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podcast Feb 23, 2021

Today I have my FAV human design experts, Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles (founders of DayLuna) on the podcast! This conversational was SO transformational for me - I honestly have never felt so validated and understood! We cover everything you need to get started with living in alignment with your Human Design so you become more magnetic to what’s truly aligned for you!


In this episode, you'll learn:

✧ What human design is
✧ How to figure out which of the 5 energy types you are
✧ What your energy type means about who you are
✧ How to make decisions in alignment based on your authority
✧ How each of the energetic types are here to express their energy (your strategy)
✧ Using your body to guide you rather than your mind


Guest Bio:

Shayna Cornelius and Dana Stiles are Human Design experts and conscious entrepreneurs who specialize in Individual Life Purpose and Soul Entrepreneurship. Founders of the DayLuna Human Design Podcast, Shayna and Dana have also created a business that curates personalized meditation/ritual kits that are based around Human Design and Astrology.



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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the magnetically you podcast. My name is Madison Surdyke. And I'm a master mindset coach and food freedom expert. You're in the right place. If you want to manifest a life It means you jump out of bed excited if every morning, reprogram your mind for success and happiness, do your best and become magnetic to everything you desire. For me healing my relationship with food was my gateway into mindset, spiritual and personal development. And now I am obsessed. And I realized the same thing became true for so many of the women. I've coached through my course the subtle art of food freedom, and doing the inner work around food became about so much more than food for all of us. So that's what this podcast is really about that expansion, expanding that inner work to all areas of our life so that we can become the most magnetic confident versions of ourselves and achieve our biggest dreams. If you're like me, and you're obsessed with personal development, then you are going to love this podcast. So let's freakin do this.

Hi, and welcome back to the magnetically you Podcast. I am fucking thrilled about today's episode, because I have some Human Design experts here today, from de Luna, who I found actually, through their podcast, I don't even remember how I found out about human design. And I looked up my chart and it said I was a generator. And so I went on Apple podcasts and search generator, it's like find out more about it and found that they have an episode about all the types. And so I listened to the one on generators. And I was like, This is so good. This is so valuable. This really resonates with me, I sent it to my friends we like talked on and on and on about it. And then last and I've been listening to their podcast ever since it's amazing. You guys should go listen to de Luna podcast. Last week, I found out that I put my birth time in the system wrong. And I'm actually a projector. I was like having a little identity crisis last week. And as I'm learning more about projectors, I'm realizing it actually really, really resonates. So I have them here today to talk about all the types and give us the lowdown on what human design is what each type means and like how we can use it to empower life. So they're human design experts, experts and conscious entrepreneurs who specialize in individual life purpose and soul entrepreneurship. And they're the founders of the deal in Human Design podcast. And Shana Cornelius and Dana styles have also created a business that curates personalized, and meditation and ritual kits that are based around Human Design, and astrology. And I was just telling Dana, before this, I was on their website, looking at them, they are so beautiful. And I'm definitely gonna have to get one. And I think everybody needs to get one. But anyways, I will stop raving about you guys, because I think it's clear. I think you guys are amazing. And I'm so happy to have you here. So I would love if you guys would share a little bit about your journey and what led you to Human Design and being in business together and all things.

Yes. We're so excited to be here today and to be sharing this conversation. It feels so fun already. Yeah, so Shana and I have been best friends for a long time we met in college. So we've been best friends for over 10 years. And, you know, after we graduated college, we went off and we got our normal person jobs in the corporate world. And I got a job working as a therapist, and we kind of did our thing. And some years passed. And we really started having that feeling coming up of like, I checked all the boxes, I went to college, I graduated, I got my degree I have this job I'm working it and how come I still feel like something's off? Like why do I feel exhausted by my day to day life, even though this is something I always thought I wanted to do. So we both kind of had that that feeling and that experience together. And as we were moving into our Saturn return, which happens when when you're about 27 years old, we discovered Human Design. So Human Design is the system that you put in your birthday information. And it tells you, here's how your energy works here is how you are unique and different from other people. These are the things that you're here to share. Here's your life purpose. And here is how you can operate with your energy in a way that really serves you. And it might be drastically different than the people around you or from what we've been taught to believe. So when we both put in our birthdays and found our design, we found out that we were both projectors. And it was like one of the most profound moments in our life. It was this feeling of like, holy shit. I don't even know what this means. But I know that my life just changed like we can feel it. So after that we We spent every single second of every single day for literally like six months talking on the phone, facetiming, googling, staying up all night getting all of the Human Design books we could, and just diving in and learning this modality and implementing it using these strategies to start living as projectors. And one of the big things, of course, that we found out as a projector is that as a projector, which is one of the five energy types of Human Design, as a projector, you're not someone who's designed to work a nine to five job, it's really not a sustainable use of your energy. That projectors are only here to use about three hours of work a day of energy. So when we found that out, we were like, oh, light bulb, like that's why my job is exhausting. That's why I feel different from everyone else I'm working with. So going through that process, discovering Human Design and integrating it into our lives. It radically changed everything. And within one year, we had quit our jobs. And we had decided, Okay, we're going to start a business teaching this modality.

So amazing. I love it so much. And yeah, I can resonate with us so much of like, you know, you go to the good college, and you get the degree and you graduate and you go get the job and you go to the real world. And then you're like, Oh, fuck, like, what is life, like, I remember like, sitting in the cube, my first week of work, and I actually found a journal recently. This was like, from five years ago in my first corporate job as an actuary, which I'm like, Oh my gosh, I've no idea how I thought that was a good idea. But I have wrote this journal in my first like, week of being an actuary that said something like, like, you know, someday, I hope I have the, like, courage or drive to like, start my own business. Because I don't know if I'm going to be able to sit in this cube forever. And it's like, Yes, I mean, I think so many of us experienced that feeling of like, there's got to be more like this can't be. So yeah, Shane, I would love to hear if you have anything to add or like your side of the story.

Yeah, I mean, like Dana said, finding out that we were projectors was a huge light bulb, light bulb moment, like, really like holy shit. I can do all of the things that I've been wanting to do. Like, I never wanted to work more than three hours a day. But I thought that I had to. And I thought that you know, what's wrong with me? Why can't I keep up? Why am I exhausted? Am I lazy? Is that what it is? Do I not have drive? Do I not have willpower, but I do have drive? I'm very driven. I just don't have energy. And so realizing like, Okay, I'm designed to work three hours a day and be successful. By doing that, how can I really see if this works? How can I really experiment and really try this and see if it changes my life? So we dove in? Like we said, okay, how do you live your design? What does that really look like? We saw it every day and really honored our energy had that intention, had that awareness around, you know, living as a projector, and everything else just unfolded from there. I mean, our business just kind of happened to us, which sounds so like, oh, must be nice. But honestly, like, that's how it's meant to be, is when you are, you know, honoring your energy and being in alignment, things just unfold, it doesn't feel like you're, you know, pushing a boulder up a hill, it feels like you're swimming downstream, it feels like your challenges and the things that you go through. Because of course, like you're gonna have some resistance, making your dreams happen, you're gonna have some challenging things come up. But it feels purposeful. It feels satisfying, it feels successful, even when you go through those challenges. So, really, discovering Human Design massively changed our lives. And so that's where we really, you know, the physical part of our business came to be so we actually started offering boxes and doing boxes before we started offering Human Design readings. And, and before we started our podcast, even so, you know, we created these astrology boxes to start because we were super into astrology. And I kind of just made them for our friends and family for Christmas and stuff. And I was like, You know what, like, I'm going to put together a booklet of everybody's information and everything they need to know from their birth and their personality traits, like I'm going to put it all together in a booklet and then I'm going to find items that support this booklet like crystals and candles and mala beads and essential oils, like I went around and chopped all those things, and put them in just like a you know, like a cardboard box. And it wasn't very pretty, but it was like this is your Christmas gift. And then like living our design, Dana and I ended up going to Costa Rica, and we were out of retreat there. And the whole time, for whatever reason. Everybody was asking us about human design. And we're like is this just because we're living our designs and we're like, magnetically attracting this and every single person was asking us to give Human Design readings for them. We're like, Okay, sure. And by the time we left that retreat, we had decided that we were quitting our jobs, we had decided to start a business. And we already had like a few box orders. And here we are, we don't even have like an LLC, we don't even have, you know, boxes to, like, make these orders. And we didn't even see ourselves as human design reader. So it kind of just happened. And we came back and we just freakin did it, like, and it felt so incredibly terrifying, but also, so incredibly purposeful. And, like the sense of coming home of like, aha, like, I knew I was meant to do something. And I just didn't realize how much it could feel like myself while doing it. And I think that that's the, the key is that a lot of us, you know, we hear all the time, like, just be yourself and life will work out, you know, be yourself and everything that you do, it's your job to just be you and it's like, okay, but who am I? That's what most of us feel is like, Okay, if I'm just meant to be me, like, well, who am I? And what do I want to do? And like, how do I just be me without? Like, how do I know if it's me? Or if it's my conditioning? How do I know if it's me, or it's my, my trauma or the situations that I've been in? and Human Design is really, incredibly detailed and illuminating on on those questions. It tells you, you know, these are your gifts, this is what you're here to do. This is how you're, you're meant to impact the world around you. Here's how you do it. And it really is this Handbook of you and your energy and how you're meant to navigate life.

Oh my gosh, so good. I love what you said about like, we're told, like, be yourself, be yourself. It's a cowboy. Who even am I? What am I doing? Like? So I I love that. And it's funny that you mentioned that because that's kind of how this year I, one of the I've been studying astrology most of this year and just like getting, like so excited, obsessed with learning about it. And I felt like it kind of like gave me so much more sense of like understanding who I am. And now that I'm like, dive diving into human design, it's even like, it seems like another level because it incorporates astrology too. And it's just like, it's such a powerful tool for like self understanding, and designing your life according to that understanding of like, who you are and who you're meant to be. I think that's so amazing. So I would love to get into it. Can we talk about each of the different types and like the highlights of each of them?

Yeah, sure. So the first thing I want to say is, you know, Human Design does use astrology right. So it we like to think that humans I mean, astrology is kind of like this more broader sense of these archetypes of you know, you're a Scorpio or you're a Gemini or you're a Taurus, and it doesn't really get into like, okay, but I'm, you know, I'm a Taurus. But so as my other friend, and we're nothing alike, it doesn't get into really the details of all of the nuances of who you are. So Human Design really breaks astrology down to the nitty gritty, and really tells you very specifically how to use your energy and what gifts you're here to share. So Human Design combines a couple of modalities, it combines the eaching, which is kind of like this ancient Chinese modality. And it's very connected to our DNA actually. So it's very complex, it combines the eaching and combined combines astrology, and it combines the Hindu chakra system, the Kabbalah tree of life. So it uses all of these ancient modalities, and it combines them all into one modality where you really get this map of your design and what you're here to like how you're here to operate in the world.

Yeah, so like we were saying, in the beginning, you can go on to a website and go on to Jovian Or you can go to my body And enter in your birthday information, make sure that you have your specific birth time, it has to be accurate to the minute and also make sure you're entering it in correctly with am or pm, the best thing to use is military time. And then it'll pull up your chart and it'll say energy type. And there's five different energy types that every person is categorized into one of these five types. So of course, these five types can be very general. And within each person's chart, it gets so detailed, so specific, there's all of these nuances for each person. But every person falls into these five greater energy types. And these energy types are really talking about the type of aura that you have. So we're talking about your energetic body here, the way that that energy exchanges information with the world around you correctly. So first, I want to talk about projectors. So Madison's a projector where both projectors projectors are our people who are here to guide and this is like less than 20% of the population projectors and projectors have this aura that is able to go into the other and truly see someone to the essence of who they are, they're also able to see systems and be able to see the way that systems can become more efficient. So projectors kind of have this natural energy where it doesn't really matter what they do, they can work in any field, but their energy really is kind of designed to guide other people to becoming their most efficient best off. And then there are generators, and manifesting generators. So there are two different types, but that's about 70% of the population. 70 to 75% of the population are generators, and manifesting generators. So these are the energy types of the five types. These are the types that do create this energy each day where they're here to use that energy doing the things they love, building the things, they love creating things. So projectors really are here to be guides, and they don't have that same type of energy, which is why we said they're here to work about three hours a day. But generators wake up each morning with this lifeforce energy full ready to go. And they're here to use that energy doing what they love. So it's really important that generators don't sacrifice what they want to do, and just do something random. It's not going to bring them alignment. And then there's manifesting generators who are this hybrid of generators and another type called a manifester. So a manifesting generator, in essence, still is that of a generator, they have this energy each morning, they wake up, they're here to use that energy doing super satisfying things that they love. That's what makes them really aligned. But manifesting generators are a little bit different than generators. Because manifesting generators have a little bit more of this like quickness, they're able to really bounce around from multiple different passions, and they're, they're designed to have jobs that have lots of variety, lots of differences. They could potentially even have more than one job at once. And then the next type is those manifest errs. So a pure manifester is pretty rare. It's less than 7% of the population. And people that are manifester is really their energy is here to initiate. So these are people who are these change bringers. They're these sparks that are constantly catalyzing other people to innovate, to have changed to have new ideas. So a lot of manifester is they can become really great business owners because they're constantly having these ideas, they're able to really innovate and create something and then other people around them feel catalyzed by their ideas and buy their energy and are wanting to step in and help. So manifester is even though they have this spark of needing to create new things. Their energy is also designed to be somewhat inconsistent, so they have spurts of energy or they're wanting to work on things and doo doo doo, and then times where they really need to rest. And then the last energy type is reflectors. So reflectors are the most rare, they're 1% of the population. And reflectors are people that have none of their own energy within their own energetic body, they're completely open. So they're taking in the world around them, and experiencing the world around them within their own body. So they're kind of like these chameleons. They're meant to gauge the well being and authenticity of the world and the people around them. And each and every single day, they kind of chameleon into whatever energy, they're around whatever type of people they're around whatever environment they're around, but their energetic purpose with their aura is really to show us what here is working, who is healthy, who is aligned, and what is kind of off balance in this world that we're living in.

So those are the five energy types. And I do want to say, you know, the reason why knowing your energy type is so important is really, you know, Human Design is telling you how your energies here to operate and move through the world, and also how to make decisions that are in alignment for you. So all of these different types of Dana's talked about, that's really telling you how your energy is meant to operate in the world around you. But being a projector or being a generator, being a manifester, or reflector, you can have a different authority. So your authority is really what tells you how to make decisions. And it's different for every person. So that's where human design kind of gets this other layer of complexity and then even further than your authority, or how you make decisions, it gets into your specific gifts that you're here to really give out into the world. And it really gets into like life purpose, what you're here to do in this lifetime. Yeah, so for anyone kind of getting a little bit curious going on looking at Okay, what is my energy type, that's the first thing to see which one of the 5am I and then based off of that energy type, you have a strategy, a way that you're here to use your energy to exchange that energy correctly, with the world around you. So for projectors is waiting for the invitation. And what that means is as a guide, you're someone who's really able to give other people advice, but energetically you have to have consent from that person. Otherwise, you're giving that advice, and you can really repel other people if they weren't open to what you were saying. And if they weren't wanting So, Madison being a projector and hearing this strategy of waiting for the invitation, how did you feel when you first heard that?

I first saw it, like, wait for the invitation, like, well, it's like, No, I don't want to wait. Like, I'm gonna go like, create my life. Like, I took it as like, this is like, negative thing of like, I have to sit around like waiting, like, what the fuck? Like, like, I'm like, I'm like a go getter. You know, like, what does that mean? And I think like, as I've learned more about it, it's less of like waiting around for like things to happen. I'll let you guys describe it, because I think it's much better than sharing.

Yeah, so projectors, you know, it can kind of feel like that when you first hear like, when you first hear I have to wait for everything. When I heard that there was this like, kind of clicking in of like, actually, that kind of makes sense. Because I feel like the times where I have been invited, that's when I felt the most recognized things really flowed for me instead of kind of pushing myself on people. But then there's that other side of like, does that mean that I have to be invited to live my life? Does that mean I have to be invited to create my own business, it's important to know that as a projector with this strategy of waiting for the invitation, you are designed to be a self starter as a projector. It's just about you're waiting for the invitation when you're giving someone else advice about what they should do with their life. So if you create your own business, and then you have these clients, and they've you know, booked your workshop with you, that person has invited you to now give your advice. Now impart your wisdom on that person. Whereas if you're just like walking down the street, and you meet a new person, and they're, you know, doing something random, and you're like, Hey, I should look up your human design for you.

They're gonna be like, what like you? Where did you come from? Like, I don't want this, I didn't invite you. So it's really just kind of that energy of is this person open? To me giving them advice. If that's the case, then I am able to really give that in a way that's received. So for projectors, learning to live by that strategy of like, Okay, I see all these things I want to create and share with people. But let me just focus on creating it. And I'll let people come to me in their own time. And that's when my energy really is exchanged with the most effortless flow and alignment.

Yes, and I feel like I'm like so turned on by that idea of like, Oh, I get to let people come to me. Yeah, I don't have to go like get them. That's like a really empowering way to think about it. And yeah, it's funny, because I notice just even from learning Human Design, I'm so much more conscious with my fiance about being invited because I'm, I'm someone who I'm full of it. I'm full of ideas. And I'm a coach. So I'm like, I'm can fucking help anyone changes their life, like I can help you solve anything, but it's like, while it's like, when not when it's unsolicited. Like, it's, you know what I mean? So with my guns, I've probably learned to be like, oh, like, do you want it? Do you want to hear what I have to say about this? Or do you just want me to like, like, Listen, you know what I mean? Just like, ask him, or just not even go there. And just if he wants, if he wants my help, he will ask, yeah, I can trust him to make his own way to find his own answers. Yeah, honestly, it's holding that space for people to to learn what they're there to learn in that moment. And if you know, they need your advice, they're gonna come to you. But also you can sense you know, when somebody is open, or not. And sometimes they don't ask you right away, but you can just feel like, no, there's not a place for this to land, or somebody can ask you for your advice. But you can feel like, there's no place for what I'm going to say to land like, this isn't a genuine invitation. So that there's two parts of an invitation one is recognition. Like somebody recognizing you like, Wow, you're so gifted at this, or you're so you know, you know so much about this? And then the second half is, you know, will you come work for us? Or will you you, can I hire you? Can I be a part of your project? Like, can you help me, can you give me your advice. So, you know, protectors are here, it can feel like in your personal life, that, that you are biting your tongue a little bit. But in your career, life and your life, purpose life, you're designed to self start, I mean, you are designed to say, I'm interested in this, I'm fascinated in it. Let me build something around it. Let me create around it. Let me learn more about it. Let me read these books when you take these courses. And that energy of focusing on yourself and the things that you find really, truly interesting and fascinating. That is the most magnetic as a projector. So all of the types, it's really about increasing your magnetism. So that way the universe and life can bring you things that let you use all of these gifts that you have bring you things that really allow you to feel like yourself, when you are creating a business or creating work or working for someone else even it's totally a possibility. Not everybody has to have their own business by any means. But it's about having work and a life that feels like you and not like what you thought you had to be or what you know, you You always thought you were because you were comparing yourself to other people. So it's it's about increasing that magnetism. So projectors do it with their shot to do waiting for the invitation focusing on themselves. What fascinates me today. And let me let me focus on that. And that's going to be the most attractive to people and to the universe. So in the example of, you know, you and your fiance, it's like, okay, I can see where I want to give advice. But instead of pushing this on him, I'm just going to really validate like, Damn, I'm great at giving advice. And like, that's so interesting to me. And I love that about myself. And the more that you recognize that within yourself, and then focus on yourself, actually, that's really attractive subconsciously, to other people, that you'll find them being like, hey, so what do you think like you're not chiming in here? Can you tell me your opinion, and then that invitation happens.

I've noticed him doing that, actually, now that I've been like, giving him space and waiting for the invitation. I've noticed him asking me like, he asked me to review an email. He wrote for work Wednesday, and I read it. And I said, it's great. I think it's awesome. And he was like, really, like, you don't have anything to say like, I want to hear what you have to say about I want to hear, I want to hear like your edits. And then I was like, Oh, okay. Here we go.

Again, energy. I mean, it's crazy, it's like hard to get, I mean, it kind of is that, that, you know, I'm just gonna do me, I'm gonna focus on what I love. And because I love it, and if you want my advice, like amazing, if not amazing, like, I'm still doing my own thing. And, you know, with the other types, the way that they increase their magnetism, their strategy, if you will, for generators and manifesting generators, their strategy is to respond. And what that really means is that they increase their magnetism by focusing on what's directly in front of them in that moment, and then feeling in their body. So not in their mind, but in their body. How does my body feel about this thing in front of me? Do I have energy to engage with it? Or does this thing kind of exhausts me, and I feel myself contracting towards it? Or do I feel nothing. And having that awareness of what your body's telling you to do, as a generator, imagine, that is the most magnetic thing that you can do. And it's tricky, because a lot of generators and manifesting generators are, you know, really conditioned to be in their mind. I mean, we all are conditioned to be in our mind and to make decisions from this rational place. And, you know, what should I do and what's going to happen tomorrow, and, you know, five days from now, and three months from now, and 10 years from now, like we're always constantly ahead of ourselves, and making decisions from our mind and weighing these pros and cons and Human Design is saying that your mind is here to process information. It's here to observe things, it's here to create things, but it's not meant to make your decisions. Your body is meant to make your decisions. So as a man, or a generator, those bodies signals that you feel day to day in the present moment, like what's actually in front of me, my text, my email, this food, like what's really here? Let me see it. Let me smell it. Let me hear it. Let me taste it. And what is my body saying? Is my body saying like, I have energy to pour in here and do this? Or is my body telling me like, I'm kind of exhausted by this food in front of me. And then if that's the case, like, let me go to a restaurant or let me go into my kitchen and make something else and your body is designed as an engine or generator to put you in the right place at the right time. And to you know, over hear that conversation or to see that thing that you're like, Oh, my gosh, that's what I want to start doing. And then they're designed to do it. Like they can take action. They can be self starters, plenty of mansions and generators have their own businesses. I mean, Oprah is a generator, and she's freaking got an empire. So you can any of the types can do anything they want. It's just about doing it from this place that is in the most alignment. So then moving through the types just so that way, everyone listening, if they've looked at their chart, they can know, if you're a manifester, your strategy is to inform. So the way that you increase your magnetism and connect with other people, is by opening your mouth and informing all of the thoughts, all of the things that you're feeling, and all of the things that you're wanting to do. And the reason why is because manufacturers have what human design calls a closed aura. So people can't read you, as well as they can read other people. They don't know what's going on in your mind or going on in your world or your bubble. So the way that you let them in, and they can help you and they can stop trying to control you or they can be on your team is by informing and saying, This is what I'm feeling. This is what I'm wanting to do. This is what I'm thinking about and people you'll start to notice all of these shifts happening around you, because as a manifester, your words are designed to rally energy in the world around you. And then lastly, reflectors.

Hey, so I hope you're enjoying the episode. Before we get back to it, I want to quickly tell you about one decision that literally changed my life for freaking ever. So I wanted to start a business for years before I actually did anything about it. But then I met Kate, a full time blogger who was making six figures. And by the end of our coffee day, my decision was made, I was starting my business no matter how terrified I was, because I knew I was meant for more. And looking back, I've realized that not making a decision to move towards your dreams is a decision, it's a decision to remain where you are, I seriously can hardly recognize that version of me or my life five years ago, and it just feels so good to be living the life I actually want to be loving. And it was all because I was willing to make that one decision to move closer towards what really led me up. And I want this for you too. And I know you're ready for it. So there's a link in the show notes for you to book a free consult with me. And this call might just be your coffee date with Kate, that changes everything. So I can't wait to talk to you. The link is in the show notes I will speak with you soon.

Their strategy is to wait a lunar cycle. And this sounds so crazy and super like woo woo. But reflectors are, are here to really take in the world the most and to feel and connect with everyone that they're around really mirror everyone that they're around. So they kind of can feel a lot of different things through a 28 days cycle, like through a whole month, they can feel one way at the start of the month in a completely different way at the end of the month. So their strategy of really understanding life and increasing their magnetism is letting themselves release all attachment and just say what am I feeling today? Interesting, amazing. Let that change tomorrow or just let myself be open to that changing tomorrow. And then the next day? How do I feel today, and starting to take note and have awareness of how they are feeling how they are changing and really noticing, you know, if I'm feeling sick, or if I'm feeling bogged down or drained? could that possibly be a reflection of my environment? Or the people that I'm around? And if so can I change my environment or my you know, the people that I'm around day to day, and see if I feel any energy shifts within my own body? So again, those are the most rare, like Dana said, they're like, 1% of the population. So I'm sure maybe only just a few people listening are gonna be like, Oh, shit, I'm a reflector. What does this mean? And with all of these types, you know, we really break it down on our podcast, because they're so freakin complex, especially, you know, reflectors and manufacturers, I mean, our heart goes out to both of those types, not because it's actually those types. I mean, it's incredible to be those types. But because there's a lot of complex shit to go through, and really embody and understand to really feel like yourself.

Go ahead.

Oh, I'm just gonna say, there's, you know, the reason why this is all important to hear, okay, I'm this energy type. And actually, this is what I should focus on, so that I can move through the world. The reason that that's important is because we as a society have so much programming and conditioning. And this is a huge theme in Human Design is that as a society, we condition ourselves to believe that every single person is supposed to work in this one way, that there's this one formula, kind of what we were talking about the beginning of like, you go to school, you get your degree, you get a good job, you get married, you have kids, you buy a house, you retire. That's it. So there's like this formula, we're all kind of expected to behave in a certain way and to do things that other people are doing. And we kind of tend to have this thing that Human Design calls homogenization, where we're looking at other people, and we're thinking, Okay, that person had success. So if I want success, I have to mirror what they did. I have to do it the way that they did. And society tells me that this is the formula. So we're kind of constantly looking at what are other people doing? What are people expecting of me? What are the experts say I should do in order to be happy and to have a successful life. And the truth is, every single person is so unique, every single person is so different, that you know, something that works really well for one person might not work so well for the other. So it's really about starting to see okay, this is who I am as unique person. This is how my energy works. And this is how I am designed to navigate life and it might look super, super different than the way that we've been taught to so for all of the types, I think you'll find places where it's like, no one ever told me that this is how I'm supposed to live my life but now that I'm doing it, it feels so much more effortless like I feel so much more like me. And when you're doing that process of living in this way, following your strategy, you do end up increasing your magnetism. And you do end up starting to have, like amazing synchronicity start to happen. You start attracting amazing new friends, your soul tribe comes into your life, you find your Dharma path, because you're living in this aligned flow.

I love it so much. I feel like I'd like more and more and more, tell me more. But I won't keep you guys here forever. If you guys have time, I would love to go into like, the next piece of like your human design chart that you think people should dive into? And like high level for each type. If we don't have time. That's cool, too.

Yeah, no, totally. So we talked about look at your chart, see what is my energy type, then what is my strategy. And then the next thing which we briefly talked about is your authority. So this is your decision making. When big life decisions come into your life, you're designed to use that authority, which is some place in your body where you're able to feel your truth, not your mind to not rationalize. So there's eight different authorities, the most, about half of the people in the world have emotional authority. So Madison, you have emotional authority. And so I and people who have emotional authority, they're able to make their decisions using their solar plexus chakra. So that's the chakra in their body that really holds their truth. And for these people, they also have an emotional wave. So they have kind of these emotions that come to them that they experience for no particular reason. So it's important to kind of understand that if you have emotional authority, you have this emotional wave. And it's important to embrace and accept the emotions that come for no reason, but to only make big life decisions when you are emotionally neutral. So people will say I'm moody.

So people who have this can wake up on the right side of the bed for literally no reason. Or they can wake up on the wrong side of the bed for no reason, nothing happened to them in their life, they just experienced this emotion. And the spiritual reason for this is that people who have this are designed to be emotionally deep. They're designed to have a lot of emotional experiences so that they can gain that intelligence, understand what it feels like to move through those things and then be able to hold space for other people guide other people teach the world how to be more understanding and accepting and emotionally intelligent. So it's kind of you know, a journey because you can be that you can experience it as moodiness, but the more you have awareness of like, Oh, this is just my emotional wave. It's not like I'm a bad person, because now I woke up in this shitty mood. It's not like, you know, I'm having this amazing day to have to search for what did I do that made me feel this way. It's just knowing that emotions come as experiences. And it's a beautiful thing. But it's all about having that awareness of Okay, this is who I am, now that I know this, I can embrace it. And so half of people have this, like you, Madison, and then half of the population approximately doesn't have it. So the other half of those people, their emotions are reactions to real things that have happened in their life pretty much only. So you know, when something happens in their life, they have an emotional reaction. And that's coming from them. However, their emotional center, their solar plexus chakra is open. So they are really empathetic and feeling the emotions of the people around them. So not only can they experience their own emotional reactions, they also take in the energy, the emotions from people around them and amplify it. So either way, a huge part of Human Design is really teaching us how to navigate these emotions, how to understand them. And we're kind of moving into this new paradigm, a new way of being, it's all about understanding our emotions. It's all about a Brit, embracing the fact that that's one of the big reasons why we're here is to experience these powerful emotions and how they connect us with other people, and how they change our experience and what they teach us, and how that connects us deeper to our sense of spirituality, as these spiritual beings living in a human body. So it's a big theme in Human Design. But basically, the main thing to know about emotional authority is that when you're making these big life decisions, it's important to give yourself at least 24 hours, sometimes up to a week to allow yourself to be completely emotionally neutral. And then you can feel will this decision make me happy? And that's really the only question you're asking yourself not will this make me more money not to speak my partner? Happy? Not? Does this make sense for my commute in the morning? The only question is, will this make me happy feeling within your body. And then the next one is authority is called sacral. Authority. So this is another really popular one. A lot of people will have this that are generators or manifesting generators. And sacral authority is about making decisions in the moment. So these are people that just feel that gut feeling trust your gut, it's either a hell yes or Hell no, you don't need time, you're really able to just feel your truth in that moment. Whereas emotional authority people need that time. So that right then and there you can see there's a huge contrast there. So if you tell your friend, you know, you should really take time and think about this decision. Like it's a big decision, and that's what I do. And you're doing that from love, right? Because you're saying this is what works for me. So let me try to help you Without knowing you're completely different than I am, our systems of operation work completely differently. So it's just about knowing, okay, this is me, let me really embrace that and start using this to make decisions. And let me hold space for the people in my life that might operate in a really different way than I do. And know that it's beautiful to celebrate those differences. And we don't have to try to pressure each other to do the same thing that we do. And then there's also splenic authority, which is another one where you're able to make decisions in the moment. And this is really about like an instinct or an intuition. So it's a little bit more subtle than sacred than sacral authority. But it is this kind of feeling in your body of this big life decision just feels right in the moment, or it just feels wrong. So it's really trusting that intuition, that instinct, that subtle feeling within the body. And then there's also ego manifested and projected, ego projected authorities. And that's really all about feeling what's in this for me, like, does this thing really serve me, and allowing yourself to use your voice to really ask those questions, and then coming to that clarity of like, yes, this big life decision is going to support me is going to serve me in a financial way. I'm motivated, do it, my heart's in it. But it really is kind of this process of using your voice to be able to do that. And then there's also a self projected authority, which is what Shana has. And this is, once again, you must use your voice in order to hear your truth and to make big life decisions. So for a self projected people, when a big life decision comes, open your mouth up and just let yourself free flow and talk and feel your truth. That truth comes from what you hear yourself saying. And then there's environmental authority, this is only for projectors, and environmental people, they really need to go to different environments to kind of bounce off their energy to the environment around them, they also can kind of use friends and family as a sounding board to talk about the decision and kind of bounce back and feel in their body. Okay, this feels right, I have that clarity. So this, these people kind of there's a whole process, they need a little bit of time to be able to make big life decisions. And then there's lunar authority, which only reflectors have. And for people with lunar authority, it's about waiting an entire lunar cycle, to be able to make a big life decision. So if it's the full moon, allowing themselves to wait until the next full moon, and in that time talking about it going to different environments, feeling out their truth. And then that what they're looking for is that feeling in their body of this just feels right, I have that clarity. So the big reframe here with human design, no matter which of those authorities you have is that you're here in your life to make decisions with your body, your body in a certain subtle, different way for each person, but your body has this wisdom that is guiding you. And that is leading you to the correct flow of life. It's leading you towards your life's purpose in a way that your mind really can't. So our minds are brilliant, but our minds are here to process data, our minds are seeing this 3d physical realm that we live in. And it's quantifying things, it's observing things, it's remembering things, you're able to really process things and then be able to teach it or talk about it. So our minds are amazing. But they're really here to be used on things outside of ourselves. Whereas our inner authority comes from this feeling in our body of either this is going to make me happy, I want this, it feels right. So it's a much more kind of subtle thing. And it's really trusting that if you have that feeling, all of those other things are going to work out and that we don't need to sit down and deliberate. And try to process things and write a pros and cons list and ask the experts what we should do. It's really like every single person is guided, if you can just tune in, understand yourself, have the awareness of how your energy works, and then start experimenting with it. So the main thing to know about human design is that it is an experiment. We encourage every single person listening if this clicks with you, and you're like, Okay, I'm curious. Like I looked at my chart, I heard all these things. Now what we recommend choosing an amount of time, one week or two weeks, Shana and I chose one month, and we were like, okay, for one month, every single moment of every single day, we're going to wait for the invitation. And while we're waiting for the invitation, we're going to focus on ourselves and we're going to follow it fascinates us, when big decisions come we're gonna use our authority. And in that amount of time, so many things in our life just started completely shifting. And it was the most beautiful, exciting, liberating process of our lives. We felt so like validated, like, wow, can life really be this easy? And it's not that life is easy. It's just that it feels right, right? So even when those challenges come, you're like, I take on these challenges. I know that they're a part of my path. And so that's really what we recommend for people is experiment with it and see for yourself, start observing, okay, I did this for a week. How do I feel what things shifted what things came to me in that time?

Yeah, and the beautiful thing about human design is, you know, because our minds are so observant and we are also conditioned to make decisions with our mind and have to have understand everything human design allows your mind to understand and it gives language to the body, it gives language to what your body is trying to tell you. So that way your mind can say, Okay, let me take a backseat and let my body drive this vehicle. And I can just observe, I can just process data, I don't have to make all these decisions. And the other thing that's amazing is that, you know, Human Design really does empower you to be your own authority in life, it gives you the reins to say, like, okay, nobody knows what's right for me more than I do. And my truth is within my body in it, if this feels in alignment, and I'm using my authority, it's going to work out for me, it's going to be energetically correct for me to make this decision. So once you experiment with this, like Dana's talking about, you'll start proving to yourself, like holy shit, like when I listened to my body in this way, it felt right. And it just felt good. And that decision worked out. And I can't believe that that decision worked out. And I didn't have to, like, ask my friends for advice, or I didn't have to be told what to do. It's really taking that like, you know, that concept that someone else knows more, or there's a guru out there that knows more than you do that can really help you, or you know, a doctor or a healer or whatever, that anyone outside of you knows more than you do, about you and your purpose. And what you should do, it really does kind of erase that concept, and completely empower you to change your own life from within. And it doesn't have to be so scary of like, Fuck, what do I do? The next day, it's like, Okay, let me just practice these, you know, practices and, or do these practices and it will unfold. And it's about trusting and experimenting. So I'm excited for everyone listening who hasn't heard about human design before, because that was such an incredible, you know, time in our lives was was really setting that timeframe of like, okay, for one month, I'm taking on this challenge. I'm doing this strategy and authority and really seeing your life unfold. I mean, at this point, we've met with hundreds of people and every single one, you know, months later, they're like, holy shit, my life has changed since the last time we talked. And it's incredible.

I love it so much. And I love what you guys were saying about like, getting into your body, like, like, we can't logic our way to alignment, we can like to split ourselves in circles. That's what we make ourselves crazy. We like it. So in our head, and it's like, I think what you're saying is like, get out of the head get into the body. And I like so much of like, a big part of my like, journey and healing. And that's something I love to teach is what I call like, rituals like meditation, hypnosis, like tapping, things like that. It's that same idea of like getting you out of your head and into into your body. And like, because it's like the answer isn't. And all these things your mind is telling you Our mind is just like this, like, I don't know, like, record, like this narrator of what's going on in our life and like in our body, you know, and so, yeah, I think that's so powerful. Yeah, yeah, it's been a really awesome and fun journey. And it's like, Sky's the freakin limit. Once you have your design? It's like, holy shit, I can do anything I want. But then a lot of people have that question. Like I said, in the beginning, like, Okay, well, who am I? And like, what the fuck am I here to do? And what do I want? Like, what is fascinating to me, I don't even know because my whole life, I've been told what should be fascinating. And I've been told what I should want. And I've been told what is valuable, you know, based off of conditioning and society. And so a lot for a lot of people when change and transformation is happening in this way of true alignment. The first thing is like, Okay, well, what are those things? And what we recommend is, you know, with your strategy, whatever that is, whether it's being super present and waiting to respond being, you know, what's in front of me now, how does my body feel or whether that's waiting for the invitation or informing or waiting the lunar cycle, like, it doesn't matter which one it is, but we do recommend, you know, trying out that authority, I mean, that strategy, and then saying aloud to the universe, like I'm ready to live my design, like help me honor my energy helped me to be in alignment each day. Help me to see what it is that I'm here to do. Help me to see what it is. That's fascinating to me, help me to have clarity around, you know, the things that I'm wanting to that do light me up that I am in love with, that I am wanting to commit my energy towards? And honestly, the universe like asking you shall receive it really is that easy. And we don't think it is we're like, Okay, I'm just talking to myself right now. And this doesn't make any sense. And then, you know, two days go by or week go by and you see that thing that you're like, Oh my gosh, that's Interesting. And then it's like, Okay, what did you hear your body? Say? Like hell yes to this, okay? Say yes to that, like, go research about it, go take a class on it, go talk about it with your friends and family. And that will lead to the next like breadcrumb and the next breadcrumb. And before you know it, you look back and it's only been a month and you're like, holy shit, I have this whole new thing that I'm interested in. And I didn't even know that this if you know, I would have missed it if I put my head down and just did what I was told to do, or, or focus on what I was told should be interesting to me.

Yeah, I love this. It's just really like creating the life that is like true to who you really are. Bear with me one second, I need to go do something. Okay, I'm back. Okay, I'm literally cracking myself up because I like my fiance and I both work from home. And I get like, so distracted when he like leaves his door open. He's like on speaker like, I'm like joining invitation for this.

I know.

Okay, anyways, this has been amazing. Thank you guys so much. Before we wrap up, is there anything you guys feel like you didn't get to share and talk about anything that's just like on your heart coming up,

I just wanted to kind of say that, you know, a big part of human design as well is deconditioning. So with all of that conditioning, we've talked about that programming that we have of like, this is how life is supposed to be is supposed to be hard, and you have to go to school, and you have to work really hard. And then you have a job, and you have to like exhaust yourself in order to be able to pay for things, whatever that societal conditioning is, I just want to say that as you're discovering your design, and starting to really say, Okay, this is who I am as a unique individual. This is how my energy works. You go through this natural process of remembering who you are, and letting go of all of those stories, letting go of all of those expectations that you were holding on to thinking I have to try and be this this story, I have to try and fill this expectation. So I just wanted to say that, you know, I think we're going through such a huge collective shift in our world right now. People are, you know, having to change their lifestyle, they're having to rethink their jobs, they're having to make a lot of different changes and let a lot of things go. So I really feel like this is like the perfect time for us to be able to go deeper, and to say, Okay, let me utilize this insane transition that we're kind of being forced into right now. And let me really say, Who am I in all of this? Let me focus on that.

Focusing on who am I and what do I love, and what is my body guiding me towards? That is the number one best way to remember who you are, and to let go of all of the bullshit that you're not. So I just kind of wanted to say that, you know, a lot of people listening, going through that beginning process, you might be already really living in alignment. And this is just kind of validation and permission for you. Or you might be living a life where you're like shit, I've been really off from what I was here to do. And please don't let that discourage you, like focus on who you are. Focus on what you love. And the rest of the stuff kind of melts away. Because it's not about learning something new. It's actually about coming home to yourself remembering something you've always known and letting go of that stuff that you're not amazing.

So well said such a beautiful note to end on. So for everyone listening, where can they find out more about you guys get a reading and get a box? All the things?

Yeah, so our website is called de Luna So it's da y, Liu and a And then our Instagram is at de Luna. And you can check out our podcast, which is the de Luna Human Design podcast. But if you just type in Human Design, in the podcast app, whether that's Spotify, or on Apple, or I don't know everything that podcasts are on, it'll pop up and you'll see de Luna Human Design podcast. And then you can find our boxes in our offerings on our website, we are about to be launching some more video courses where you can, you know, get a little mini readings, whether you know appropriate to your type and authorities and things like that, because our readings are booked out pretty far. We're booking right now I think in June. So we are realizing that we're not able to connect with as many people as we want to through readings. So we are working on some other offerings with these video readings kind of if you will, on our website. So that's on daily also our boxes are Human Design boxes are on there. And we also have other fun things like we have parenting cheat sheets which really help you with parenting your children in a way that's really actually supportive for them and in alignment for them and really understanding your your child which is massive and have has been a really important thing I guess within our business. Because we say this all the time, but human design is for our kids, it's for the children. You know, raising someone with as little conditioning as possible is so insanely powerful and so needed as we move forward into this new paradigm. So yeah, you can go onto our website and connect with our offerings there. Check out our podcasts for all of our free content. And if you want to dive deeper into this human design world, amazing, thank you so much for being here. And for everyone listening. Thank you for listening. We would love it. Well, I don't know about you guys. I'm speaking for you. But I would love and hopefully they would love to if you would tag us on Instagram. And let us know what your type is. Let us know what what your breakthroughs were. If you jive with your type. If you don't, I would like love to hear from you guys. And yeah, so screenshot this episode, tag us on Instagram and we'd love to hear from you. Thank you so much. And I will see you on the next episode. I'm so grateful for your listening today. If this resonated with you, it would mean the world to me if you'd hit subscribe and leave a review on iTunes and everybody is invited to the after party, which takes place every day on Instagram, magneticallyyou so come hang out with us there. And if you're really fired up about mindset, spiritual and personal development, head to to check out all the fun stuff I have going on there like my coaching, and my courses, free workshops, all the good stuff and I will see you on the next episode.

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