what to do when "it's not working" no matter what you do

podcast Jun 07, 2021

Do you feel like you're doing ~all the things~ but no matter what you do, nobody seems to want your offers? Do you feel like you should be making more money and can't seem to figure out why it's working for other coaches but not you? Do you sometimes feel like quitting because if it hasn't worked yet, why would it?

If you said yes to any of these questions, this episode is for you. I've been there and I know how painful and embarrassing it feels to have poured so much time, money and energy into a business that feels like it's not working and never will. But I promise, this doesn't have to last forever. You've got this. You always have; and you always will.


In this episode, you'll learn:

 Why there's nothing actually wrong with you 
  How to shift who you're being to open the door to the possibility
  How to stop telling the "it's not working" story
  How to free yourself from the 2 types of self-sabotage that show up when you're stuck...

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building a WILDLY successful online business - with Steph Schultz @xogingy

podcast May 31, 2021

Today I have my coach’s coach on the podcast, Steph Shultz. I might be a little biased but my coach fam is the BEST and I love learning and growing with them. Steph teaches women how to build wildly successful online business through attraction marketing and organic social media strategies. She brought her biz to 2M cash in 12 months through the mastery of personal branding and incredible client retention. In this episode, she shares how you can do it too by going ALL IN on you and your business!


In this episode, you'll learn:

 The qualities of the most successful entrepreneurs
  How to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship
  How to create a personal brand so that people buy ANYTHING you offer
  The important things to focus on in your business
  Why Steph believes in investing in high level consistent support
  Steph’s biggest challenge and breakthrough recently
  How to attract...

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How I skyrocketed my business from $1-2k months to $10k | MASTERCLASS

podcast May 28, 2021

How I skyrocketed my business from $1-2k months to $10k in just a few months! There were 7 distinct shifts and I’m sharing it ALL in this masterclass!

FYI this is a replay from a live masterclass I did on Instagram.


In this episode, you'll learn:

How I shifted my identity to become the coach who creates $10k months 
The beliefs that made the biggest difference   
How to tap into the open energy of possibility that collapses time   
How to develop greater emotional intelligence so that no emotions can get in the way of the results you desire  
The difference between leading vs. limbo energy   
Why investing in support is so important to me and how to decide what's in alignment to invest in   
How to listen to and trust your desires and intuition   
What inspired action really feels like   
Doing from a place of desire vs. doing to get   


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The Frequency of Fame - with my mentor Jen Navaro (@j.navaro)

podcast May 25, 2021


I’m so excited to have my personal coach and mentor on the podcast today, Jen Navaro. She’s helped me QUANTUM LEAP in my life and business in such a short time and I’m so excited to have you join the party!!


In this episode, you'll learn:

 How Jen shifted from being a makeup artist to becoming a coach and her advice for following what lights you up
  The superpowers Jen gained from working with her first coach
  How pizza made Jen a magical manifestor ;)
  How to tap into the “leaned back” feminine energy
  Why worrying is optional and how to release it
  How Jen freed herself from the “it’s not working” mindset
  How to process rejection in your business and keep going anyways
  Leader your energy versus being pushed and pulled by your circumstances
  How to tap into the frequency of fame - aka your FAME FREQUENCY 




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believing anything is possible and living your purpose - with Susan Wallace

podcast May 21, 2021

Listen to this episode to hear how Susan healed her relationship with food, freed herself from people pleasing, overcame her mental health struggles and started the life coaching business she’s been dreaming about for years. She’s truly embodied everything we worked on together and she’s sharing all of the shifts and breakthroughs she experienced along the way to show you that ANYTHING you desire is possible too. I know Susan’s insights are going to deeply inspire you and expand your belief in what you’re capable of!


In this episode, you'll learn:

How to go from “is this really it?” to living your purpose  
Honoring who you are instead of fighting who you are   
Setting boundaries and taking off the people pleasing mask   
Getting clear on what you want   
How to create your life with intention/desire   
How Susan finally started her coaching business after dreaming about it for years...

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how to collapse time and quantum leap into your next level

podcast May 18, 2021

Collapsing time is all about your ENERGY. it’s an energy of openness, presence and possibly. and this energy opens the door for magic to FLOOD your way!!

I’m breaking down how to tap into this energy and sharing with you exactly how I used this energy to manifest our ideal apartment and a pay in full ideal client this weekend...these stories are seriously CRAZY!

Also, i lead you through a tapping sequence at the end to help you connect with this energy NOW (you can watch the IGTV version here if you prefer).


In this episode, you'll learn:

 Releasing the attachment to time, being open to possibilities and to be willing to be guided to your next steps.
  Being patient and waiting on long queues can lead you to an amazing experience.
  Emotional Freedom Technique



Follow me on Instagram @magneticallyyou


Links mentioned in this episode:

IGTV Version Link


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How to stop second guessing which actions to take

podcast May 10, 2021

Am I taking enough action? Are these the right actions? How do I know if it’s working? I have 6,000 ideas... how do I know which action is right? What should I be doing next?

If this sounds like you, this is going to really help.

The reason you probably don't feel confident in your actions is because you aren't trusting yourself and listening to your intuition. When your actions come from your intuition, you can't help but feel excited and confident about them - they just feel easy and natural and you KNOW it's what you're meant to be doing.

I'm sharing with you exactly how I tap into my intuition to know which inspired actions to take so I don't have to spin in circles constantly about what to do or not do anymore. This is about shifting from doing what you "should" do to doing what you feel intuitively guided to do with ease and flow.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  How my intuition saved Trevor and I from a fire the night we got engaged

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becoming irresistible to the love you desire with Dora Vandekamp (@doravandekamp)

podcast May 04, 2021

This episode is JUICY! We dive into all things manifestation and relationships. Dora Vandekamp is an intuitive love coach who helps highly motivated women attract their dream relationship and fall in love with their love lives. This episode is all about becoming irresistible and magnetic to the love you desire by being more YOU, having more FUN and following what lights you up.


In this episode, you'll learn:

 Using radical self-love as the portal to manifest the love you desire
 How to receive guidance and support from the 15 archangels
 The KEY to manifesting your dream relationship is believing you get to have it
 How to let go of control and allow your partner to lead
 Releasing the “I do everything” story and allowing yourself to receive and be supported
 The energy shifts that make you irresistible
 How Dora keeps her relationship fun and exciting


Guest Bio:

Dora Vandekamp is an Intuitive Love Coach and she wants to show...

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celebrating a million dollars - with Taylor Lee (@_thetaylorlee)

podcast Apr 28, 2021

This week, we’re celebrating Taylor Lee for hitting a million dollars in her business!! You are going to love her down to earth energy and super simple approach to creating an overflow of money in your life and business.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  The thing that’s changed the most about Taylor since starting her business
  How to navigate comparison in the coaching industry
  How to publicly celebrate yourself and your accomplishments
  What Taylor’s biggest fears are right now (hint: they don’t disappear when you reach a million dollars)
  How to create an overflow of money in your life and business
  The biggest mindset and energy shifts that allowed Taylor to hit 7 figures in her business



Follow me on Instagram @magneticallyyou


Guest Links:

Taylor's Instagram

Taylor's Website

Taylor's "Fully Free with Taylor Lee"...

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relationships, processing emotions and overcoming perfectionism - with Maria Sosa

podcast Apr 20, 2021

Today I have my friend Maria Sosa, better known as @holisticallygrace, on the podcast. Odds are, you've seen her EPIC infographics on Instagram. She's a therapist, mind-body health educator, relationship expert, writer and intuitive eating counselor.

This episode will really help you become a better communicator, have more self-compassion, process your emotions and let go of the chase for perfection. As Maria said in the episode "we are so much more of an expert on our lives than we have been led to believe" and that's exactly what this episode is all about - trusting yourself instead of always doing what you "should" be doing.


In this episode, you'll learn:

 How to trust yourself more and let go of shame
  How to cultivate a culture of appreciation (over blaming) in your relationships
  Effective language shifts to make your communication in your relationships better
  Why a weekly check-in with your partner is important

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