8 Steps to Food Freedom: Joyful Movement

intuitive eating Jan 27, 2019

The 6th step to food freedom, joyful movement, is all about dissociating exercise from the pursuit of weight loss or changing your body.

It’s about approaching movement from a place of self-care, not self-control and rediscovering the JOY in movement. Instead of punishing yourself, you’ll learn to work out to FEEL good.

How to make peace with exercise:

To make peace with exercise, you HAVE to stop working out as punishment or to change your body. You need to shift your mindset and instead focus on how working out makes you FEEL. It should feel joyful, hence why I call it joyful movement.

There are two really easy things you can do to help you make peace with exercise. First, every time you are about to engage in some type of movement, ask yourself  “Would I still be doing this workout if there was 0% chance my body would change as a result?”. If the answer is no, then see if you can choose a different activity (maybe it’s resting) that would feel...

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8 Steps to Food Freedom: Food Biology & Emotionality

intuitive eating Jan 27, 2019

This is step 4 on the path to finding food freedom! Food Biology and Emotionality is all about understanding your body’s natural biological cues like hunger, fullness and satisfaction and rebuilding the trust between your mind and body.

It’s about learning how to eat mindfully and rediscovering the pleasure and satisfaction in food. In this step, it’s important to also take a deeper look at your emotions around food and figure out what you’re REALLY seeking so that food is no longer something you have to control or feel out of control around.

Our need for nourishment and energy is vital to life and when we don’t get enough energy, our bodies go into starvation mode and compensate with intense biological and psychological mechanisms. It isn’t an issue of willpower, it’s actually our biological drive.

Basically, we need energy and energy comes from food. We can’t out think our biology. And why do we want to anyways? How cool is it that...

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8 Steps to Food Freedom: Reclaim Your Freedom

intuitive eating Jan 27, 2019

Reclaiming Your Freedom, the 8th and final step to food freedom, is all about celebrating what your life will look like now that you are no longer consumed with thoughts about food and your body!

It’s about creating a new, empowering lifestyle that fills your heart and soul! This is your time to SHINE, discover your purpose and fall IN LOVE with yourself. Welcome to FREEDOM babe!

The law of attraction:

The law of attraction is the key to creating the life of your dreams. It basically states what we think, we become….what we believe, we are….what we experience internally (our beliefs), attracts what shows up for us in our external world. Whatever we believe we are worthy of, we will attract into our lives. So the key to manifesting the life you really want is to start shifting your beliefs and focusing on what you do want, not what you don’t want.

What beliefs can you adopt to promote happiness, self-healing, self-love, etc? Here are a few examples but try...

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8 Steps to Food Freedom: Make Peace With Food

intuitive eating Jan 27, 2019

Making Peace With Food is the 5th step to food freedom. It’s all about freeing yourself from food rules and restrictions. It’s about giving yourself unconditional permission to eat anything at anytime WITHOUT GUILT.

Unconditional permission:

This means eating what you want, when you want and in the amounts you want without punishing yourself with “counteracting” behaviors. When you know whatever food you want will always be available, it loses power over you.

Making peace with food is about learning to have the same emotional response regardless of what you eat so that you can truly listen to and honor your body’s bio-individual needs. Giving yourself unconditional permission to eat what you want ultimately results in variety and balanced food choices. You’ll want to feel good and feeling good comes with listening to YOUR individual needs.

Why Foods are Not “Good” or “Bad”

Foods are not inherently healthy or unhealthy and...

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8 Steps to Food Freedom: Nourish Your Mind, Body & Soul

intuitive eating Jan 27, 2019

The 7th step to food freedom, Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul, is all about adopting health-promoting habits rooted in self-care.

Below I’ll talk you through some key concepts for balanced, healthy eating (what I like to call gentle nutrition) to help you achieve optimal nourishment for your body. This will be your chance to experiment with what feels good for YOUR mind, body and soul.

What is gentle nutrition?

Gentle nutrition is all about eating what tastes good to you and what makes you feel good. Nutrition doesn’t have to be restrictive, judge-y, rigid or overly complicated. Instead, it can be flexible, gentle and exploratory.

You have a choice. You can either use nutrition as:

  1. a tool to respect/honor your body and FEEL GOOD
  2. A way to punish yourself, attempt to override your natural biological cues and as a weapon to keep you at war with food

Which is more empowering? YOU get to decide.

In the culture we live in today, we’re taught soooo many rules about...

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8 Steps to Food Freedom: Intention

intuitive eating Jan 27, 2019
  1.  The first step to finding food freedom is all about uncovering what your intention is and your big WHYs for wanting to make peace with food and your body.

It’s about assessing where you’re at now and what areas of your life you want to focus on. Intention is all about getting really honest with yourself and uncovering the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and identifying new, empowering beliefs.

I’m going to take you through my 8 step process for setting intuitive goals. You can think of your goals as a roadmap and reminder for how you want to live your life every day.

Setting intuitive goals allows you to:

  • Align with the best version of yourself
  • Attract what you need to achieve your goals
  • Focus on who YOU are
  • Recognize what your values are
  • Create more positive emotional and physical energy
  • Become more mindful of your day to day life

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Only focus on the next 3-6 months
  • Remain flexible
  • Make it fun (put on some...
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8 Steps to Food Freedom: Cultivate Body Awareness

intuitive eating Jan 27, 2019

The second step to food freedom is cultivating body awareness. Cultivating body awareness is all about becoming aware of your body through curiosity, not judgement, and being able to calmly accept your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations with awareness and compassion.

Changing your relationship with your body is a requirement (like a prerequisite) for healing your relationship with food. Improving the ability to sense and feel in tune with what’s happening in our body (body awareness) is correlated with a stronger body image.

Positive body image is a daily practice. Unlearning body dislike and cultivating a positive body image requires consistent practices and efforts. The goal isn’t to make it to where you never have a negative thought, feeling, or judgement again; that’s unrealistic. It’s about learning to relate to your body in a different way that feels less distressing and coming up with tools to help you work through these moments.


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8 Steps to Food Freedom: Break Free From the Diet Mindset

intuitive eating Jan 27, 2019

Breaking free from the diet mindset is the third step to finding food freedom. It’s about challenging the diet mindset and creating powerful mindset shifts so that you can restore trust in your body.

The diet mindset is that sneaky voice in your head that tries to decide your food and exercise choices for you without taking your internal body cues like hunger, fullness and satisfaction into account. The diet mentality is basically the “shoulds” and “should nots” of eating and exercise. The diet mindset destroys the trust in your body because the “rules” you create micromanage your food and exercise choices, ignoring how you feel.

The diet mindset isn’t just about being on a “diet”. You can be caught up in the culture of dieting or dieting thoughts and consequently dieting behaviors even if you aren’t officially on a “diet”.

Some examples of the diet mentality:

  • Counting calories, carbs, fat, macros, etc.
  • ...
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19 Food Freedom Journal Prompts

intuitive eating Jan 12, 2019

These 19 food freedom journal prompts will help you make peace with food and get clear on what it means to YOU to be well nourished. Intuitive Eating is all about listening to YOUR body and journaling can be a really helpful tool in helping you tune into it!

Why I Journal Every Morning:

Journaling has become a HUGE part of my life this past year…..but it hasn’t always been. I could never really get into journaling. I didn’t know what to write. I didn’t allow myself to write what I was actually feeling. I would just stare at blank pages and not get anywhere.

But then I found Katie Dalebout, the host of the Let it Out Podcast. She constantly talks about how journaling changed her life. She wrote a book called Let it Out so I ordered it and figured I’d give journaling another shot.

I made it my goal to do one of the journal exercises every morning BEFORE opening my phone or laptop. At first, it was really hard to not look at my phone but over time it got...

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6 Step Process for Setting Intuitive New Year’s Resolutions

intuitive eating Dec 10, 2018

Hi friends!!

I’m sooo excited to be sharing my step-by-step process for setting intuitive New Year’s resolutions with you! These are all of the steps I used this year to set my goals, intentions and resolutions and I’ve never been more excited about the year to come. In the past, my goals have been all over the place. I usually have so many that I can’t even wrap my head around them. But not this year. This process gave me so much clarity on exactly what I want, how I want to feel and who I want to become. I can’t waaaait for you to experience it too!

I break it down into a simple step-by-step process for you to plan your best year yet using YOUR intuition.

A couple tips before you get started:

  1. Only focus on the first 3-6 months. Any more than that will be overwhelming. You also want to remain flexible to shift gears as you grow throughout the year.
  2. Make it fun; this is time to focus on YOU and YOUR dreams. Put on some music, light a candle, sit on...
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