The SECRET to Being a Confident, Intuitive Eater

intuitive eating Feb 24, 2020


We’re getting real today. I’m about to share with you exactly what separates the women who are constantly anxious and overwhelmed about what they should and shouldn’t eat and the fun, carefree, confident women who can effortlessly eat in a balanced way without guilt or restriction. 


So many women make the mistake of thinking they need rules in order to eat healthy. But these rules are actually destroying not only their health (hello stress alert!) but their relationships, fun, social life, freedom and peace of mind... so is it even actually healthy? 


Balanced eating has nothing to do with rules

Balanced eating has nothing to do with rules; it’s about focusing your attention on what feels good for YOU and rules completely sabotage you from being able to do that. Because instead of being able to really tap into “does this feel good in my body?” you’re focusing on “does this comply with the rule or not and am I bad if I eat it?” which completely ignores your body’s needs.

So this is really about mastering the ability to listen to YOUR body and be led by your intuition because when you do that, balanced eating happens naturally - it’s what our bodies are designed to do. No rules, anxiety, stress or guilt required!


How do the confident, carefree, balanced eaters do it?

What I’ve noticed in coaching so many women is that the most confident, carefree, balanced eaters don’t adhere to any strict rules, label their eating or let what someone else told them they should and shouldn’t eat control their eating.

They know what maybe you’ve forgotten. 

Your body is designed with very powerful systems and mechanisms to tell you what, when and how much you should be eating. 

So instead of obsessing over the “right” way of eating (according to whom anyways?) and remaining stuck in constant battle over what you should and shouldn’t eat, why not focus your energy on thinking, acting and eating in a way that FEELS GOOD FOR YOU?

When you master this, you can eat a freaking cookie without thinking twice about it, enjoy it without anxiety or guilt, and move on with your life! 

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