18 of the Best Self-Love Affirmations

intuitive eating May 12, 2019

What if you could love and accept yourself as you are? What if you knew that you were worthy of everything you want just by existing? What if you felt free and confident in your body every day? Keep reading to find out how using 18 of the best self-love affirmations!

What are affirmations?

Affirmations are positive phrases, that when repeated, can re-wire your brain’s neural pathways leading to more uplifting beliefs and thought patterns. More uplifting beliefs and thought patterns lead you to take more uplifting actions. And more uplifting actions lead you to more uplifting outcomes in your life.

Affirmations are like work outs for the mind (which I’d argue is just as important as physical exercise, or what I like to call joyful movement). Over time, they can help re-program your subconscious mind and beliefs which will help you get into alignment with the life you really want to live.

For example, if you’re someone who believes you are worthy of love and taking good care of yourself, your actions will align with that belief because it’s your identity and who you really are. Affirmations can help us take these actions we need in order to become that future version of us that we want to be.

Self-love isn’t selfish

Giving yourself love is actually what allows you to give more to others. When you love yourself, it’s because you know all human beings deserve love and understanding, not because you believe you are special or more deserving.

Your energy affects everyone around you and you are setting an example by the way you treat yourself. Are you radiating love, self-worth and compassion or are you radiating negativity and criticism? Loving yourself shows others that they can too, and that is the greatest gift you can give someone.

Why self-love affirmations work

Our subconscious minds literally don’t know the difference between real and imagined. The brain perceives self-love affirmations as truth and generates thoughts and feelings in alignment with that. Those thoughts and feelings then begin to generate the actions that someone who loves themselves would take which then creates more positive outcomes.

When you think a thought, your brain perceives the information as truth and prepares you for the action that should immediately follow the thought. For example, if you think to yourself, “I’m having an amazing day”, your brain essentially hears “amazing day” and starts firing off all the connections to make your day amazing.

It’s also important to keep your affirmations in alignment with what you want, not what you don’t want because your brain doesn’t know the difference. Instead of saying “I am not going to hate my body today” (brain hears: hate my body), say “I am choosing to love and accept my body today” (brain hears: love and accept my body).

Your brain is always looking for direction, and if you can clearly give it that, it will activate everything you need to make your desires come to life. What direction will you choose to guide it in? The choice is YOURS 🙂

Pro tips to make self-love affirmations work for you

  • Add “I am choosing to believe….” or “I am the type of person who….” in order to help your affirmations sound more believable to you
  • Use the words “I am grateful for _______ (insert something you want in the future)”. Gratitude puts you in a super high vibe state so that you are essentially telling the universe you are open and ready to receive.
  • Choose a few of your favorite affirmations and write them down or say them out loud every morning
  • Hang your favorite affirmation on your wall or somewhere you’ll see it every day
  • Ask for help from a friend or coach who can hold you accountable and re-enforce these new beliefs

There is NO SHAME in asking for help. It is HARD to cultivate new thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors on our own. As a coach myself, I help my clients tap into the wisdom of their mind, body and soul to unlock their own, intuitive solutions so they can create their dream life. And self-love is just one of the many tools we use to do that.

1. Who I am is more than enough.

2. I have everything within me that I need to feel free, happy and loved.


3. I honor and care for myself with ease and pleasure.

4. I radiate confidence, self-love and inner harmony.


5. The universe is always conspiring in my favor.

6. I trust my mind, body and soul’s natural wisdom.

7. My healing is inevitable and I’m always on the right path.

8. The more I love myself, the better my health.


9. Everything is working out for my highest good.

10. It is safe for me to be myself.


11. I am always divinely guided and protected.

12. My intuition knows exactly what I need. Every decision I make is the right one.

13. I am the type of person who loves herself unconditionally.

14. I give myself full permission to do what is right for me in any given moment.

15. Every time I feel a negative emotion, I get excited because I know it’s proof that I have an opportunity to learn and grow.

16. I breathe in love and exhale fear.

17. I am flexible and change comes easy to me.


18. Just being alive is proof that I am worthy of everything I desire.

Which affirmation is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

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