the REAL reason you feel crazy around food

intuitive eating Mar 06, 2020

Video Transcript Below: 

So, most women think, "If I could just find the right diet, eating plan, or cut out the right foods, then I wouldn't feel crazy around food anymore. I JUST need MORE control and MORE willpower." And I get it because everyone is constantly telling us what we should and shouldn't be eating.

If we can just get it right, then we will live the happiest healthiest life! But why is it despite our best efforts and long hours worrying about what we should and shouldn't be eating that we STILL feel crazy around food? So if willpower, food rules, dieting, and so on was the answer, then we would have all solved our issues with food already.

The real issue is that your brain is hardwired with thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you obsessed with and worrying about food. No amount of kale or eating perfectly, can rewire your brain. The way forward and out of this food prison is to understand how your brain works and how to hardwire the right mindset. This is how you create lasting confidence and peace of mind around food, and there's no other way.

So, imagine if you could just eat what you want, enjoy it without guilt or anxiety, and then move on to more important things. That is exactly what's waiting for you when you let go of trying to eat perfectly, and instead focus on rewiring your thoughts and beliefs about food.

By the way, if you don't know me, my name is Madison Surdyke. I am known as the go-to Food Freedom Coach because I help women eat in a balanced way without all of the unnecessary anxiety, guilt, and overanalyzing. If you want to dive deeper into this, I would love if you come message me or hang out with me on Instagram @sunnythymescoaching

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