Pizza ISN’T Bad

intuitive eating Nov 12, 2019

“Pizza is bad” is one of the BIGGEST myths in the health industry. Could this belief be the VERY thing that’s stopping you from being able to eat in a balanced way without food guilt or restriction? Keep reading to find out!

Have you ever thought….

  • “I need to eat healthy today because I ate bad yesterday”
  • “Should i eat this?…is this healthy?…that was bad!…i shouldn’t have eaten that!…is this the “right” thing to eat?
  • “I’m weak and have no willpower”
  • “I was good this week so I can treat myself this weekend”
  • “I was so bad this weekend; I’ll start over on Monday”
  • “I need to figure out a way to make up for this later”
  • “I can’t stick to anything”
  • Today – “OMG I ate so good today; I am amazing and feel so healthy.” Tomorrow – “WTF, I ate so bad, what’s wrong with me?, why did i do that?”

If this sounds familiar, I totally get it. I’ve had those EXACT same thoughts and so have ALL of my clients. Food guilt IS NOT fun!

Most people think they just need to have more willpower and “eat better” but the truth is, it’s actually this good vs bad, all or nothing mentality that’s keeping you worrying about what, when and how much to eat constantly.

“Pizza is bad” is one of the BIGGEST myths in the health industry

For example, most people think pizza is bad but that might be one of the BIGGEST myths in the health industry. 

I get it though; I have been there. Everyone is constantly telling us things like…

Eat this, not that!

Pizza is bad. Salad is good.

Vegetables are good. Ice cream is bad.

We have all these rules/beliefs and people telling us constantly what we should and shouldn’t be eating. So of course, we fall into that good versus bad thinking and of course we are consumed with food guilt. That is completely normal and I completely understand that.

But, if it were true that pizza is bad and pizza is unhealthy, then everybody who eats pizza would have bad health. We all know that’s not the case.

I am living proof. I eat plenty of pizza. I have no health problems. My health is actually the best it has ever been. When I was eating, “perfectly” clean and “perfectly” healthy, I wasn’t eating any “bad” or “unhealthy” foods, I actually was actually terribly unhealthy and consumed with food guilt constantly. My hormones were totally out of balance. I had severe back pain for literally two years. I couldn’t sleep. My anxiety was through the roof. I had all of these major health problems and I just kept thinking…

Oh, I just need to cut one more bad food out of my diet.

I must be eating something that’s bad.

I just need to eat better and then it will fix all these problems.

Looking back now, I know that made it so much worse. It actually was the unhealthiest thing and mindset I could have adopted. And now, through practicing intuitive eating, all of those problems are gone. My hormones are completely in balance. I don’t have back pain. I barely have any anxiety and my physical and mental health have never been better. Most importantly, I’m actually so much happier than I have ever been.

If you continue this good vs bad mentality…

In fact, if you continue holding on to this belief that certain foods are good and certain foods are bad, then you could end up never being able to end this control that food has over you. You could end up worrying about and stressing about food, your body, and your health for the rest of your life. You actually could end up with very serious mental or physical health issues. You could pass this good versus bad mentality onto your kids so they’re going to be worrying about this stuff constantly, thinking about it constantly, and thinking they’re not good enough unless they eat good enough.

Is that really what you want to be teaching your kids? If it’s not a mindset and a way of being that you would want your kids to adopt, then why are you doing it to yourself?

How do we eat in a balanced, healthy way without guilt or restriction?

So how, then, do we eat in the most balanced and healthiest way without guilt or  restriction? Well, first things first, I want you to remove “good” and “bad” from your vocabulary - like “good” according to whom? “Bad” according to whom? 

It’s just meanings that we are creating, and nothing has meaning except for the meaning that we give it. So if we’re the ones giving these words good and bad and even everything in our life meaning, then why not choose the meanings and beliefs that empower us the most, that actually make us feel good, that actually bring us closer to health and happiness and confidence

This isn’t like a diet where you’re good one day and you’re bad the next. This is a completely different way of approaching food, your body, and your health. That’s why it actually works.

Honor your body

So I want to ask you, do you really want to keep operating from this good versus bad mentality and never be able to end the control that food has over you and constantly be stressing about if you’re making the “right” food choices and punishing yourself for making “bad” food choices? And being in this constant battle and constant stress? Or, do you want to be the type of person who focuses on feeling good and honoring your body?

By doing so, then being able to be the person that can actually eat in a balanced way, without guilt or restriction, without having to think about it and worry about it 24/7 and actually have the mental space and the energy to focus on the things you really care about? 

I know what I’m choosing…. I know what’s most empowering for me to believe.

You get to choose what’s most empowering for you to focus on

I want to ask you and give you the opportunity now to choose what’s most empowering for you. If believing and thinking that pizza is bad or certain foods are good or bad, hasn’t been empowering you, hasn’t been making you feel good, and hasn’t been allowing you to live the life that you want to live, then what if you shifted your attention? If trying to eat perfectly good or clean or healthy isn’t working for you and doesn’t feel good and, then why not focus directly on feeling good and make that your number one intention with your eating and exercise choices?

I guarantee when you do that, everything will start to change and you will be able to effortlessly eat in a balanced way without guilt, without stress, without feeling gross afterwards, and just be able to live your life and focus on what you really care about.

Where do I get started?

If this resonated with you in any way, I would love to help you get started with the next steps and the best place to do that is to download my FREE 3-Step Guide to Food and Body Freedom. It will help you get really clear on exactly what your next steps are and some of those other myths that are holding you back from being able to live your life in a way that isn’t controlled by food.

Click here to download: 3 Step Guide to Food & Body Freedom

I am excited for you to get started on this intuitive eating journey and to start viewing food, your body, and your health in this totally new way because I promise you, it is going to change everything for you. It did for me and it has for so many of my clients and I am seriously just thrilled to share this with you and get you started on this journey.

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