're having those years, you are normal, you are a human, it's a good thing, it's part of the process. So a lot of be part of the process, your brain is doing its job, and you get to do it anyway, you get to keep going anyways, you get to try it anyways. For the for the sake of seeing what you're capable of giving yourself a chance to move towards a more fulfilling life. So at this stage of my business, what I spent my time doing was like, I was like stalking Instagram. And what I was saying is engaging like commenting on people's self liking people's stuff, because I thought that was what you were supposed to do. And I spent hours upon hours upon hours, making recipes, taking photos, and then especially doing all the dishes. But I was such a perfectionist about it. Like I would honestly like photograph like one meal for like five hours sometimes. Just like practicing and practicing and practicing and practicing. And also, like I didn't really realize until later but like the whole time I was doing it, it was not having helpful thoughts about the whole thing. I was always like, these are terrible, like blah, I'm never gonna get better. And it's just like it's a skill photography is a skill that maybe some people are born with, I don't feel like I was born with it. Like I really had to like work out and put in the practice to get better. And eventually, I did get really really good at it. I was like, featured in magazines and things like that. But that was after like so so it says so many photoshoots where I didn't get one single photo I liked and then eventually was finally like, finally found my groove and my style and started taking photos I really, really loved and felt great about anyways. Okay, so I was I would also spend a bunch of time like just playing with my website and tinkering and changing this and changing that word and changing this color, and obsessing about SEO, and just all these things that I know now like are not actually the things that drive a business forward. And they were just keeping me it was a good way to hide and not do the actual uncomfortable things like really showing up and really putting yourself out there. If you're playing with your brand colors all day long, then you don't have to really put yourself out there because you think you're doing this like productive work, but it's just like productive. But it's not productive. It's actually just busy work. But at the time I thought I was being productive and I was so addicted to productivity all my worth was tied up in productivity and I just kept doing you're in doo doo doo and consuming, consuming consuming everything all the courses all this all done. It was all coming from this place of like I don't know enough I need to know more. And I was just obsessed with like, how many blog views Do I have and how many email subscribers Do I have and how many followers I haven't I needed to grow, grow, grow them grow them. Rather than just like showing up for the business I had, I was always chasing, creating something I didn't have rather than just showing up for what I did have which is like, Oh, it was enough always but it never it didn't feel like it because I just I didn't know at the time I was just trying to figure it out. And I started like pitching brands to work with them when I had like 800 followers or 1000 followers or something like that. And I was like shocked when I got my first brand deal to this brands this food brands who pay me to use their food and my recipes, take photos create a recipe. And that was in September 2018 when I'm pretty sure that was like the first money I ever made in my business because again, the first nine months I was just playing with my website and obsessing over like just stuff that you know, that wasn't actually me showing up and putting myself out there and making offers to make money and and so finally I started pitching myself and I was so surprised that I had like 1000 followers and I feel like so many people have been like you have to grow your followers and you have to have you know x many followers before brands want to work with you I was I've always been like a rule breaker. And so I think I just was like, hmm, does that have to be true? So I did that. And it's funny because I met a food blogger friends, like, a couple years ago when we moved to Dallas, and she had the same thing she had not that many followers, but her photos were like, beautiful, and I just like saw so much potential in her and I was like, Girl, like, pitch yourself. It's time she's like, No, I think I need more followers. I'm like, No, No, you don't. You don't only you only think you need more followers, because that's what everyone else told you. That's what you think you have to have in order to do it. But what have you done, and so she like started pitching brands. And now she has just like this amazing, really successful, like food photography business, which is like so amazing. It's so cool that I was able to be that person for her to show her what was possible. And Kate was that person for me. And I am probably going to be that person for some of you listening. And you're going to be that person for someone else. And it's just this amazing, beautiful ripple effect. So anyways, that was the food blogging phase. And Around this time, I hired my first life coach, and have basically had coaches ever since it's the best fucking money I've ever spent in my life. I love having a coach. I love being a coach. I love being coached, I love coaching myself, I love get togethers. I love it all. It's just amazing, like the power of coaching and how it can really help you like transform your, your life and how you feel about your life so much faster. And easier. So throughout this whole journey, there's like so many layers to this. So just bear with me, trying to tell it in order. So throughout this whole like time, I was like going through my on this like aside from business, but also kind of related to my business going through healing my relationship with food, and I came across the book, intuitive eating, and I was like holy shit, this is like, this is what I get to have I get to be an intuitive eater, I get to feel free and confident around food, like I my soul is telling me that I can I can do this, I can become an intuitive eater. So I went on. I've many other episodes about that, if you want to go actually not many, but a few other episodes about that if you want to like look back and listen to more about that journey. I'm not going to go into detail into it here because this episode could turn into six hours. So anyways, long story short, fueled my relationship with food. And I was like, Oh my gosh, I need every single person in the world to know about this, because it's amazing, it feels so good to feel so free and so confident around foods and not have to think about and worry about it and stress about it all the fucking time. So I was like, I need to teach this to other other people. So I wanted to kind of pivot my business into coaching and I wanted to start coaching other women on healing their relationship with food. So I ended up getting a health coaching certification at i n the Institute for integrative nutrition. And I almost became a registered dietitian because I thought I needed to be more qualified and credible. And I was telling Trevor one day and he was like, Well, what if you could? Could you do what you want without being a registered dietician? Like, does your business require that? And I was like, Yes, I need it. I need to be more credible. I need the qualification, I need the certification. And I was like, so triggered by what he said. But then I really sat with that. And I was like, wait a fucking second, like, do I actually have to spend like $60,000 and two years to become a registered dietician? Or Could I just start now? Could I just help people now? Can I just fucking go for it? And I did. I didn't become a registered dietician. I'm so glad I didn't do that. It was really out of alignment, because what they were going to teach me. And that school was just really not intuitive eating, which was what I wanted to teach those just, yeah, not a good fit. So I'm so glad. Trevor called me out on that. And, you know, many of my clients come to me, who work with me like they want to have a business or they have one they just got started. And they feel like they need all these qualifications and certifications. And a certification is really just someone else's stamp of approval, right? Like, they're not bad. I am all about getting certifications, I'm probably gonna get another one this year as an inner voice facilitator. That's something I've been doing with my coach. And it's been amazing. It's basically like a breath work, meditation way to listen to your intuition anyways. But I think you have to ask yourself, like a lot of times in the beginning, where we come from is, I don't know enough. I'm not good enough. I'm not qualified enough. No one will listen to me. Therefore I need to get this certification and then I'll feel confident then people will listen to me then I will I will know what I'm doing and you take your brain with you. So after the certification, you'll probably still feel that way. And then you will have paid the money and spent the time and not actually be making money in your business. So what I like to tell people is start now Go for it, now you're ready. Now, if the desire is in your heart, to have a business to be a coach, whatever it is, you're fucking ready. And if you want to get certified, do it, because you want to learn you want to grow, you want to expand, not because you need it to be good enough or to know enough or to be taken seriously, there's a totally different energy. And like where you're coming up out that from, and it's not, it's not necessary to be certified to in order to start helping people in order to have a business. So I started doing intuitive eating coaching. And I, at this kind of like fees in my business, I was like, starting to like, show up more, but I was still like, kind of hiding and not really putting myself out there. And I was saying all the things I thought I had to say, in order to be successful. And I was doing all the things I thought I had to do. And I was listening to all the quote experts, like do this strategy and this fun on, write this in your email and do this this way and do this that way. And I was consuming so much strategy from other people and just got swept away and what they were telling me I should do because I thought oh, they're the expert. They're successful. They're making millions of dollars a year, I should listen to them, because I could I have no fucking idea what I'm doing. So they know better than me. And it's like, oh, my gosh, if I could go back, I would tell myself, no one knows better than you only, you know. And there's not there's a million house to building a business. There's not just one way, there's not just one strategy, like you get to have the strategy and the way of doing things that's yours. And that works for you. And I like completely dismissed my intuition like, because I thought everyone else like knew better than me. So I listened to I was listening to them. And that just led me to really not enjoying my business because I was doing it in the way that I thought I had to do it and not in the way that I genuinely felt like aligned and intuitive for me and being so obsessed with the strategy and obsessed with getting it right. And I always felt like I was like missing some secret. And I just constantly felt like you know, nothing's working, nothing works. And I was always chasing like, I was always like chasing like things being good enough in my business like Oh, if it's not working, that means it's not good enough and then I need to I need to do better. I'm not doing good enough. Something I'm doing is wrong. Something must be wrong with me. Like I'm doing everything and I don't know why I'm not like seeing a million dollars in my bank account. Like just so much doubt at this point obviously it wasn't all doubt like I'm sharing the like struggles with you guys to like, just like give you like an insider look like behind the scenes because I think like sometimes like we just see online like this we have this like glamorized version of what it's like to have a business and like, I think all entrepreneurs where we all have self doubt we all freak the fuck out. We all have to grow. We all have to learn lessons. We all have self sabotage before like, it's just part of like growing and up leveling. Like if you're not doubting yourself, if you're not self sabotaging, sometimes then you're probably not reaching for your highest potential. Because if you're staying right where you are, if you're staying in what's comfortable, then there's nothing to doubt. But if you're reaching for bigger for better for your dreams, then of course doubts come up. And that's a good thing means you're doing the damn thing. Okay, what else do they want to share about? Yeah, so anyways, there are also like really, really great parts of this journey, because I created this course the subtle art of food freedom and helped over 30 women with that course. And it's actually still available. It's amazing. It's so good. I'm so proud of creating on. The cool thing is, is like even with all that, like doubt, I still created something that like deeply, deeply, deeply changed so many women's lives. And still goes on to do that today because the course is still available. And I feel like so proud of that it was everything that allowed me to heal my relationship with food. So that was amazing. But I will say like, I'm saying I helped, you know, over 30 people with that, but the first time I launched it, zero people joined zero. So I just like want to remind you that like if you've tried things and they seems like they haven't worked or you feel like you failed to like, good, you're figuring it out. You're learning keep fogging going, Oh my gosh, that is like the last little lesson of all time of having business, like, just keep going, even when it looks like it's not working. Even when you doubt yourself, even when you feel like you're a fraud, even when it isn't, like, whatever, you just keep going, okay? So that was doing the intuitive eating, and I was like starting to make more money. And just really seeing like, the impact it could have on people like the clients I worked with, like, all of them, like just had completely transformed their relationship with food, and it started changing all other areas of their lives. And the same thing became true for me, it's like all of these tools to really like, basically use the power of my like thoughts and energy and, and mind and identity to heal my relationship with food, and to become the version of me who already had made peace with food. Like all those tools I use for healing with food I started using in all other areas of my life, and it just started expanding and growing me in my relationship in my business. And I, like, just everything started expanding. And I was like, okay, like, I think my mission is expanding. Like, I think it's more than just helping people heal with food, I think these tools and coaching that I've coaching skills I've developed are so much go so much beyond goes so much farther beyond just food. And that doesn't mean that coaching on food is not enough or that it's bad, I just felt such a call to pivot my business and leave the intuitive eating coaching behind. So I did that early last year. So early 2020, I decided that I wanted to kind of like pivot into mindset, energy coaching, which is what I'm doing now. And really helping people use the power of their, of their mind, their energy and their intuition, their thoughts, their identity, who they're being to manifest whatever it is that they want in their life. And a lot of the clients that I work with are people who want to start businesses or have started businesses, but they're not really like making any money and they feel just like really, like lost and unqualified and confused, like all of us do, at the beginning of starting a business. So this has been like, I feel like I've just really stepped into my like calling and purpose this last year, and it feels like really good. I started the podcast in May, around May of 2020. And what I'm like focusing on my business and now and kind of have been the last year is none of that, like tweaking colors and shit on my website and like hiding by doing the busy work. I only work on my business like a couple hours a day. Because I don't I realize that more hours doesn't equal more money and more success. And actually, oftentimes less is more it forces you to really show up fully in the in the time that you do have and you do use and often times when we give ourselves too much time, we just fill it with shit because we think it's free being productive, but we're actually just being busy and distracting ourselves from like, I don't know like feeling our emotions and stuff. So anyways, what I focus on my business now it's really like 95% like, in internal and really aligning my mind and my thoughts and my energy with the business I want to have aligning my actions with the business that I want to have operating from the future version of me who's already making millions of dollars a year like I I'm constantly thinking from that place acting from that place. And really intentionally, like choosing my thoughts and energy and keeping up with my practices and things like hypnosis and meditation, the tool and coaching myself like the tools that I use on my clients, I literally use all myself every single day to in just doing that internal work so that it's just who I am so that the results in my life and in my business are just an inevitable byproduct of who I'm being some asking myself like how can I help someone today? What do I feel inspired to do today? I'm following my intuition and doing it my way like fuck the rules, Fuck everyone else's strategy. Like, what do you want? How do you want to do it? And when you believe your way gets to work for you? It does like there's no rules. There's no right way. And as soon as you let go of all the rules and the right way, you get to find your way in your way gets to work for you because you've fucking say it does and you believe it does. I'm also being more of myself and more vulnerable in my business. And I'm still working on that. But I'm getting better and better. And I learn and invest in myself investing coaches, courses, things like that for fun, because I love learning because they love growing not because I'm not good enough. I don't know enough where I think that's somehow going to magically solve, you know, everything. And just really, yeah, like I said, like keeping my focus internal, like, what thoughts? Do I want to intentionally think about my business myself, my life, what do I want to believe? Who do I want to be, and showing up from that place, like, it just, it's a different way of showing up, it's a different type of action, when it's coming from being who you want to be already on the inside, feeling what you want to feel already on the inside. And then it just naturally shows up in how you show up in the world. And then of course, it then naturally shows up in your results without having to like hustle and push and like force your way. through things, if that makes sense. So that's kind of like my, the evolution of my business. And from the beginning, I mean, I wanted to leave the corporate world. Since I started it, I was out. And, you know, there were plenty of times, lots and lots of times where I wondered, like, if I would be stuck in my corporate job forever, and I wasn't. And I kept going, I just kept showing up for myself, I kept learning, I kept failing, and I kept going, picking myself back up and doing it again, and failing and doing it again, failing, doing it again, and just showing up, just continuing to show up. And you can do it too, if you're wondering if you're going to be stuck in your corporate job forever. If you don't want that you don't have to accept that like, no, and believe in your heart that if you have the desire to not be in a corporate job forever, then then that doesn't have to be your life. And I as you know, now had all the fears, and all the doubts, and I did it anyways. And you can do it too, even with lots of fear, even with lots of doubt, even not knowing how it's gonna happen. Even feeling uncertain of whether it's possible for you, even if you have a job that is stressful, and you have to work a lot. Even if whatever, whatever, whatever, like, you can do it anyways. So I want to talk a little bit about how I balanced both. Because, you know, a lot of my clients come to me and they're like, how, how do you do it like how, like, I need more time. And it's like, you don't need more time. Building a successful business does not require, like, extensive amounts of time, like I was saying, like, I now work like two hours a day. And I really just focus on like one needle moving task of the day. And that's things like showing up on Instagram Live recording a podcast showing up on Instagram stories, letting people know how they can work with me, which by the way, if you would like to work with me, you can book a free console using there'll be a link in the show notes or you can go to my Instagram, I magnetically queue and click on the link there, you can send me a message, we can talk more about it, all the good things. But yeah, so just do like one, what I call a needle moving task of the day, one thing that's going to that's me showing up fully. And then, you know, sometimes there'll be a couple other things like here and there. But usually it's just you know, I have one main focus each day and that's all it takes. It doesn't have to you don't have to do a blog post every fucking day and you don't have to post 6000 times on Instagram and you don't have to go in to go on stories every single second of every day and you don't have to have Instagram and tik tok and clubhouse and Facebook and this and that like no, it can be so simple and I feel like I just like have like super super simplified like my business and the more simple I make it the more money I make. It's quite wonderful. And so how I balanced both was that my business now as you know was not something I spent a zillion hours on it was in the beginning because I thought that's what I needed to do. So I was like working like weekends nights morning like la just crazy. Hustle mode. Recently, it's more so been like I work on my business for like an hour or two in the morning. I do my job and then that's it and I don't do my business much on the weekends. Maybe if I'm really inspired to do something, I'll work on it for a couple hours I kind of just free flow and I'm flexible with myself. But it wasn't I wasn't putting in I haven't been putting in like crazy hours. So that's the first thing to remember is if you want to balance building a business and And having your job at the same time, like, you don't have to work on your business a zillion hours a day for it to be a success for you to make money for you to move forward. And also, like what a freaking beautiful opportunity to be almost like forced to learn how to build a successful business and just a small amount of time. I was like, having my job is such a great opportunity. Because this is forcing me to learn how to create a successful business without putting in a zillion hours, and like, how freaking cool is it that now that I'm leaving, I have so much like, free time and freedom, I'm going to be able to do like, a lot of fun stuff. Because I I proved to myself that it wasn't the hours that creates success. And yeah, if you like are wanting to like leave your job, because using more time is going to be the thing to make you more successful in your business. Like it's not, it's an illusion. So find a way to do the most impactful, meaningful work that you can in the time that you have and know that it's enough. No, it's always enough, and really doesn't have to be anything. Crazy. So that's really how I balanced both was just keeping my business super, super, super simple. And doing those the more uncomfortable tasks like really, really, really showing up. At least, you know, that's what I've been doing the last year I will say I hid I was basically hiding the first two years of my business and that's okay. I was growing and learning. Okay, so I want to talk about if you hate your job, what the fuck should you do? So I want to first say that some an podcast episode that inspired me so deeply. I probably listened to it like a year ago was Sam Laura Browns podcast, Episode 49. I think her podcast is called the perfectionism project, Episode 49. It's like what to do if you hate your job, so good. And basically, something that she really, that she said that really stood out to me was that she was in a yoga class one time, and they were in Shavasana. Whereas like the it's supposed at the end, where you just like, lay there and you're just still, and you literally just lay there and peace and silence and stillness. And maybe not peace if you feel anxious. About sitting still. But anyways, the yoga teacher said, if you're in a rush to leave, then you need to stay. If you feel like you could stay, then you're ready to leave. And I was like, Whoa, like that, like shook me to my core something in my soul was like, wow, like there's so much power in that, like, what in me is rushing to leave? Why am I trying to get out of here so fast? What am I trying to escape? And how am I creating these feelings, right? Because it's never our circumstances, it's always our thoughts and feelings about the circumstances and the thoughts and feelings you think are going to be available to you when you leave your job are available to you now and you can start choosing those now. And by choosing those now you've really opened yourself up to that place where you actually are ready to leave and it's not coming from this like escapist like must get out of your place. It's coming from this more like grounded solid, like, I'm ready for this, I can do this place. And so that was like, I that really shook me. And then I realized that I was just, I was it was exhausting to hate my job. It was exhausting to wish. Every second every second that I was working on my job. I was wishing I was working on my business and thinking about my business. And when I was working on my business, I was like oh my god, should I be working on my job and it was just like this never present like constant like pull and like pressuring myself and just always constantly like wishing away my job and like if I didn't have this it would be easier. And this oxygen bull I'm just like, you know, I have to get on the meeting and just like so much like negativity towards it. So I decided like, Alright, this is exhausting the hell out of me to hate this so much. And like, if I'm not willing to make the choice to leave at this point, and I may as well make the choice to love it or not even love it just to like it a little bit more to hate it 1% less like, like, I wasn't willing to make the choice to leave at that point. So then either choose to make the best of it like that was on me, right like I was choosing to stay so it was up to me to choose to make the best of it. Obviously it's a different scenario if you're in like a job where there's like sexual harassment or you're actually You know, in a really traumatic situation that's totally different. So just know that's like a different context. And I'm kind of like speaking to, like, you just hate your job because it's like unfulfilling or you hate the work or it's stressful, or people are annoying, like, you know, that kind of thing. So, I decided that I didn't want to hate it anymore, I was so tired of hating. And if I wasn't willing to make the decision to leave, then it was up to me to stop fucking hating it like I was the one choosing to stay like I was the one choosing it. So if I was choosing it, then I needed to get myself on board with it, I needed to choose to make the best of it. So I really, really, really got intentional with focusing on gratitude, and how can I hate this a little bit less? How, what can I love about where I'm at? What can I be grateful for? And as experience? How can I see this as happening for me? In some of those things that came up is that like, well, I just chose to see it as well. They're paying me to build my business like, this isn't allowing me to invest so much in myself my business like because I had this, you know, quote, good paying corporate job, like I was able to invest in invest so heavily in myself without feeling superior like scarce about it, which was great. So I'm like, Okay, cool. They're paying you to build my business. I just kept choosing to think thoughts like that. And I just kept choosing to think the thoughts like I'm adding so much value, and that value gets to come back to me like I am making a difference, even if it doesn't feel overwhelming. And it doesn't feel like I'm really making a difference in this corporate marketing. Like, what if I am What if my energy in a meeting with someone shifts their entire day and then that shifts someone else's day like I'm adding value, there is meaning here, and this value gets to come back to me. And I started calling it my marketing gig. Instead of my corporate jobs and like job and corporate job, like that doesn't sound good. So I started calling in my marketing gig and just seeing it as an extension of my business. And I was like, oh, like, I'm so good at business and marketing that this like giant corporation wanted to hire me for my marketing expertise. And this is just like, what I'm doing on the side, I'm like, consulting for them on the side. And I just like, chose to see it as an extension of my business and what I was an expert in and what I was really good at. And I just started seeing that as more of a side hustle in my business as my main job and, you know, I was like, What else can I love about this? Well, I love being on a team of all women. My job is super flexible, I love my 401k benefit matching, and I love my health benefits. And I'm learning marketing on a bigger scale. And this helps me not feel pressure in my business and I love working from home because I was able to do that I create that. And it was I love that I was I had to learn to find happiness, regardless of my circumstances and what a powerful frigging skill to be able to develop to find that within you regardless of your circumstances. And I worked with someone who was really hilarious and she made me laugh and so I just chose to make it my dominant intent when I was working on my corporate job to look for all the reasons why I could love it what I could love and appreciate about and just give that all my attention and the things I didn't like about it just just not give them all my attention I heard this great metaphor the other day it's like you're in this say that you're you have this like room and the room is like pitch black but you have a flashlight and in the corner there's a bunch of garbage and on the other side of the room there's a bunch of like I don't know like diamonds in money and I don't know like magical stuff and so you could shine the flashlight on our the got all the garbage and just keep looking at it and looking at obsessing over it or you can shine the light on what they're what you want to focus on and what you focus on expands so when you focus on what you have to appreciate and feel good about what you have to appreciate and feel good about expanse so that's what I did I I just it was difficult I'll be honest like I'm like I was I was so deep in my negative thoughts about my job and I was like I'm sick of myself like I'm driving myself bonkers thinking all this shit about this like I've got to get it together. And so I really really focused on like how can I make the best of this? How can I love where I'm at how can I How can I be okay here and at first there was so much resistance right? Because it was like well, if I allow myself to be happy and content here then will I lose my desire for my business will I not want to do it anymore? Will that just keep me stuck? Where am I and it's like no accepting and loving where your ads is not keeping Stuck where you're at, it actually opens you up, opens up so much freaking space and energy to move even closer to what you know is even more aligned for you. So that's what I would say, if you're really just like hating your job rushing to get out like, journal every day on the good shit that happens, even if it's one tiny thing, even if, like it's the smallest thing. Give it attention, give it love giving your presence and the stuff that you hate, like, see if you can give it a little less attention. And just notice notice how that starts shifting things and opening things up for you. Because when I started doing that, I just I mean, it opened up so much space for me to show up more fully in my business and create more impact and help people and obviously create more money from that. And so, as I began, really focusing on this gratitude, my intuition, started speaking to me and just telling me that, hey, Madison, like, maybe you're ready, maybe you're ready to leave. It would be really expensive for you. But I was so scared because I felt like I just had this idea in my head that for some reason I had to be making $10,000 a month before I could leave. And it's like Who the fuck decided that? Like, it wasn't me like I don't. But clearly it was me, you know what I mean? So I just had these like arbitrary like rules and thought I had to be like, at this certain level, and, but my intuition kept nudging me and just being like, this is going to unlock a lot for you, and you're ready. And so I just started noticing that coming up. And I would like tell my friend, Jacqueline, who I talked to all the time, Jacqueline de Gregorio on Instagram. She's wonderful. She also has a podcast called spark your light. And I was just like, talking to her and you know, telling her like my intuition speaking about this, I'm not ready to act on it. But like, I hear my intuition. It's there. And it's telling me I'm not I'm not quite ready to listen. Yep. But it's the nudges are beginning the nudges are totally beginning that I'm ready. And this was a few months ago. And so I started doing things as if I was actually quitting, so I got a box to get ready to mail my laptop back. And I visualized so many times, dropping off my laptop at UPS and just being like, like, I wish you could see me You know, when you like wipe your hands clean. Something that's kind of like what I imagined just like walking out of ups after dropping off my laptop, like wiping my hands clean of the corporate world forever and just being like, Holy Fuck, I'm free swag. So I dropped. I didn't drop it off. Actually, I got the box as if I was going to drop it off. And I just kept visualizing that moment, I kept visualizing telling my boss that I was leaving and feeling excited about it and feeling so excited about it. And I made Trevor call his HR people at his work to make sure I could get on his health insurance. So I just really started like, preparing for it. I was like, I'm gonna just start showing up for it. And taking action on it, even though I don't quite feel ready yet. And as a as all of this was going on, around I don't know fall of last year or even November last year, I I really don't remember when it was I think it was around November Actually, my job told me that I was going to be switching roles, and I was going to be on a new team. And when I got onto this new team, it the workload was like times 10 it was way more intense. We just like way, way more work way more. Kind of like the corporate like politics. interplaying that was really stressful. And, you know, there were so many different demands from different people. And it was a really high pressure and it was like, I need this in 30 minutes and someone else was like I need this in 30 minutes. I'm like, Oh my god, you guys no one's gonna die. Anyway. So that was like to me that was my sign like okay, my intuition has been speaking to me for a while. I haven't been listening and now the universe is like screaming at me like okay, Madison like you're not gonna listen to your intuition like will make you listen, let's put you in his job. Where you you know where it's like really pushes you out gives you the nudge you need to get out and in December I know that I'm thinking about this. It's just such divine timing. I'm like, covered in goosebumps and teary eyed. So in December, I was listening to this podcast episode. heard this coach who I super resonated with, ended up hiring her and I was not planning on I was going to go without a coach for a little while and I had for probably a couple months and Just to like, you know, I don't know, take a little breather from coaching and kind of just like, look at look at myself and be with myself and anyways. But I wasn't planning on hiring a coach, but I super resonated with this coach. And I was like, all right, the, my intuition was like, so strongly like, you need to hire her. So I was like, Okay, let's do this. And I feel like I was just like, why I got goosebumps and teary eyed a second ago is that, like, Oh my gosh, like she, I was, I heard her for like, 30 seconds on one podcast like, and I was just guided to her at the exact time that I needed her the exact time that I was ready for her the perfect timing to have someone to support me through this transition, like to have a coach. And while I'm going through this, to help me when my brain starts telling me I'm crazy, is so helpful. And so amazing. So anyways, in December, I hired her. And we did this like, session where we were really like tapping into my inner voice, my intuition, and my inner voice, like told me during this session that I was going to leave my job in February and move out of Dallas in February. And I was like, my mind might, that's what my intuition said, in my mind was like, wait, why, like, that's so sad. I'm like, yeah. But my intuition told me and so I was like, Okay, I'm just gonna trust that that's what's gonna happen. And also, like, the moving thing is interesting. I'll probably record another episode on that. But we are probably we are maybe moving soon, like things are in the works. We're like looking figuring stuff out. And it's February, like, what do you know, and also, like, Trevor got a Work Opportunity. That is, the timing would be like, end of February, early March for that. And it just, like, aligned so perfectly, it was like, me leaving my job. So it just, it just was all divine timing I meant to be, but I didn't know that at the time when my intuition told me that I'm like, okay, like, well see. And so the intuition had been nudging me, I got into this, I had to move into this role. That was way worse. Another note from the universe. I had this inner voice session in December, where my intuition very clearly said, You're leaving in February, and I was like, Okay. And then last month, in January, I had a conversation with my friend, Jacqueline, who I was talking about before, and I was just telling her like, I think I'm ready. Like, my intuition is just telling me like, it's fucking time. And I think I'm ready. I'm scared shitless. But I think I'm ready. And I, the thing that was holding me back was telling Trevor my fiance because I was so scared of why he would think I was so scared, he would think I was crazy. I was scared, he would feel like pressure to provide for us in case something didn't work out with my business, even though I had saved up like five months of living plus business expenses, and my bank account. So even if I made $0 in my business, I'd be fine. But I wasn't making $0. And I'm not making $0. And there's no reality where that exists. But I was just like, my mind's wanting to go to like, worst case, you know, scenario and like, Oh, my gosh, if I run out of money, then then Trevor's gonna feel like he has to support me. And like, we just aren't, we aren't in that place that with our finances, yet where we are, like 100%, sharing money. So it was just, I was just so like, nervous about having that conversation with him. And that was the one thing that was holding me back was what he would think. And I was like, Huh, that's interesting that that's the only thing holding me back. And if, if that wasn't in the equation, I would be leaving. So that's interesting, right, like, so I looked at that, and I was like, talking to Jacqueline about it. And she was like, Madison, like, usually, I would not tell you what to do. But I can feel like I can feel in my intuition. I feel your intuition. Like, it's fucking time you're leaving. And when she said that, I literally just started like sobbing like, tears of joy, and like relief and groundedness. And just knowing that like, yes, like, wow, like my soldiers was like, Yes. Thank you for saying that. You're right. Like, that's what my soul knows is true. And it was just like, she reflected back to me what in my soul I knew so deeply to be true. And because I had such like a strong reaction with literal tears of relief and joy and certainty, that I was like, Alright, I'm doing it. And so I really worked on my self belief, the last cycle For months, and really just like got myself to the point where I, my belief in myself and my courage became stronger than my fear of the worst case scenario. And I really just focused on choosing really, really intentional thoughts in my, in my business and showing up as the future version of me who is already making 10 K. And you know, two months ago, I would have been like, ooh, like, I don't know if that's possible. Now, I'm like, 100%, I will be making $10,000 a month in my business like very soon. And it feels really good to have that confidence and certainty. And I developed that because I kept going and kept going and kept going for three years. But also really intentionally the last couple of months, I've been intentionally choosing the thoughts that will allow me to, to believe and think and feel and the way that will allow me to show up in the way that I want and allow me to make the biggest impact. So I've been thinking like, lots of people want my help, and I can deeply help them. My coaching is so valuable clients find me and they reach out and they sign up with ease, I show up, and I give my best and it works every time. And I it always works better than I thought it would those last two are really big for me, because for the longest time in my business, I was stuck in the it's not working mindset, like even when I would make money I would it would always felt like never enough. And it was always well, it's not if it was if I made, you know, $4,000 Well, it's not working, because I'm not making $10,000 or if I, you know, sent an email and no one's like, immediately wanted to work with me, I'd be like, it's not working. So I just made everything mean, it's not work, you know, so stuck in deep and not it's not working mindset. And it was exhausting as hell. So I got myself out of that in the last couple of months with all of myself coaching and working with my coach is really, really building up my belief in myself and letting go of changing thinking changes on the outside, we're going to, like, we're going to be the change, what are the only things I focused on changing was, who I was being my self image, my thoughts, my beliefs, and how I was feeling and just tapping into that version of me, who already is making $10,000 a month and I just started seeing so many shifts, and myself and my business and like really, really, really built up that belief. And it was cool, because now that I am seeing so many more, so much more. Like I don't want to say success. But like more more money, more clients more results in my business. Like it's so cool that I know for sure it was because of my intentional inner work. I created all of it from the inside. Because that's the only thing I was really focused on changing. I wasn't worried about changing like this, and that and all these things in my business like I really focused internally. So this is all the buildup in leading to this precipice of me leaving. So I'm really building up my belief in myself, I'm listening to my intuition, I'm having these nudges. I'm having this, these conversations with my friend. It's all like, kind of like building up to where I'm like, Okay, it's time and I was still scared shitless to tell Trevor that I wanted to leave. And I told him I'm like, I think I'm ready to leave my job, I have five months of money, living money and business money saved up in my bank account. And I know I can do this. I'm already doing it. I know this is the next level for me, I know this is going to expand me I know this is going to expand my business my impact, like I'm ready, I can do it. Because I've built up that belief in myself to where I like, genuinely believes like, I can make this work like I can absolutely do this. But I was still so scared of why he would think I was scared he would reflect back to me my own fears and doubts that I were of course still there because I'm human. And I was expanding into something like I'd wanted to do for five years. And I told my sister and she that I was like really nervous to tell them and she said something so powerful. She was like, I was like I don't I just don't want people asking me questions and like, basically like doubting me and she was like, Well, those questions don't exist when you're so firm and grounded in what you're doing unsure of what you're doing. There are no questions for people to ask. And I was like, Oh shit, like, that's so true. So I really got myself grounded and firm and trusting myself that I know what's best for me. I can trust myself to do this and I don't need other people. people's opinions to like other people's opinions are not gonna like shake that like I get to stay grounded and firm in this decision. I know what's best for me and tell us what anyone else thinks. But obviously, Trevor's my fiancee, so I cared what he thought. And we're a team. And I wanted to make this decision to be, you know, from the team place. So I told him and he was like, Okay, cool. I'm like, Wait, what? Like, you're not freaking out? Because I am. And he was like, No, like, I knew you were I knew this was coming. Like, I mean, like, Yeah, he's like, the only thing I would say is like, you know, you probably should stay around, stick around and like, get your bonus, and then leave, because he knew bonuses would be paid out at the end of February. And I was like, Okay, cool. Like, I'll do it at the end of February. I'll cash out with my bonus. And then I'll do it. And I was so surprised by his reaction and, or lack of reaction, really. And it's funny, I just created the story in my head that he somehow was going to, like, judge me, and doubt me. And really, I think I was the one judging and doubting myself, which is okay, because we're all human. So I told Trevor, and I was planning on the end of February, so that I could get the bonus, but I just had this like, ginormous wave of intuition at the end of January, that it was time and like, I had been seeing a lot more like results already in my business, just from having made the decision, like in my head, like, it just opened up a lot of energy for me. And I, my intuition was telling me like, you don't have to wait till the end of February, like, you're gonna make more money in your business than you are in this job. So why would you stay another month? Like, you don't need this bonus, you can just create your own fucking bonus, and your business. And I was like, oh, duh. And I really had built up that belief in myself where I knew I could do that. I know, I'm doing that. So I was like, why am Why am I waiting? What am I waiting for? Like, no, I'm not waiting. And I was just in this like, really grounded certain place like, this is best for me, I'm ready. I'm not waiting any longer. So I made this decision, I put in my notice. And my last day is tomorrow, February 5, which is really, really exciting. Like, I went to a coffee shop, to work the other day. And I was just like, Oh my gosh, like, this gets to be my life. Like, every day, like I only I I just get to do whatever I want, whenever I want and give all my all my like love and heart to and passion to my business and my life. And oh my god, it feels I feel really bad. I'm really excited. And since making the decision, like my business has already grown, like so, so much, and I'm super excited to keep growing it and it feels like my energy is just really opened to like receiving more and I just feel more like energetically available because especially with this like last roll it was just so so much work that I just didn't feel like I was even available for growing my business because I literally didn't have the space for it. So this was kind of like an act of like creating even more space to keep growing even more and it just might end to I wasn't listening to my intuition for months, it told me I was ready to leave and and finally I I did it and it's like it opened like the floodgates for me to receive and it's been so amazing and so exciting. And I'm excited to continue seeing what happens, it's gonna be great. And self, like the self doubt, for sure has come up. And you know, I feel really like just grounded and at peace and certain about this. Like, I know, I made the right decision. I know I'm ready. And my brain is also like, Oh fuck, like, Can you really do this? Like, ah, like what is happening, you know? But again, like, if you aren't expanding then the self doubt is in there. So the self doubt is a good thing. And I just choose to doubt the doubt like if I'm you know, if we're also going to self doubt Then why don't we just doubt we're also going to doubting Why don't we just doubt the doubt like it's not true. They're just it's just thoughts in your brain trying to keep you in your comfort zone. So I'm letting the doubt you know, be there it's getting smaller and smaller. And I'm like the majority of me feels really yeah, just excited about this and, and ready and I know it's right for me and the doubt doesn't matter. Like it's normal. Like my brain is doing its job cool. Great. I'm expanding like I'm gonna do it anyway, brain. That's how I feel. So if you're wondering like, how do you know when you should leave your job? Well, what I would say to you is if you're not happy with where you're at, like you're soulless Talking to you. If you know your man for more, you are okay. You are you are you are. And there's no right time, you'll never be fully, fully ready. But when it's aligned for you, you will know. So trust that you will now trust that the knowing will come. And you don't need to know when it's coming. It will come. It is. It always is. And I would ask yourself, like, Why? Why do you want to leave, I think that will tell you if you're ready, if you want to leave because you're like, ready to expand and grow and take a leap of faith with yourself, then that's great. But if you're wanting to leave, because you somehow think all of a sudden, when you leave, all your problems are going to be solved, you're never going to have any self doubt again, you're never going to have any unhappiness or sadness, or whatever. Or unfulfillment again, like think again, like, again, our circumstances are don't create our, like, our, our circumstances, I don't know what I'm trying to say. Basically, all the thoughts and feelings we think we're gonna have when we get there are available to us. Now, I say this all the time, almost every podcast episode, but it's for real. And so just ask yourself, why you're leaving, if you're leaving, because you think a change in circumstance is going to solve everything like, oftentimes it doesn't like you take your brain with you. So if you're having all these thoughts about your job, are those really the thoughts that you want to take with you into your business or your next venture? Just ask yourself that, and I think it will give you some clarity. And the good thing is if if you feel like you're rushing to leave, because you think somehow like changing the circumstance, changing the job leaving the job is somehow gonna like, magically, just everything be better, like, give yourself a chance to learn how to use your mind, effectively to solve, to solve how you feel in your job. Now solve it with your mind before you solve it by changing the circumstance, because changing the circumstance doesn't actually solve it. So change it within first, leave the misery first in your mind, leave the unfulfillment first in your mind create fulfilment, first in your mind within you create happiness first within you. And then then when you leave, it's coming from a completely different energy and leaving your job isn't the only way out of the misery and unfulfillment. Like you can find that and create that within and like, What a powerful opportunity for you to learn how to do that. So then when you get to carry that with you to your business, you get to you get to build that fulfillment and happiness even more in your business. And if it doesn't feel like you've like built your wings to take the leap yet then how can you like utilize where you're at? How can you love where you're at? How can you align who you are with the version of you who's already in an a more aligned opportunity? How can you appreciate where you're at? How can you still show up for yourself in your dreams in your in your goals, right? So keep investing. If you're if you're not ready to jump into the next thing you don't have to be I did both for three years. It doesn't mean you have to do both for three years, you could do it for longer for less, it doesn't matter. There's no right or wrong. There's people who've quit with no money and no income and made it work. There's people who haven't there's people who have waited until they were making the same amount of money in their business as their job. And they there's some people who made that work and some who did and so there there's no rules there's no right or wrong only you know what's best for you. So keep investing in yourself keep learning keep growing, keep becoming the version of you that you need to be keep building the belief in yourself. You are becoming what your circumstances now are shaping you to become the version of you that you need to be in order to receive the next level of experience that you want to have in your life. So nurture your curiosity is nurture what you love, let your desire be your guiding compass love Well, let's let what lights you up be your compass and also choose to find light and happiness in in all the places where it seems like you maybe can't find a shine the light on those things. Give your attention to those things and just notice how how it starts opening opening things up for you. And you don't need to leave your job to feel good about your life. If you feel like you need that. Like just check yourself because you can find that within you now. And finding that within you now is so much more powerful than leaving and thinking it was a job that had control over how you feel and your happiness. No, you are power. So give yourself a chance to find that power within you build that power. And when you feel like you've built the power you need the solid groundedness you need become the person who you want to have become then then take the fucking leap do it, like you know when you're ready, and, and if you're like me, and your intuition has been telling you for a long time, and you know, you're ready to fucking do it, you've got this, you can do it. I was scared, I'm still I'm kind of scared, but I knew I can do it and freakin doing it. And you don't need to decide like, oh, I'll leave once I've made $10,000 a month for three months, or I'll leave in five months, like you know, when you know when you know, you will know. So if you don't know now, that's okay. You don't need to know you'll know when you know. Okay, wow, that was really fun for me to record and just like, remember my journey. And I would like I would encourage you to ask yourself these questions I was asking myself like really focus on gratitude and appreciation for where you're at now and trust yourself and trust your intuition on your next step. And if you want help figuring out your next step, if you want help taking this leap. If you want help starting a business or growing your business to the place where you feel ready to leave or going all in on your business, I would absolutely love to fucking help you do that. You can book a free consult with me at using the link in my bio, like I was saying earlier, my Instagram is magnetically you or it will also be in the shownotes I would love to talk with you. I would love to help you figure out what's what's next for you and really help you cultivate the belief in yourself that you need in order to create the reality that you want the intentional being and who that like help you become that version of you now, so that the results in reality you want to create just becomes inevitable because it's who you are. So I want to end this episode by pulling a tarot card for you guys, because I feel like this is just going to be a beautiful way to end this a beautiful way for you to process everything you've heard, because this was definitely a lot to take in. So what I'm, you know, intending with pulling this card is that like, whatever message comes through, that you can connect to what I just shared to what the card is sharing and apply it to your own life and let your subconscious mind and let your intuition go to work for you and combining these messages and figuring out like, what it what it means for you and finding some just guidance and peace and alignment and trust in that. So I'm just going to pick a card. I random now the card that those of you listening need to hear today. Okay. So let's see what we've got here. Okay, so this card is called the upper room. So it says this image has a very dreamlike quality. As a fresco of a renaissance man floats in the background weathered by centuries of exposure to the elements. The angelic image is framed by a set of columns that are part of a sculpture representing the seven chakras of red and white rose. And the image of a young woman rising above the columns is at the back of the man's head, as though they're a memory or thought of his, or is he a vision of hers either as possible? The upper room is a card of dreams, memories and desires. When we desire something it is because we remember it from another time. Is it because we remember it from another time in our souls existence, our memories also desires of what is yet to come? Are our dreams really calling us home, to lost parts of ourselves. calling home lost parts of ourselves. These are the questions we can ask in the remembering and the longing of our deepest needs and desires. Desire causes home and our longing for union is a fire that fuels the journey union with the self with our soul and with the divine. Okay, this is so good. Basically, it's what I was saying earlier. It's like let your desire be your compass. Let what lights you up guide you follow what feels good. Follow your curiosities, follow your desires and know that you will be aligned to where you're meant to be. So there's some more that kind of goes with this card though. It's you guys. Is it your past calling you or is it your future that is rising in your heart right now. Prepare yourself for the presence of Your Beloved. It is time to remember yourself, your desires and your dreams. The messages that are coming through at this time are filled with real portents. I don't even know what that word is of the future you can create pay attention to the details. It's time to let go of a vision that has kept you trapped in the past not allowing you to move forward into who you are becoming. Identify your old dreams. Take what still serves you Release the rest. It only gets better. Oh my gosh, I love it all the messages are aligning state only gets to get better. your desires are the vehicle in which your soul travels to its destiny and destination. Have you been giving your desires enough focus lately? Oh my gosh, so good. Okay, what else? What takes you to that place of dreaming where you know you have been here before consciously calling that wisdom so we can show you about the desires you have at this time. Oh my gosh, so good. I want you to just like Close your eyes. Just take this message in and just connect with your intuition. Now. Not if you're driving. If you're driving through this later, I just want you to close your eyes. Connect with your intuition. Connect with your heart. Connect with your desires. And give yourself permission to bring a picture to your mind and layer intuition guide you to this image a picture of your mind. picture in your mind of your life that you know is possible for you. Bring your desires to mind. Let yourself see them feel them, hear them, experience them. And just know that this is yours. To have let this vision let these desires continue guiding you and everything will work out better than you could have ever imagined. So thank you so much for listening to this today. I would love to hear from you on what came up for you. If you're if you're leaving your job is something you want to do. If you made the decision to freaking Go for it. I would love for you to message me on Instagram at magnetic review. And of course please screenshot share this episode tag me share it with someone who you feel like could benefit from it let's create this ripple effect and spread the love get everyone freakin let the fuck up by their desires because that is what I am all about. Have an amazing rest of the day and I will see you on the next episode. I'm so grateful for you listening today if this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party which takes place every day on Instagram magnetically you so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to magnetically your comm to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching and my courses, free workshops, all that good stuff and I will see you on the next episode

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