Stop Eating What Everyone Else Is!

intuitive eating Feb 11, 2020

Let’s talk about this idea that somebody else knows better about what we should and shouldn't be eating.  I see so many women making this mistake.  And I totally get it because I’ve been there. I used to spend all my time worrying about food - trying to get my eating “right” and always looking for the next the next rule, superfood, shiny eating plan or the person on Instagram that was going to solve all my eating problems.  Surprise, surprise, that didn't work. 

Our bodies are DESIGNED to tell us what, when and how much to eat

 Thinking that we need someone else to tell us what to eat is like saying that we need a doctor to walk by us all day long telling our hearts to keep beating. Our hearts will beat naturally on their own just like our bodies are designed to tell us what, when, and how much to eat naturally. Whenever we let someone else dictate our eating, we completely block ourselves off from being able to tap into those natural, intuitive signals from our body.

Self-trust is the missing ingredient

So, this isn't a matter of needing someone else to tell you what to eat. This is actually a matter of not trusting yourself; and not trusting yourself is what leads to the constant overanalyzing, thinking and guilt around food - “Should I eat this, or should I eat that?”, constantly feeling like you're making the wrong choices. This never ending food anxiety impacts your relationships, career, confidence, physical health, mental health. It impacts everything.

YOU are responsible for your own well-being

So if you're saying that you need someone else to tell you what to eat, then what you're really saying is that  you don't want to take responsibility for your own well-being and how you feel. Because when you let someone else decide what you should be eating, you're giving them your power and you're giving them the responsibility. And when it doesn't work, we get to blame them, and we don't have to take responsibility. 

That’s what this is really about. This isn't to make you feel bad. This is to empower you to take back that power and reclaim your freedom and control over your own relationship with food and stop letting someone else dictate your well-being or lack thereof.

Isn't it more important to focus on having the time, mental space, and energy to focus on the things that you really care about, than to spend your whole life trying to eat perfectly, especially according to someone else’s definition of what that should look like?

What you’re eating is NOT the problem

What I have noticed is that the most confident intuitive eaters have all realized that what they're eating isn't actually the problem. It's their thoughts and beliefs about what they're eating. Which is why, in my online program, The Subtle Art of Food Freedom, we spend an entire module on rewiring your brain; because it's not your behaviors or what you’re eating that’s the problem. It's the fact that you have thoughts and beliefs in your brain that are driving you to constantly think and worry about food all the time and take actions from a place of self-hatred rather than from a place of love and self-care. 

No amount of rules, or eating plans, or any nutritionist or someone on Instagram telling you what you should or shouldn't be eating can rewire the necessary pathways in your brain for you to be able to just naturally eat in a balanced way (which our bodies are designed to do), without all of the unnecessary anxiety and guilt and overanalyzing.

The solution is to rewire your brain

We need to rewire our brain if we want to feel at peace and free around food. There is no other way - because our thoughts and our beliefs are the REAL issue, not the food itself. 

Start seeing if you can build some awareness around the thoughts and beliefs you're having around food and your body. When you think those thoughts, how do they make you feel? Start questioning them - is this true? Does this have to be true? Is there another way to see this?

When I started to question all of the things I had been conditioned to believe about food, that’s when EVERYTHING started changing. It completely transformed my world and has transformed the world’s of all my clients too. Imagine feeling 100% confident in your food choices and body. Imagine being able to effortlessly decide what to eat, enjoy it without anxiety or guilt and move on to more important things.

That’s what’s waiting for you when you when you rewire these thoughts and beliefs. And it begins with questioning what everyone’s told you that you “should” and “shouldn’t” be eating.

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