how I manifested my “holy shit is this real?” life (my journey)

podcast Oct 13, 2020

Several of you have been asking me to record an episode on my full life journey so here we are!! I'm taking it back to the beginning and sharing everything I went through in order to create a "holy shit is this even real?" life!


In this episode, you'll learn:

  What it was like being in a wheelchair for 4 months in junior high
  How having my Grandpa with Alzheimer's live with us for 7 years changed my life
  My experience with Anorexia in high school and how I finally overcame my 8 year battle with food
  The story of how I manifested meeting my soulmate
  How I became a coach and started my business
  The different phases my business has transitioned through
  What I did about having a corporate job I HATED
  How I built a successful business while working full-time
  The spiritual awakening that led me on the path of personal development
  How I stepped into my soul's...

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practice over perfection and LOVING who you are - with Natalia Benson

podcast Oct 06, 2020

Today on the podcast, I have one of my ALL TIME favorite mentors, Natalia Benson, Women’s Empowerment Coach and Modern Mystic. Having Natalia on the podcast is something I’ve been manifesting for over a year so when she said YES, I almost fell out of my chair with excitement. Her presence is unbelievably calming, inspiring and grounding and she is REAL & HONEST AF. You are going to LOVE this episode so much!!


In this episode, you'll learn:

  How to let go of who you should be and step into who you’re called to be
  How to deeply and completely love and accept yourself and your life
  Why gratitude speeds up the manifestation process and how to find the beauty in EVERYTHING
  Natalia and I’s honest thoughts about why we reject what we know is good for us
  That there’s no such thing as “arriving” or getting “there” - we are always exploring
  How to connect...

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how to open to the energy of receiving & let abundance flow to you (+ our engagement story)

podcast Sep 29, 2020

We're getting really juicy and personal in this week's episode. In case you haven't seen the news on Instagram, Trevor proposed on our Arizona/Utah trip!!!

In this episode, I'm sharing all about the trip and spilling the details on our engagement. And best of all, I'm breaking down how to get into the energy of receiving so you can stop pushing and forcing what you want to happen and let it flow to you easily and naturally. Getting into the energy of receiving was something I've been working on all year but it wasn't until this trip that I was able to FULLY understand it and step into it and I want to share with you exactly how I did that!!


In this episode, you'll learn:

  Run down of what we did on our Arizona/Utah trip
  My favorite crystal stores in Sedona
  Ah-ha moments from our chakra healing session
  The story of how Trevor proposed to me in the Grand Canyon (equally awkward & magical)
  The even CRAZIER story...

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how coaching has completely transformed my life and business

podcast Sep 21, 2020

One of the most life-changing things I’ve ever done has been working with coaches. Coaches have helped me transform my mindset, confidence, business and every single other area of my life. They’ve guided me through my biggest struggles and helped me constantly uplevel into a better version of myself.

Since I started working with coaches I have became the CEO of my own business, started making thousands of dollars a month doing what I love, took my relationship with my boyfriend to a new level, healed my relationship with food and manifested traveling the world, my SOULMATE bestie, being featured in Reader’s Digest and so much more.

Coaching is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself and will continue to make. Every time I decided to hire a coach, the universe met me halfway and led me to better results than I could have ever imagined.


In this episode, you'll learn:

 the details of what my coaches and I worked on together
 how coaching...

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activate your higher self and feel worthy NOW - with Kelly Marcyniuk

podcast Sep 14, 2020

I’ve got the OG freedom babe here today, Kelly Marcyniuk, to teach you all about how to activate and step into your higher self.

Chatting with Kelly was like having a convo over a glass of wine with a friend I’ve known for years and I think you’ll feel the same when you listen! You’re going to love how relatable she is and trust me, by the end of the episode, you’ll be feeling the fun, feel good vibes she radiates! Just being in her energy is enough to activate your higher self AND on top of that, she shares some super juicy tips for you to fully activate the next level version of you!


In this episode, you'll learn:

 How to make hard decisions that go against what everyone else is telling you you “should” do
 What to do if you’re putting in all the effort but not getting anywhere
 The biggest things standing in your way of having the life of freedom you desire (& how to overcome them)
 How to find...

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why “it’s not working” is a LIE keeping you stuck (and how to release it)

podcast Sep 07, 2020

"It's not working" is a LIE that's keeping you stuck.

What even is "working"? Who decides when it's "working" or when "it's not"?

I realized the other day that i was believing that in order to deem my business as "working", I had to be making over $10k a month and since I wasn't hitting those numbers (YET ), i decided to make it mean that what I was doing wasn't working.

But this mindset leads to a never ending chase to be somewhere I'm not. If I have to get "there" in order for things to be "working", then it will never be "working" and I'll always feel disappointed and not good enough in the present and that's DEF not the vibe I want to live in forever.

So i did some deep dive journaling around this belief and I'm sharing all of my breakthroughs in this episode!

If you've been telling yourself "it's not working" and feeling discouraged, always wondering what the heck you're doing wrong, YOU'VE GOTTA LISTEN to this week's podcast episode!


In this episode, you'll learn:


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9 signs your funk might actually be a spiritual awakening

podcast Sep 01, 2020

 If you've been in a "funk" recently, you might actually be going through a spiritual awakening.

Listen to this episode to find out! I'm sharing 9 signs to tell if your "funk" is actually a spiritual awakening.

Once I realized this was what I was experiencing, things shifted quickly. I was finally able to let go of the limiting beliefs and old patterns I had been clinging to. I knew they were just coming to the surface because I was fully ready to release them.

And by doing so, it's created so much energetic space for more magic and abundance. Since realizing this, I've manifested $100 worth of essential oils, a free eye cream from Sephora, 5 new aligned friendships, being invited as a guest on 3 other amazing podcasts and $29 off a pair of shoes I've been wanting. This is the kind of magic you attract when you do the inner work to step into your higher self every single day. I'm so pumped for you to listen to this episode because I want this kind of...

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how to turn a quarter-life crisis into the best thing that's ever happened with Rachel Alyce

podcast Aug 25, 2020


In today’s episode, I’m joined by Rachel Alyce, author of The Quarter Life Funk. After hearing her story on another podcast, I immediately bought her book and asked her to come on the show. This episode is deeply inspiring (so is her book!) and if you’ve ever felt like you’re in a major life funk, this episode is a MUST!! Rachel shares how she turned her quarter life funk into the best thing that EVER happened to her and how you can too!


In this episode, you'll learn:

How narcissistic abusive relationships can serve as mirrors for you to work on your self-worth

Rachel’s manifestation plug analogy that will make manifesting SO MUCH easier

Spiritual views of abortion

How to turn a quarter-life crisis around into the best thing that has ever happened to you

What a Saturn Return is and how to accept challenges as opportunities to uplevel

How to reconnect with your higher self, Angels and Spirit Guides

What it feels like to have a...

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you can have it all. here's how using my DREAM IT manifesting method.

podcast Aug 18, 2020


Through 500+ hours of coaching clients to dramatically transform their lives, I’ve discovered that there are 7 keys to creating everything you desire - and I’m breaking these keys down for you today with my DREAM IT Manifesting Method!


Using this process, I’ve helped my clients transform all areas of their lives from rewiring their brain for food freedom, starting and growing their businesses, attracting more money, landing their dream jobs, increasing their confidence, pivoting to a career that’s more aligned, improving their health, getting out of debt, finally finding fulfillment and happiness in their lives, and everything in between.


With this method, even one small shift in your thoughts or energy can change your entire life. My clients have these shifts week after week and they compound to become an entirely new belief system. And when you change your belief system, you change everything in your life - you get to have more...

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how to trust divine timing

podcast Aug 11, 2020

Ever felt super annoyed by this whole “divine timing” thing? Ever thought “why can’t I have what I want NOW? It must not be working. I must be doing it wrong. It must not be meant for me. I’m not good enough to have it.” If this sounds familiar, listen to this episode!


I’m breaking down how to shift your mindset around divine timing so you can get into alignment with what you want, trust that it’s already yours and receive with ease.


In this episode, you'll learn:

How to get good at selling
 Why divine timing is always happening FOR you
 What it actually means if you feel super impatient in the process of manifesting your desires
 Why the universe never says no and what it actually means if you’re desire hasn’t manifested yet
 How to let go of the plan of how things are “supposed” to go
 Why the unknown is where the magic happens
 Why you get to set the standards of how...

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