believing in yourself, finding YOUR how, tapping into your higher self (personal growth update jan 2021)

podcast Feb 12, 2021

Each month, I share a behind the scenes look at my own spiritual and personal growth journey from the last month.

My intention with these monthly personal growth updates is to give you a deeper look into my life and how I'm intentionally learning, growing and upleveling to constantly create bigger and better results in my life so that you can do the same!


In this episode, you'll learn:

 how to BE the version of yourself who's already living the life you want to be living
 what happens when you start collecting evidence that you already are who you want to become
 the daily practice I've been doing to intentionally create new thoughts and beliefs
 how to create the results you want YOUR way
 how I've been intentionally tapping into the frequency of my higher self and how you can too
 how to shift your mindset if you feel like your the one that does "EVERYTHING" around the house
 PLUS I share the books I read this month and pull a tarot card for...

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breaking free from codependency, perfectionism & people-pleasing - with Victoria Albina

podcast Feb 09, 2021

Do you feel guilty taking care of you or saying no? Do you diminish your wants and needs for others? Do you question yourself and overthink everything? Do you try to control those around you? If you answered yes to any of these, this episode is for you!!

This week, I have Victoria Albina, Certified Life Coach, Nurse Practitioner and Breathwork Meditation Guide, on the podcast to talk about breaking free from codependency, perfectionism and people-pleasing and reclaiming your joy. We had the BEST time recording this episode and could not stop finishing each other's sentences! It’s so juicy and powerful and I can’t wait for you to listen. You are seriously going to be mind blown by the magic and wisdom in this episode (ps. Get ready because you’re about to get to know yourself on a whole other level).


In this episode, you'll learn:

 How to unlearn the habit of deriving your self-worth from other people
 The connection between your health and your...

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how to manifest your soulmate - with Emyrald Sinclaire

podcast Feb 02, 2021

This week’s episode is so JUICY and so powerful! My wonderful guest this week is Emyrald Sinclaire; a Love & Manifestation coach guiding women towards deeper self love which results in happy and healthy partnerships. If you’re ready to learn how to call in the partner of your dreams or take your current relationship to the next level, this episode is for you!! 


In this episode, you'll learn:

 How to move on from a breakup and release resentment
 How to manifest your soulmate
 Emyrald's 3 step love formula
 What to do if you’re manifesting partners with some qualities you desire but other qualities that are total red flags
 The most important factors to consider when calling in your dream relationship
 How to maintain a healthy relationship once you have manifested your soulmate
 What to do if your partner isn’t as committed to growth as you are
 How to build your belief that your ideal partner IS out there...

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struggling is NOT required for success

podcast Jan 26, 2021

I've got a JUICY topic for you this week. Contrary to popular opinion, struggling is NOT a requirement for success. And no, struggling doesn't make you more deserving of success. You are fully and wholly deserving of experiencing success WITHOUT the struggle. In fact, struggles and problems aren't even real -they are just figments of your thoughts and imagination. In this episode, I'm breaking down how to free yourself from your struggles and problems (to the point where it's like they don't even exist anymore) and how to create success in the fun, easy way instead.


In this episode, you'll learn:

 why struggling isn’t required for success (how to make it fun and easy instead)
  why you don’t have to struggle to deserve success
  5 ways to eliminate anything you're struggling with FAST
  powerful guided meditation is to surrender and release what you’re struggling with so your desires flow to you easily 



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stop trying so hard to figure out the how - with The Royal Shaman, Makhosi

podcast Jan 19, 2021

This week I have Makhosi, The Royal Shaman, on the podcast! We’ve been in the same group coaching program for the last year but our paths never really crossed. That is until I heard her on Kathrin Zenkina’s (@manifestationbabe) podcast and she blew my mind with her story and wisdom! I knew I had to interview her as well. In this episode we dive into how Makhosi became a Shaman, surrendering, quantum leaping, intuition, “the void” and so much more magic. If you’re frustrated trying to figure out “how” to achieve your goals, this episode is going to be a game changer! 


In this episode, you'll learn:

 Makhosi’s experience with health issues that gave her no choice but to follow her path
 How Makhosi realized she was meant to become a Shaman and what that process was like for her
Who you’re here to be has never been before
 Why you need to stop trying so hard to figure out the how
 Surrendering and...

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personal growth update (dec 2020)

podcast Jan 13, 2021

Each month, I’m going to be sharing a behind the scenes look at my own spiritual and personal growth journey from the last month.

My intention with these monthly personal growth updates is to give you a deeper look into my life and how I'm intentionally learning, growing and up leveling to constantly create bigger and better results in my life so that you can do the same!


In this episode, you'll learn:

 About Ritual Queen: my new free IGTV/YouTube series where I'll be sharing rituals (meditation, hypnosis, tapping, etc.) to reprogram your mind, feel your best and make your magnetic to your desires
 Why I decided to switch back to doing consult calls instead of applications for my private coaching (find the link below to book one today)
 Why manifesting what you want doesn't require going to crazy lengths
 How to trust yourself to make the right decisions 
 Why I'm choosing to LOVE Dallas (and let go of the pressure of "needing" to get...

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how to become the person you've always wanted to be - with Mikayla Jai

podcast Jan 12, 2021

In today's episode, I have Mikayla Jai as our guest. She's a manifestation coach on a mission to help women manifest their rich and ridiculous (if this is your vibe Mikayla is your girl) lifestyles through mindset and connecting to their personal magic. We dive deep into how to become the person you want to be - something Mikayla is a badass example of!!


In this episode, you'll learn:

Mikayla's journey on how she realized she wanted things differently
Affirmations and how it works well
How Mikayla knew who she wanted to be and how she took actions to be that person
How Mikayla's decision of being who she wants to be made a big impact on her life
How to shift out of low vibe and negative thoughts
Reasons why people have tendencies to think that whenever they had a bad situation, it's already a bad day
 At the end of the episode, Mikayla shared her daily ritual


Guest Bio:

Mikayla Jai is the 22-year-old manifestation mastermind behind personal brand, Mikayla Jai....

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consciously manifesting your next level life - with Dheandra Nicolette

podcast Jan 04, 2021

I'm so pumped to have Dheandra Nicolette here this week!! She is a content creator and spiritual leader whose purpose in this life is to help other souls return to their highest self, so they can live their next level life. This episode goes deep into all things manifestation, spirituality and money and you're going to love Dheandra's super REAL personality and tangible approach to manifestation!!


In this episode, you'll learn:

  Dheandra's definition of manifestation
  The essential steps of manifestation
  Why identifying and removing blocks is where the real work lies (it's not always in the action)
  The biggest reasons why manifestation doesn't work for most people
  How to shift your identity to match that of the person who is deserving of what you are manifesting
  How to use orgasms to manifest what you want faster and easier
  How to align your daily rituals with the next level version of...

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Q&A: divine timing, manifesting money, getting clear on what you want and manifesting your soulmate

podcast Dec 29, 2020

I received some JUICY questions for this Q&A episode. These questions really expanded my thinking and perception and in this episode I'm just thinking out loud with you and letting you in on what came up for me when I considered these questions.

I don't have all the answers but I'm sharing my honest experiences and thoughts and my aim is to that considering these questions with me opens you up to YOUR truth too.


Here are the questions I dive into answering and pondering in this episode:

 I have been wondering about how they say that everything is and goes as it's meant to and happens at a divine timing, and at the same time it's supposed to be us creating our lives and future. Does this mean that people who never learn about manifesting and stuff and end up living a miserable and unfulfilling life were meant to have it that way and die with their dreams and potential inside of them? I'm just confused about the balance between our own responsibility to make...

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the 3 phases of manifestation (that everyone goes through)

podcast Dec 22, 2020

If you feel like you’re not as far along as you’d like to be, this is for you (hint: it’s just part of the process).


In this episode, I'm sharing:

 the 3 phases of manifestation
 how to know which phase you’re in
 how to navigate each phase


At the end, I take you through a powerful meditation/visualization to get you to the next phase faster! 




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